Introduce WebRequestResourceType.

WebRequestResourceType enumerates all resource/request types that WebRequest
API cares about.

There is a 1-to-1 mapping between WebRequestResourceTypes and their string
names. Helper functions are provided to get string representation for each
type, and vice versa.

Each content::ResourceType maps to a single WebRequestResourceType, while the
latter can correspond to multiple content::ResourceTypes, e.g., the OTHER type.
Note that this CL also makes 3 content::ResourceTypes (SUB_RESOURCE, PREFETCH,
and CSP_REPORT) map to OTHER explicitly (before they were indirectly considered

Some (so far only 1) types are not covered by content::ResourceType. For
example, the WEB_SOCKET type represents a WebSocket request, and corresponds to
URLRequests which have a ws/wss scheme. A helper function is provided to
compute type from a URLRequest in such a way that it takes both scheme and
content::ResourceType (if any) into account.

This CL also adds 'media' and 'websocket' types to WebRequest API.


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