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// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <list>
#include <set>
#include "net/http/http_auth_sspi_win.h"
namespace net {
// The MockSSPILibrary class is intended for unit tests which want to bypass
// the system SSPI library calls.
class MockSSPILibrary : public SSPILibrary {
explicit MockSSPILibrary(const wchar_t* package);
~MockSSPILibrary() override;
// Default max token length regardless of package name returned by
// QuerySecurityPackageInfo() if no expectations are set.
static constexpr unsigned long kDefaultMaxTokenLength = 1024;
// SSPILibrary methods:
// AcquireCredentialsHandle() returns a handle that must be freed using
// FreeCredentialsHandle(). The credentials handle records the principal name.
// On return ptsExpiry is set to a constant.
SECURITY_STATUS AcquireCredentialsHandle(LPWSTR pszPrincipal,
unsigned long fCredentialUse,
void* pvLogonId,
void* pvAuthData,
void* pvGetKeyArgument,
PCredHandle phCredential,
PTimeStamp ptsExpiry) override;
// InitializeSecurityContext() returns a handle in phContext that must be
// freed via FreeContextBuffer() or by passing it into another
// InitializeSecurityContext() call.
// On return ptsExpiry is set to a constant.
// The output buffer will contain a token consisting of the ASCII string:
// "<source principal>'s token #<n> for <target principal>"
// <source principal> is the security principal derived from explicit
// credentials that were passed to a prior AcquireCredentialsHandle() call, or
// the string "<Default>" if ambient credentials were requested.
// <n> is the 1-based invocation counter for InitializeSecurityContext() for
// the same context.
// <target principal> is the contents of the pszTargetName. Note that the
// function expects the same target name on every invocation.
SECURITY_STATUS InitializeSecurityContext(PCredHandle phCredential,
PCtxtHandle phContext,
SEC_WCHAR* pszTargetName,
unsigned long fContextReq,
unsigned long Reserved1,
unsigned long TargetDataRep,
PSecBufferDesc pInput,
unsigned long Reserved2,
PCtxtHandle phNewContext,
PSecBufferDesc pOutput,
unsigned long* contextAttr,
PTimeStamp ptsExpiry) override;
// QueryContextAttributesEx() supports querying the same attributes as
// required by HttpAuthSSPI.
SECURITY_STATUS QueryContextAttributesEx(PCtxtHandle phContext,
ULONG ulAttribute,
PVOID pBuffer,
ULONG cbBuffer) override;
SECURITY_STATUS QuerySecurityPackageInfo(PSecPkgInfoW* pkgInfo) override;
SECURITY_STATUS FreeCredentialsHandle(PCredHandle phCredential) override;
SECURITY_STATUS DeleteSecurityContext(PCtxtHandle phContext) override;
SECURITY_STATUS FreeContextBuffer(PVOID pvContextBuffer) override;
// Establishes an expectation for a |QuerySecurityPackageInfo()| call.
// Each expectation established by |ExpectSecurityQueryPackageInfo()| must be
// matched by a call to |QuerySecurityPackageInfo()| during the lifetime of
// the MockSSPILibrary. The expectations establish an explicit ordering.
// |response_code| is used as the return value for
// |QuerySecurityPackageInfo()|. If |response_code| is SEC_E_OK,
// an expectation is also set for a call to |FreeContextBuffer()| after
// the matching |QuerySecurityPackageInfo()| is called.
// |package_info| is assigned to |*pkgInfo| in |QuerySecurityPackageInfo|.
// The lifetime of |*package_info| should last at least until the matching
// |QuerySecurityPackageInfo()| is called.
void ExpectQuerySecurityPackageInfo(SECURITY_STATUS response_code,
PSecPkgInfoW package_info);
struct PackageQuery {
SECURITY_STATUS response_code;
PSecPkgInfoW package_info;
// expected_package_queries contains an ordered list of expected
// |QuerySecurityPackageInfo()| calls and the return values for those
// calls.
std::list<PackageQuery> expected_package_queries_;
// Set of packages which should be freed.
std::set<PSecPkgInfoW> expected_freed_packages_;
// These sets keep track of active credentials and contexts.
std::set<CredHandle> active_credentials_;
std::set<CtxtHandle> active_contexts_;
using MockAuthLibrary = MockSSPILibrary;
} // namespace net