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This directory contains accessibility extensions developed by the
Chrome team, not included with Chrome by default, but available via a
one-click install from the Settings page.
# Building
Some of the extensions have localized strings and need to be built:
ninja -C out/Release ui/accessibility/extensions:extensions
The built extensions will be in your out directory, e.g.:
All other extensions should be zipped and uploaded to the webstore.
Note for chromevoxclassic:
see chromevoxclassic/README for further details.
You can build all extension tests by doing:
ninja -C out/Release ui/accessibility/extensions:extension_tests
This currently only produces tests for ChromeVox Classic
This target is not run on a bot, so run it manually before release!
# Instructions for publishing to the web store (new as of August 2019):
Googlers, you need to be a member of the chrome-a11y-extensions group:
Then visit the Chrome Web Store and you can manage the extension. Remember to
increment the version of each extension every time you update it.
# Script
This script can be used to programmatically update extensions. Proceed with caution,
only use this if you are already comfortable updating an extension manually, you have a
rollback plan, and you can take the time to understand the script.