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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <ostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/gtest_prod_util.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/core/SkColorSpace.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/core/SkImageInfo.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/core/SkMatrix44.h"
#include "ui/gfx/color_space_export.h"
// These forward declarations are used to give IPC code friend access to private
// fields of gfx::ColorSpace for the purpose of serialization and
// deserialization.
namespace IPC {
template <class P>
struct ParamTraits;
} // namespace IPC
namespace mojo {
template <class T, class U>
struct StructTraits;
} // namespace mojo
// Used to serialize a gfx::ColorSpace through the GPU command buffer.
struct _GLcolorSpace;
namespace gfx {
enum class ContentColorUsage : uint8_t;
namespace mojom {
class ColorSpaceDataView;
} // namespace mojom
// Used to represet a color space for the purpose of color conversion.
// This is designed to be safe and compact enough to send over IPC
// between any processes.
class COLOR_SPACE_EXPORT ColorSpace {
enum class PrimaryID : uint8_t {
// Corresponds the the primaries of the "Generic RGB" profile used in the
// Apple ColorSync application, used by layout tests on Mac.
// A very wide gamut space with rotated primaries. Used by layout tests.
// Primaries defined by the primary matrix |custom_primary_matrix_|.
kMaxValue = CUSTOM,
enum class TransferID : uint8_t {
// On macOS, BT709 hardware decoded video frames, when displayed as
// overlays, will have a transfer function of gamma=1.961.
ARIB_STD_B67, // AKA hybrid-log gamma, HLG.
// The same as IEC61966_2_1 on the interval [0, 1], with the nonlinear
// segment continuing beyond 1 and point symmetry defining values below 0.
// The same as LINEAR but is defined for all real values.
// A parametric transfer function defined by |transfer_params_|.
// An HDR parametric transfer function defined by |transfer_params_|.
// An HDR transfer function that is piecewise sRGB, and piecewise linear.
enum class MatrixID : uint8_t {
kMaxValue = GBR,
enum class RangeID : uint8_t {
// Limited Rec. 709 color range with RGB values ranging from 16 to 235.
// Full RGB color range with RGB valees from 0 to 255.
// Range is defined by TransferID/MatrixID.
kMaxValue = DERIVED,
constexpr ColorSpace() {}
constexpr ColorSpace(PrimaryID primaries, TransferID transfer)
: ColorSpace(primaries, transfer, MatrixID::RGB, RangeID::FULL) {}
constexpr ColorSpace(PrimaryID primaries,
TransferID transfer,
MatrixID matrix,
RangeID range)
: primaries_(primaries),
range_(range) {}
ColorSpace(PrimaryID primaries,
TransferID transfer,
MatrixID matrix,
RangeID range,
const skcms_Matrix3x3* custom_primary_matrix,
const skcms_TransferFunction* cunstom_transfer_fn);
explicit ColorSpace(const SkColorSpace& sk_color_space);
// Returns true if this is not the default-constructor object.
bool IsValid() const;
static constexpr ColorSpace CreateSRGB() {
return ColorSpace(PrimaryID::BT709, TransferID::IEC61966_2_1, MatrixID::RGB,
static constexpr ColorSpace CreateDisplayP3D65() {
return ColorSpace(PrimaryID::SMPTEST432_1, TransferID::IEC61966_2_1,
MatrixID::RGB, RangeID::FULL);
static ColorSpace CreateCustom(const skcms_Matrix3x3& to_XYZD50,
const skcms_TransferFunction& fn);
static ColorSpace CreateCustom(const skcms_Matrix3x3& to_XYZD50,
TransferID transfer);
static constexpr ColorSpace CreateXYZD50() {
return ColorSpace(PrimaryID::XYZ_D50, TransferID::LINEAR, MatrixID::RGB,
// Extended sRGB matches sRGB for values in [0, 1], and extends the transfer
// function to all real values.
static constexpr ColorSpace CreateExtendedSRGB() {
return ColorSpace(PrimaryID::BT709, TransferID::IEC61966_2_1_HDR,
MatrixID::RGB, RangeID::FULL);
// scRGB uses the same primaries as sRGB but has a linear transfer function
// for all real values, and a white point of kDefaultScrgbLinearSdrWhiteLevel.
static constexpr ColorSpace CreateSCRGBLinear() {
return ColorSpace(PrimaryID::BT709, TransferID::LINEAR_HDR, MatrixID::RGB,
// Allows specifying a custom SDR white level. Only used on Windows.
static ColorSpace CreateSCRGBLinear(float sdr_white_level);
// HDR10 uses BT.2020 primaries with SMPTE ST 2084 PQ transfer function.
static constexpr ColorSpace CreateHDR10() {
return ColorSpace(PrimaryID::BT2020, TransferID::SMPTEST2084, MatrixID::RGB,
// Allows specifying a custom SDR white level. Only used on Windows.
static ColorSpace CreateHDR10(float sdr_white_level);
// HLG uses the BT.2020 primaries with the ARIB_STD_B67 transfer function.
static ColorSpace CreateHLG();
// Create a piecewise-HDR color space.
// - If |primaries| is CUSTOM, then |custom_primary_matrix| must be
// non-nullptr.
// - The SDR joint is the encoded pixel value where the SDR portion reaches 1,
// usually 0.25 or 0.5, corresponding to giving 8 or 9 of 10 bits to SDR.
// This must be in the open interval (0, 1).
// - The HDR level the value that the transfer function will evaluate to at 1,
// and represents the maximum HDR brightness relative to the maximum SDR
// brightness. This must be strictly greater than 1.
static ColorSpace CreatePiecewiseHDR(
PrimaryID primaries,
float sdr_joint,
float hdr_level,
const skcms_Matrix3x3* custom_primary_matrix = nullptr);
// TODO(ccameron): Remove these, and replace with more generic constructors.
static constexpr ColorSpace CreateJpeg() {
// TODO(ccameron): Determine which primaries and transfer function were
// intended here.
return ColorSpace(PrimaryID::BT709, TransferID::IEC61966_2_1,
MatrixID::SMPTE170M, RangeID::FULL);
static constexpr ColorSpace CreateREC601() {
return ColorSpace(PrimaryID::SMPTE170M, TransferID::SMPTE170M,
MatrixID::SMPTE170M, RangeID::LIMITED);
static constexpr ColorSpace CreateREC709() {
return ColorSpace(PrimaryID::BT709, TransferID::BT709, MatrixID::BT709,
// On macOS and on ChromeOS, sRGB's (1,1,1) always coincides with PQ's 100
// nits (which may not be 100 physical nits). On Windows, sRGB's (1,1,1)
// maps to scRGB linear's (1,1,1) when the SDR white level is set to 80 nits.
// See also kDefaultScrgbLinearSdrWhiteLevel.
static constexpr float kDefaultSDRWhiteLevel = 100.f;
// The default white level in nits for scRGB linear color space. On Windows,
// sRGB's (1,1,1) maps to scRGB linear's (1,1,1) when the SDR white level is
// set to 80 nits. On Mac and ChromeOS, sRGB's (1,1,1) maps to PQ's 100 nits.
// Using a platform specific value here satisfies both constraints.
#if defined(OS_WIN)
static constexpr float kDefaultScrgbLinearSdrWhiteLevel = 80.0f;
static constexpr float kDefaultScrgbLinearSdrWhiteLevel =
#endif // OS_WIN
bool operator==(const ColorSpace& other) const;
bool operator!=(const ColorSpace& other) const;
bool operator<(const ColorSpace& other) const;
size_t GetHash() const;
std::string ToString() const;
bool IsWide() const;
// Returns true if the transfer function is an HDR one (SMPTE 2084, HLG, etc).
bool IsHDR() const;
// Returns true if the encoded values can be outside of the 0.0-1.0 range.
bool FullRangeEncodedValues() const;
// Returns the color space's content color usage category (sRGB, WCG, or HDR).
ContentColorUsage GetContentColorUsage() const;
// Return this color space with any YUV to RGB conversion stripped off.
ColorSpace GetAsRGB() const;
// Return this color space with any range adjust or YUV to RGB conversion
// stripped off.
ColorSpace GetAsFullRangeRGB() const;
// Return a color space where all values are bigger/smaller by the given
// factor. If you convert colors from SRGB to SRGB.GetScaledColorSpace(2.0)
// everything will be half as bright in linear lumens.
ColorSpace GetScaledColorSpace(float factor) const;
// Return true if blending in |this| is close enough to blending in sRGB to
// be considered acceptable (only PQ and nearly-linear transfer functions
// return false).
bool IsSuitableForBlending() const;
// Return a combined color space with has the same primary and transfer than
// the caller but replacing the matrix and range with the given values.
ColorSpace GetWithMatrixAndRange(MatrixID matrix, RangeID range) const;
// If this color space has a PQ or scRGB linear transfer function, then return
// |this| with its SDR white level set to |sdr_white_level|. Otherwise return
// |this| unmodified.
ColorSpace GetWithSDRWhiteLevel(float sdr_white_level) const;
// This will return nullptr for non-RGB spaces, spaces with non-FULL
// range, and unspecified spaces.
sk_sp<SkColorSpace> ToSkColorSpace() const;
// Return a GLcolorSpace value that is valid for the lifetime of |this|. This
// function is used to serialize ColorSpace objects across the GPU command
// buffer.
const _GLcolorSpace* AsGLColorSpace() const;
// For YUV color spaces, return the closest SkYUVColorSpace. Returns true if a
// close match is found. Otherwise, leaves *out unchanged and returns false.
// If |matrix_id| is MatrixID::BT2020_NCL and |bit_depth| is provided, a bit
// depth appropriate SkYUVColorSpace will be provided.
bool ToSkYUVColorSpace(int bit_depth, SkYUVColorSpace* out) const;
bool ToSkYUVColorSpace(SkYUVColorSpace* out) const {
return ToSkYUVColorSpace(kDefaultBitDepth, out);
void GetPrimaryMatrix(skcms_Matrix3x3* to_XYZD50) const;
void GetPrimaryMatrix(SkMatrix44* to_XYZD50) const;
bool GetTransferFunction(skcms_TransferFunction* fn) const;
bool GetInverseTransferFunction(skcms_TransferFunction* fn) const;
// Returns the SDR white level specified for the PQ transfer function. If
// no value was specified, then use kDefaultSDRWhiteLevel. If the transfer
// function is not PQ then return false.
bool GetPQSDRWhiteLevel(float* sdr_white_level) const;
// Returns the parameters for a PIECEWISE_HDR transfer function. See
// CreatePiecewiseHDR for parameter meanings.
bool GetPiecewiseHDRParams(float* sdr_point, float* hdr_level) const;
// For most formats, this is the RGB to YUV matrix.
void GetTransferMatrix(SkMatrix44* matrix) const;
// Returns the range adjust matrix that converts from |range_| to full range
// for |bit_depth|.
void GetRangeAdjustMatrix(int bit_depth, SkMatrix44* matrix) const;
// Returns the range adjust matrix that converts from |range_| to full range
// for bit depth 8.
// WARNING: The returned matrix assumes an 8-bit range and isn't entirely
// correct for higher bit depths, with a relative error of ~2.9% for 10-bit
// and ~3.7% for 12-bit. Use the above GetRangeAdjustMatrix() method instead.
// The limited ranges are [64,940] and [256, 3760] for 10 and 12 bit content
// respectively. So the final values end up being:
// 16 / 255 = 0.06274509803921569
// 64 / 1023 = 0.06256109481915934
// 256 / 4095 = 0.06251526251526252
// 235 / 255 = 0.9215686274509803
// 940 / 1023 = 0.9188660801564027
// 3760 / 4095 = 0.9181929181929182
// Relative error (same for min/max):
// 10 bit: abs(16/235 - 64/1023)/(64/1023) = 0.0029411764705882222
// 12 bit: abs(16/235 - 256/4095)/(256/4095) = 0.003676470588235281
void GetRangeAdjustMatrix(SkMatrix44* matrix) const {
GetRangeAdjustMatrix(kDefaultBitDepth, matrix);
// Returns the current primary ID.
// Note: if SetCustomPrimaries() has been used, the primary ID returned
// may have been set to PrimaryID::CUSTOM, or been coerced to another
// PrimaryID if it was very close.
PrimaryID GetPrimaryID() const;
// Returns the current transfer ID.
TransferID GetTransferID() const;
// Returns the current matrix ID.
MatrixID GetMatrixID() const;
// Returns the current range ID.
RangeID GetRangeID() const;
// Returns true if the transfer function is defined by an
// skcms_TransferFunction which is extended to all real values.
bool HasExtendedSkTransferFn() const;
// Returns true if each color in |other| can be expressed in this color space.
bool Contains(const ColorSpace& other) const;
// The default bit depth assumed by GetRangeAdjustMatrix().
static constexpr int kDefaultBitDepth = 8;
static void GetPrimaryMatrix(PrimaryID, skcms_Matrix3x3* to_XYZD50);
static bool GetTransferFunction(TransferID, skcms_TransferFunction* fn);
static size_t TransferParamCount(TransferID);
void SetCustomTransferFunction(const skcms_TransferFunction& fn);
void SetCustomPrimaries(const skcms_Matrix3x3& to_XYZD50);
PrimaryID primaries_ = PrimaryID::INVALID;
TransferID transfer_ = TransferID::INVALID;
MatrixID matrix_ = MatrixID::INVALID;
RangeID range_ = RangeID::INVALID;
// Only used if primaries_ is PrimaryID::CUSTOM.
float custom_primary_matrix_[9] = {0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0};
// Parameters for the transfer function. The interpretation depends on
// |transfer_|. Only TransferParamCount() of these parameters are used, all
// others must be zero.
// - CUSTOM and CUSTOM_HDR: Entries A through G of the skcms_TransferFunction
// structure in alphabetical order.
// - SMPTEST2084: SDR white point.
float transfer_params_[7] = {0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0};
friend struct IPC::ParamTraits<gfx::ColorSpace>;
friend struct mojo::StructTraits<gfx::mojom::ColorSpaceDataView,
// Stream operator so ColorSpace can be used in assertion statements.
COLOR_SPACE_EXPORT std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& out,
const ColorSpace& color_space);
} // namespace gfx