Merge setTimeout calls with same timeout for webfont tests.

Landing async stylesheet update caused a regression in font-display
tests. The values "fallback" and "optional" block display for 100ms
according to the spec. The tests had a setTimeout call to trigger font
loading and a setTimeout call to trigger notifyDone() to render before
100ms has passed with the same timeout value. However, the timer for
allowing fallback display triggers before the notifyDone triggers in
Debug builds on Mac. Calling notifyDone from the same setTimeout
callback as triggering font loading.

The intention of the test is to trigger the screen dump when 0s has
passed, so this should be OK. I have not identified what exactly changed
with the async stylesheet patch and why the timeout methods are
interleaved with the timeout for enabling fallback rendering.

Removing one of the other tests or one of the font-display values from
the test array also makes the "fallback" and "optional" start passing
without this change, so there is clearly a timing issue here.


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