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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "chrome/browser/global_keyboard_shortcuts_mac.h"
#import <AppKit/AppKit.h>
#include <Carbon/Carbon.h>
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "base/mac/foundation_util.h"
#include "base/no_destructor.h"
#include "base/stl_util.h"
#include "build/buildflag.h"
#include "chrome/app/chrome_command_ids.h"
#import "chrome/browser/app_controller_mac.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/cocoa/accelerators_cocoa.h"
#import "chrome/browser/ui/cocoa/nsmenuitem_additions.h"
#include "ui/base/accelerators/accelerator.h"
#include "ui/base/accelerators/platform_accelerator_cocoa.h"
#include "ui/events/event_constants.h"
#include "ui/events/keycodes/keyboard_code_conversion_mac.h"
namespace {
// Returns a ui::Accelerator given a KeyboardShortcutData.
ui::Accelerator AcceleratorFromShortcut(const KeyboardShortcutData& shortcut) {
int modifiers = 0;
if (shortcut.command_key)
modifiers |= ui::EF_COMMAND_DOWN;
if (shortcut.shift_key)
modifiers |= ui::EF_SHIFT_DOWN;
if (shortcut.cntrl_key)
modifiers |= ui::EF_CONTROL_DOWN;
if (shortcut.opt_key)
modifiers |= ui::EF_ALT_DOWN;
return ui::Accelerator(ui::KeyboardCodeFromKeyCode(shortcut.vkey_code),
// Returns the menu item associated with |key| in |menu|, or nil if not found.
NSMenuItem* FindMenuItem(NSEvent* key, NSMenu* menu) {
NSMenuItem* result = nil;
for (NSMenuItem* item in [menu itemArray]) {
NSMenu* submenu = [item submenu];
if (submenu) {
if (submenu != [NSApp servicesMenu])
result = FindMenuItem(key, submenu);
} else if ([item cr_firesForKeyEvent:key]) {
result = item;
if (result)
return result;
int MenuCommandForKeyEvent(NSEvent* event) {
if ([event type] != NSKeyDown)
return -1;
// We avoid calling -[NSMenuDelegate menuNeedsUpdate:] on each submenu's
// delegate as that can be slow. Instead, we update the relevant NSMenuItems
// if [NSApp delegate] is an instance of AppController. See
[base::mac::ObjCCast<AppController>([NSApp delegate])
// Then call -[NSMenu update], which will validate every user interface item.
[[NSApp mainMenu] update];
NSMenuItem* item = FindMenuItem(event, [NSApp mainMenu]);
if (!item)
return -1;
if ([item action] == @selector(commandDispatch:) && [item tag] > 0)
return [item tag];
// "Close window" doesn't use the |commandDispatch:| mechanism. Menu items
// that do not correspond to IDC_ constants need no special treatment however,
// as they can't be blacklisted in
// |BrowserCommandController::IsReservedCommandOrKey()| anyhow.
if ([item action] == @selector(performClose:))
// "Exit" doesn't use the |commandDispatch:| mechanism either.
if ([item action] == @selector(terminate:))
return IDC_EXIT;
return -1;
bool MatchesEventForKeyboardShortcut(const KeyboardShortcutData& shortcut,
bool command_key,
bool shift_key,
bool cntrl_key,
bool opt_key,
int vkey_code) {
return shortcut.command_key == command_key &&
shortcut.shift_key == shift_key && shortcut.cntrl_key == cntrl_key &&
shortcut.opt_key == opt_key && shortcut.vkey_code == vkey_code;
const std::vector<KeyboardShortcutData>&
GetDelayedShortcutsNotPresentInMainMenu() {
static base::NoDestructor<std::vector<KeyboardShortcutData>> keys({
// cmd shift cntrl option vkeycode command
//--- ----- ----- ------ -------- -------
{true, false, false, false, kVK_LeftArrow, IDC_BACK},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_RightArrow, IDC_FORWARD},
return *keys;
CommandForKeyEventResult NoCommand() {
return {-1, /*from_main_menu=*/false};
CommandForKeyEventResult MainMenuCommand(int cmd) {
return {cmd, /*from_main_menu=*/true};
CommandForKeyEventResult ShortcutCommand(int cmd) {
return {cmd, /*from_main_menu=*/false};
} // namespace
const std::vector<KeyboardShortcutData>& GetShortcutsNotPresentInMainMenu() {
// clang-format off
static base::NoDestructor<std::vector<KeyboardShortcutData>> keys({
// cmd shift cntrl option vkeycode command
// --- ----- ----- ------ -------- -------
{true, true, false, false, kVK_ANSI_RightBracket, IDC_SELECT_NEXT_TAB},
{true, true, false, false, kVK_ANSI_LeftBracket, IDC_SELECT_PREVIOUS_TAB},
{false, false, true, false, kVK_PageDown, IDC_SELECT_NEXT_TAB},
{false, false, true, false, kVK_PageUp, IDC_SELECT_PREVIOUS_TAB},
{true, false, false, true, kVK_RightArrow, IDC_SELECT_NEXT_TAB},
{true, false, false, true, kVK_LeftArrow, IDC_SELECT_PREVIOUS_TAB},
// Cmd-0..8 select the nth tab, with cmd-9 being "last tab".
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_1, IDC_SELECT_TAB_0},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_Keypad1, IDC_SELECT_TAB_0},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_2, IDC_SELECT_TAB_1},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_Keypad2, IDC_SELECT_TAB_1},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_3, IDC_SELECT_TAB_2},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_Keypad3, IDC_SELECT_TAB_2},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_4, IDC_SELECT_TAB_3},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_Keypad4, IDC_SELECT_TAB_3},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_5, IDC_SELECT_TAB_4},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_Keypad5, IDC_SELECT_TAB_4},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_6, IDC_SELECT_TAB_5},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_Keypad6, IDC_SELECT_TAB_5},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_7, IDC_SELECT_TAB_6},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_Keypad7, IDC_SELECT_TAB_6},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_8, IDC_SELECT_TAB_7},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_Keypad8, IDC_SELECT_TAB_7},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_9, IDC_SELECT_LAST_TAB},
{true, false, false, false, kVK_ANSI_Keypad9, IDC_SELECT_LAST_TAB},
{true, true, false, false, kVK_ANSI_M, IDC_SHOW_AVATAR_MENU},
{true, false, false, true, kVK_ANSI_L, IDC_SHOW_DOWNLOADS},
{true, true, false, false, kVK_ANSI_C, IDC_DEV_TOOLS_INSPECT},
{true, false, false, true, kVK_ANSI_C, IDC_DEV_TOOLS_INSPECT},
{true, false, false, true, kVK_DownArrow, IDC_FOCUS_NEXT_PANE},
{true, false, false, true, kVK_UpArrow, IDC_FOCUS_PREVIOUS_PANE},
// clang-format on
return *keys;
const std::vector<NSMenuItem*>& GetMenuItemsNotPresentInMainMenu() {
static base::NoDestructor<std::vector<NSMenuItem*>> menu_items;
if (menu_items->empty()) {
for (const auto& shortcut : GetShortcutsNotPresentInMainMenu()) {
ui::Accelerator accelerator = AcceleratorFromShortcut(shortcut);
NSString* key_equivalent = nil;
NSUInteger modifier_mask = 0;
accelerator, &key_equivalent, &modifier_mask);
// Intentionally leaked!
NSMenuItem* item = [[NSMenuItem alloc] initWithTitle:@""
item.keyEquivalentModifierMask = modifier_mask;
// We store the command in the tag.
item.tag = shortcut.chrome_command;
return *menu_items;
CommandForKeyEventResult CommandForKeyEvent(NSEvent* event) {
if ([event type] != NSKeyDown)
return NoCommand();
int cmdNum = MenuCommandForKeyEvent(event);
if (cmdNum != -1)
return MainMenuCommand(cmdNum);
// Scan through keycodes and see if it corresponds to one of the non-menu
// shortcuts.
for (NSMenuItem* menu_item : GetMenuItemsNotPresentInMainMenu()) {
if ([menu_item cr_firesForKeyEvent:event])
return ShortcutCommand(menu_item.tag);
return NoCommand();
int DelayedWebContentsCommandForKeyEvent(NSEvent* event) {
if ([event type] != NSKeyDown)
return -1;
// Look in secondary keyboard shortcuts.
NSUInteger modifiers = [event modifierFlags];
const bool cmdKey = (modifiers & NSCommandKeyMask) != 0;
const bool shiftKey = (modifiers & NSShiftKeyMask) != 0;
const bool cntrlKey = (modifiers & NSControlKeyMask) != 0;
const bool optKey = (modifiers & NSAlternateKeyMask) != 0;
const int keyCode = [event keyCode];
// Scan through keycodes and see if it corresponds to one of the non-menu
// shortcuts.
for (const auto& shortcut : GetDelayedShortcutsNotPresentInMainMenu()) {
if (MatchesEventForKeyboardShortcut(shortcut, cmdKey, shiftKey, cntrlKey,
optKey, keyCode)) {
return shortcut.chrome_command;
return -1;
// AppKit sends an event via performKeyEquivalent: if it has at least one of the
// command or control modifiers, and is an NSKeyDown event. CommandDispatcher
// supplements this by also sending event with the option modifier to
// performKeyEquivalent:.
bool EventUsesPerformKeyEquivalent(NSEvent* event) {
NSUInteger modifiers = [event modifierFlags];
if ((modifiers & (NSEventModifierFlagCommand | NSEventModifierFlagControl |
NSEventModifierFlagOption)) == 0) {
return false;
return [event type] == NSKeyDown;
bool GetDefaultMacAcceleratorForCommandId(int command_id,
ui::Accelerator* accelerator) {
// See if it corresponds to one of the non-menu shortcuts.
for (const auto& shortcut : GetShortcutsNotPresentInMainMenu()) {
if (shortcut.chrome_command == command_id) {
*accelerator = AcceleratorFromShortcut(shortcut);
return true;
// See if it corresponds to one of the default NSMenu keyEquivalents.
const ui::Accelerator* default_nsmenu_equivalent =
if (default_nsmenu_equivalent)
*accelerator = *default_nsmenu_equivalent;
return default_nsmenu_equivalent != nullptr;