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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <vector>
#include "url/gurl.h"
class PrefService;
class Profile;
namespace user_prefs {
class PrefRegistrySyncable;
// StartupPref specifies what should happen at startup for a specified profile.
// StartupPref is stored in the preferences for a particular profile.
struct SessionStartupPref {
// Integer values should not be changed because reset reports depend on these.
enum Type {
// Indicates the user wants to open the New Tab page.
// Indicates the user wants to restore the last session.
LAST = 2,
// Indicates the user wants to restore a specific set of URLs. The URLs
// are contained in urls.
URLS = 3,
// For historical reasons the enum and value registered in the prefs don't
// line up. These are the values registered in prefs.
// The values are also recorded in Settings.StartupPageLoadSettings histogram,
// so make sure to update histograms.xml if you change these.
enum PrefValue {
kPrefValueLast = 1,
kPrefValueURLs = 4,
kPrefValueNewTab = 5,
kPrefValueMax = 6,
static void RegisterProfilePrefs(user_prefs::PrefRegistrySyncable* registry);
// Returns the default value for |type|.
static Type GetDefaultStartupType();
// What should happen on startup for the specified profile.
static void SetStartupPref(Profile* profile, const SessionStartupPref& pref);
static void SetStartupPref(PrefService* prefs,
const SessionStartupPref& pref);
static SessionStartupPref GetStartupPref(Profile* profile);
static SessionStartupPref GetStartupPref(PrefService* prefs);
// Whether the startup type and URLs are managed via mandatory policy.
static bool TypeIsManaged(PrefService* prefs);
static bool URLsAreManaged(PrefService* prefs);
// Whether the startup type has a recommended value (regardless of whether or
// not that value is in use).
static bool TypeHasRecommendedValue(PrefService* prefs);
// Whether the startup type has not been overridden from its default.
static bool TypeIsDefault(PrefService* prefs);
// Converts an integer pref value to a SessionStartupPref::Type.
static SessionStartupPref::Type PrefValueToType(int pref_value);
explicit SessionStartupPref(Type type);
SessionStartupPref(const SessionStartupPref& other);
// What to do on startup.
Type type;
// The URLs to restore. Only used if type == URLS.
std::vector<GURL> urls;