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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "chrome/browser/chrome_browser_main_extra_parts_x11.h"
#include "base/bind.h"
#include "base/debug/debugger.h"
#include "base/location.h"
#include "base/sequenced_task_runner.h"
#include "base/threading/sequenced_task_runner_handle.h"
#include "chrome/browser/lifetime/application_lifetime.h"
#include "chrome/common/chrome_result_codes.h"
#include "content/public/browser/browser_thread.h"
#include "ui/base/x/x11_util.h"
#include "ui/base/x/x11_util_internal.h"
using content::BrowserThread;
namespace {
// Indicates that we're currently responding to an IO error (by shutting down).
bool g_in_x11_io_error_handler = false;
// Number of seconds to wait for UI thread to get an IO error if we get it on
// the background thread.
const int kWaitForUIThreadSeconds = 10;
int BrowserX11ErrorHandler(Display* d, XErrorEvent* error) {
if (!g_in_x11_io_error_handler) {
FROM_HERE, base::BindOnce(&ui::LogErrorEventDescription, d, *error));
return 0;
// This function is used to help us diagnose crash dumps that happen
// during the shutdown process.
NOINLINE void WaitingForUIThreadToHandleIOError() {
// Ensure function isn't optimized away.
int BrowserX11IOErrorHandler(Display* d) {
if (!BrowserThread::CurrentlyOn(BrowserThread::UI)) {
// Wait for the UI thread (which has a different connection to the X server)
// to get the error. We can't call shutdown from this thread without
// tripping an error. Doing it through a function so that we'll be able
// to see it in any crash dumps.
return 0;
// If there's an IO error it likely means the X server has gone away.
// If this CHECK fails, then that means SessionEnding() below triggered some
// code that tried to talk to the X server, resulting in yet another error.
g_in_x11_io_error_handler = true;
LOG(ERROR) << "X IO error received (X server probably went away)";
return 0;
int X11EmptyErrorHandler(Display* d, XErrorEvent* error) {
return 0;
int X11EmptyIOErrorHandler(Display* d) {
return 0;
} // namespace
ChromeBrowserMainExtraPartsX11::ChromeBrowserMainExtraPartsX11() {
ChromeBrowserMainExtraPartsX11::~ChromeBrowserMainExtraPartsX11() {
void ChromeBrowserMainExtraPartsX11::PreEarlyInitialization() {
// Installs the X11 error handlers for the browser process used during
// startup. They simply print error messages and exit because
// we can't shutdown properly while creating and initializing services.
ui::SetX11ErrorHandlers(NULL, NULL);
void ChromeBrowserMainExtraPartsX11::PostMainMessageLoopStart() {
// Installs the X11 error handlers for the browser process after the
// main message loop has started. This will allow us to exit cleanly
// if X exits before us.
ui::SetX11ErrorHandlers(BrowserX11ErrorHandler, BrowserX11IOErrorHandler);
void ChromeBrowserMainExtraPartsX11::PostMainMessageLoopRun() {
// Unset the X11 error handlers. The X11 error handlers log the errors using a
// |PostTask()| on the message-loop. But since the message-loop is in the
// process of terminating, this can cause errors.
ui::SetX11ErrorHandlers(X11EmptyErrorHandler, X11EmptyIOErrorHandler);