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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import argparse
import itertools
import json
import os
import platform
import re
import shutil
import sys
import tempfile
_HERE_PATH = os.path.dirname(__file__)
_SRC_PATH = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(_HERE_PATH, '..', '..', '..'))
_CWD = os.getcwd() # NOTE(dbeam): this is typically out/<gn_name>/.
sys.path.append(os.path.join(_SRC_PATH, 'third_party', 'node'))
import node
import node_modules
_RESOURCES_PATH = os.path.join(_SRC_PATH, 'ui', 'webui', 'resources')
_CR_ELEMENTS_PATH = os.path.join(_RESOURCES_PATH, 'cr_elements')
_CR_COMPONENTS_PATH = os.path.join(_RESOURCES_PATH, 'cr_components')
_CSS_RESOURCES_PATH = os.path.join(_RESOURCES_PATH, 'css')
_HTML_RESOURCES_PATH = os.path.join(_RESOURCES_PATH, 'html')
_JS_RESOURCES_PATH = os.path.join(_RESOURCES_PATH, 'js')
_POLYMER_PATH = os.path.join(
_SRC_PATH, 'third_party', 'polymer', 'v1_0', 'components-chromium')
# These files are already combined and minified.
'--exclude', 'chrome://resources/html/polymer.html',
'--exclude', 'chrome://resources/polymer/v1_0/polymer/polymer.html',
'--exclude', 'chrome://resources/polymer/v1_0/polymer/polymer-micro.html',
'--exclude', 'chrome://resources/polymer/v1_0/polymer/polymer-mini.html',
'--exclude', 'chrome://resources/polymer/v1_0/web-animations-js/' +
'--exclude', 'chrome://resources/css/roboto.css',
'--exclude', 'chrome://resources/css/text_defaults.css',
'--exclude', 'chrome://resources/css/text_defaults_md.css',
'--exclude', 'chrome://resources/js/load_time_data.js',
('chrome://resources/cr_components/', _CR_COMPONENTS_PATH),
('chrome://resources/cr_elements/', _CR_ELEMENTS_PATH),
('chrome://resources/css/', _CSS_RESOURCES_PATH),
('chrome://resources/html/', _HTML_RESOURCES_PATH),
('chrome://resources/js/', _JS_RESOURCES_PATH),
('chrome://resources/polymer/v1_0/', _POLYMER_PATH)
_VULCANIZE_REDIRECT_ARGS = list(itertools.chain.from_iterable(map(
lambda m: ['--redirect', '"%s|%s"' % (m[0], m[1])], _URL_MAPPINGS)))
def _undo_mapping(mappings, url):
for (redirect_url, file_path) in mappings:
if url.startswith(redirect_url):
return url.replace(redirect_url, file_path + os.sep, 1)
# TODO(dbeam): can we make this stricter?
return url
def _request_list_path(out_path, host):
return os.path.join(out_path, host + '_requestlist.txt')
# Get a list of all files that were bundled with polymer-bundler and update the
# depfile accordingly such that Ninja knows when to re-trigger.
def _update_dep_file(in_folder, args, manifest):
in_path = os.path.join(_CWD, in_folder)
# Gather the dependencies of all bundled root HTML files.
request_list = []
for html_file in manifest:
request_list += manifest[html_file]
# Add a slash in front of every dependency that is not a chrome:// URL, so
# that we can map it to the correct source file path below.
request_list = map(
lambda dep: '/' + dep if not dep.startswith('chrome://') else dep,
# Undo the URL mappings applied by vulcanize to get file paths relative to
# current working directory.
url_mappings = _URL_MAPPINGS + [
('/', os.path.relpath(in_path, _CWD)),
('chrome://%s/' %, os.path.relpath(in_path, _CWD)),
deps = [_undo_mapping(url_mappings, u) for u in request_list]
deps = map(os.path.normpath, deps)
# If the input was a folder holding an unpacked .pak file, the generated
# depfile should not list files already in the .pak file.
if args.input.endswith('.unpak'):
filter_url = args.input
deps = [d for d in deps if not d.startswith(filter_url)]
with open(os.path.join(_CWD, args.depfile), 'w') as f:
deps_file_header = os.path.join(args.out_folder, args.html_out_files[0])
f.write(deps_file_header + ': ' + ' '.join(deps))
def _optimize(in_folder, args):
in_path = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(_CWD, in_folder))
out_path = os.path.join(_CWD, args.out_folder)
manifest_out_path = _request_list_path(out_path,
exclude_args = []
for f in args.exclude or []:
in_html_args = []
for f in args.html_in_files:
tmp_out_dir = os.path.join(out_path, 'bundled')
[node_modules.PathToBundler()] +
[# This file is dynamically created by C++. Need to specify an exclusion
# URL for both the relative URL and chrome:// URL syntax.
'--exclude', 'strings.js',
'--exclude', 'chrome://%s/strings.js' %,
'--manifest-out', manifest_out_path,
'--root', in_path,
'--redirect', '"chrome://%s/|%s"' % (, in_path),
'--out-dir', os.path.relpath(tmp_out_dir, _CWD),
'--shell', args.html_in_files[0],
] + in_html_args)
for index, html_file in enumerate(args.html_in_files):
with open(
os.path.join(os.path.relpath(tmp_out_dir, _CWD), html_file), 'r') as f:
output =
# Grit includes are not supported, use HTML imports instead.
output = output.replace('<include src="', '<include src-disabled="')
if args.insert_in_head:
assert '<head>' in output
# NOTE(dbeam): polymer-bundler eats <base> tags after processing. This
# undoes that by adding a <base> tag to the (post-processed) generated
# output.
output = output.replace('<head>', '<head>' + args.insert_in_head)
# Open file again with 'w' such that the previous contents are overwritten.
with open(
os.path.join(os.path.relpath(tmp_out_dir, _CWD), html_file), 'w') as f:
crisper_html_out_paths = []
for index, html_in_file in enumerate(args.html_in_files):
os.path.join(tmp_out_dir, args.html_out_files[index]))
js_out_file = args.js_out_files[index]
# Run crisper to separate the JS from the HTML file.
'--source', os.path.join(tmp_out_dir, html_in_file),
'--script-in-head', 'false',
'--html', crisper_html_out_paths[index],
'--js', os.path.join(tmp_out_dir, js_out_file)])
# Pass the JS file through Uglify and write the output to its final
# destination.
os.path.join(tmp_out_dir, js_out_file),
'--comments', '"/Copyright|license|LICENSE|\<\/?if/"',
'--output', os.path.join(out_path, js_out_file)])
# Run polymer-css-build and write the output HTML files to their final
# destination.
# TODO(dpapad): Remove this when Polymer 2 migration has completed.
_polymer_css_build(out_path, crisper_html_out_paths, args.html_out_files, 1)
if args.html_out_files_polymer2:
# Run polymer-css-build again with --polymer-version=2. This is
# necessary so that the runtime --enable-features=WebUIPolymer2 works
# with optimized builds.
_polymer_css_build(out_path, crisper_html_out_paths,
args.html_out_files_polymer2, 2)
return manifest_out_path
def _polymer_css_build(out_path, html_in_paths, html_out_files, version):
html_out_paths = [
os.path.join(out_path, f) for f in html_out_files]
node.RunNode([node_modules.PathToPolymerCssBuild()] +
['--polymer-version', str(version)] +
['--no-inline-includes', '-f'] +
html_in_paths + ['-o'] + html_out_paths)
def main(argv):
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('--depfile', required=True)
parser.add_argument('--exclude', nargs='*')
parser.add_argument('--host', required=True)
parser.add_argument('--html_in_files', nargs='*', required=True)
parser.add_argument('--html_out_files', nargs='*', required=True)
parser.add_argument('--html_out_files_polymer2', nargs='*')
parser.add_argument('--input', required=True)
parser.add_argument('--js_out_files', nargs='*', required=True)
parser.add_argument('--out_folder', required=True)
args = parser.parse_args(argv)
# NOTE(dbeam): on Windows, GN can send dirs/like/this. When joined, you might
# get dirs/like/this\file.txt. This looks odd to windows. Normalize to right
# the slashes.
args.depfile = os.path.normpath(args.depfile)
args.input = os.path.normpath(args.input)
args.out_folder = os.path.normpath(args.out_folder)
manifest_out_path = _optimize(args.input, args)
# Prior call to _optimize() generated an output manifest file, containing
# information about all files that were bundled. Grab it from there.
manifest = json.loads(open(manifest_out_path, 'r').read())
# polymer-bundler reports any missing files in the output manifest, instead of
# directly failing. Ensure that no such files were encountered.
if '_missing' in manifest:
raise Exception(
'polymer-bundler could not find files for the following URLs:\n' +
_update_dep_file(args.input, args, manifest)
if __name__ == '__main__':