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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// The Safe Browsing service is responsible for downloading anti-phishing and
// anti-malware tables and checking urls against them.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/observer_list.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "chrome/browser/safe_browsing/safe_browsing_service.h"
#include "components/safe_browsing/base_ui_manager.h"
#include "components/security_interstitials/content/unsafe_resource.h"
class GURL;
namespace content {
class WebContents;
} // namespace content
namespace history {
class HistoryService;
} // namespace history
namespace safe_browsing {
struct HitReport;
// Construction needs to happen on the main thread.
class SafeBrowsingUIManager : public BaseUIManager {
// Observer class can be used to get notified when a SafeBrowsing hit
// is found.
class Observer {
// Called when |resource| is classified as unsafe by SafeBrowsing, and is
// not whitelisted.
// The |resource| must not be accessed after OnSafeBrowsingHit returns.
// This method will be called on the UI thread.
virtual void OnSafeBrowsingHit(const UnsafeResource& resource) = 0;
Observer() {}
virtual ~Observer() {}
explicit SafeBrowsingUIManager(
const scoped_refptr<SafeBrowsingService>& service);
// Called to stop or shutdown operations on the UI thread. This may be called
// multiple times during the life of the UIManager. Should be called
// on UI thread. If shutdown is true, the manager is disabled permanently.
void Stop(bool shutdown);
// Called on the IO thread by the ThreatDetails with the serialized
// protocol buffer, so the service can send it over.
void SendSerializedThreatDetails(const std::string& serialized) override;
// Calls |BaseUIManager::OnBlockingPageDone()| and triggers
// |OnSecurityInterstitialProceeded| event if |proceed| is true.
void OnBlockingPageDone(const std::vector<UnsafeResource>& resources,
bool proceed,
content::WebContents* web_contents,
const GURL& main_frame_url) override;
// Report hits to unsafe contents (malware, phishing, unsafe download URL)
// to the server. Can only be called on UI thread. The hit report will
// only be sent if the user has enabled SBER and is not in incognito mode.
void MaybeReportSafeBrowsingHit(const safe_browsing::HitReport& hit_report,
content::WebContents* web_contents) override;
// Creates the whitelist URL set for tests that create a blocking page
// themselves and then simulate OnBlockingPageDone(). OnBlockingPageDone()
// expects the whitelist to exist, but the tests don't necessarily call
// DisplayBlockingPage(), which creates it.
static void CreateWhitelistForTesting(content::WebContents* web_contents);
// Add and remove observers. These methods must be invoked on the UI thread.
void AddObserver(Observer* observer);
void RemoveObserver(Observer* remove);
// Adds an UnsafeResource |resource| for |url| to unsafe_resources_,
// this should be called by the UrlCheckerDelegate whenever a resource load
// is blocked due to a SB hit.
void AddUnsafeResource(GURL url,
security_interstitials::UnsafeResource resource);
// Checks if an UnsafeResource |resource| exists for |url|, if so, it is
// removed from the vector, assigned to |resource| and the function returns
// true. Otherwise the function returns false and nothing gets assigned to
// |resource|.
bool PopUnsafeResourceForURL(
GURL url,
security_interstitials::UnsafeResource* resource);
const std::string app_locale() const override;
history::HistoryService* history_service(
content::WebContents* web_contents) override;
const GURL default_safe_page() const override;
~SafeBrowsingUIManager() override;
// Creates a hit report for the given resource and calls
// MaybeReportSafeBrowsingHit. This also notifies all observers in
// |observer_list_|.
void CreateAndSendHitReport(const UnsafeResource& resource) override;
// Calls SafeBrowsingBlockingPage::ShowBlockingPage().
void ShowBlockingPageForResource(const UnsafeResource& resource) override;
// Helper method to ensure hit reports are only sent when the user has
// opted in to extended reporting and is not currently in incognito mode.
static bool ShouldSendHitReport(const HitReport& hit_report,
content::WebContents* web_contents);
friend class SafeBrowsingUIManagerTest;
friend class TestSafeBrowsingUIManager;
static GURL GetMainFrameWhitelistUrlForResourceForTesting(
const safe_browsing::SafeBrowsingUIManager::UnsafeResource& resource);
// Safebrowsing service.
scoped_refptr<SafeBrowsingService> sb_service_;
// Stores unsafe resources so they can be fetched from a navigation throttle
// in the committed interstitials flow. Implemented as a pair vector since
// most of the time it will be empty or contain a single element.
std::vector<std::pair<GURL, security_interstitials::UnsafeResource>>
base::ObserverList<Observer>::Unchecked observer_list_;
} // namespace safe_browsing