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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "base/feature_list.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "components/web_resource/eula_accepted_notifier.h"
#include "services/network/public/cpp/network_connection_tracker.h"
class PrefService;
namespace web_resource {
// This class informs an interested observer when resource requests over the
// network are permitted.
// Currently, the criteria for allowing resource requests are:
// 1. The network is currently available,
// 2. The EULA was accepted by the user (ChromeOS only), and
// 3. The --disable-background-networking command line switch is not set.
// Interested services should add themselves as an observer of
// ResourceRequestAllowedNotifier and check ResourceRequestsAllowed() to see if
// requests are permitted. If it returns true, they can go ahead and make their
// request. If it returns false, ResourceRequestAllowedNotifier will notify the
// service when the criteria is met.
// If ResourceRequestsAllowed returns true the first time,
// ResourceRequestAllowedNotifier will not notify the service in the future.
// Note that this class handles the criteria state for a single service, so
// services should keep their own instance of this class rather than sharing a
// global instance.
class ResourceRequestAllowedNotifier
: public EulaAcceptedNotifier::Observer,
public network::NetworkConnectionTracker::NetworkConnectionObserver {
// Observes resource request allowed state changes.
class Observer {
virtual void OnResourceRequestsAllowed() = 0;
virtual ~Observer() = default;
// Specifies the resource request allowed state.
enum State {
using NetworkConnectionTrackerGetter =
// Creates a new ResourceRequestAllowedNotifier.
// |local_state| is the PrefService to observe.
// |disable_network_switch| is the command line switch to disable network
// activity. It is expected to outlive the ResourceRequestAllowedNotifier and
// may be null.
PrefService* local_state,
const char* disable_network_switch,
NetworkConnectionTrackerGetter network_connection_tracker_getter);
~ResourceRequestAllowedNotifier() override;
// Sets |observer| as the service to be notified by this instance, and
// performs initial checks on the criteria. |observer| may not be null.
// This is to be called immediately after construction of an instance of
// ResourceRequestAllowedNotifier to pass it the interested service. Set
// |leaky| to true if this class will not be destructed before shutdown.
void Init(Observer* observer, bool leaky);
// Returns whether resource requests are allowed, per the various criteria.
// If not, this call will set some flags so it knows to notify the observer
// if the criteria change. Note that the observer will not be notified unless
// it calls this method first.
// This is virtual so it can be overridden for tests.
virtual State GetResourceRequestsAllowedState();
// Convenience function, equivalent to:
// GetResourceRequestsAllowedState() == ALLOWED.
bool ResourceRequestsAllowed();
void SetWaitingForEulaForTesting(bool waiting);
void SetObserverRequestedForTesting(bool requested);
void SetConnectionTypeForTesting(
network::mojom::ConnectionType connection_type);
// Notifies the observer if all criteria needed for resource requests are met.
// This is protected so it can be called from subclasses for testing.
void MaybeNotifyObserver();
// Creates the EulaAcceptNotifier or null if one is not needed. Virtual so
// that it can be overridden by test subclasses.
virtual EulaAcceptedNotifier* CreateEulaNotifier();
// EulaAcceptedNotifier::Observer overrides:
void OnEulaAccepted() override;
// network::NetworkConnectionTracker::NetworkConnectionObserver overrides:
void OnConnectionChanged(network::mojom::ConnectionType type) override;
void SetConnectionType(network::mojom::ConnectionType connection_type);
bool IsOffline();
// Name of the command line switch to disable the network activity.
const char* disable_network_switch_;
// The local state this class is observing.
PrefService* local_state_;
// Tracks whether or not the observer/service depending on this class actually
// requested permission to make a request or not. If it did not, then this
// class should not notify it even if the criteria is met.
bool observer_requested_permission_;
// Tracks EULA acceptance criteria.
bool waiting_for_user_to_accept_eula_;
// Platform-specific notifier of EULA acceptance, or null if not needed.
std::unique_ptr<EulaAcceptedNotifier> eula_notifier_;
// Observing service interested in request permissions.
Observer* observer_;
NetworkConnectionTrackerGetter network_connection_tracker_getter_;
network::NetworkConnectionTracker* network_connection_tracker_ = nullptr;
network::mojom::ConnectionType connection_type_ =
bool connection_initialized_ = false;
base::WeakPtrFactory<ResourceRequestAllowedNotifier> weak_factory_;
extern const base::Feature kResourceRequestAllowedMigration;
} // namespace web_resource