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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// libgnome-keyring has been deprecated in favor of libsecret.
// See:
// The define below turns off the deprecations, in order to avoid build
// failures with Gnome 3.12. When we move to libsecret, the define can be
// removed, together with the include below it.
// The porting is tracked in
#include <gnome-keyring.h>
#include "base/macros.h"
// Many of the gnome_keyring_* functions use variable arguments, which makes
// them difficult if not impossible to truly wrap in C. Therefore, we use
// appropriately-typed function pointers and scoping to make the fact that we
// might be dynamically loading the library almost invisible. As a bonus, we
// also get a simple way to mock the library for testing. Classes that inherit
// from GnomeKeyringLoader will use its versions of the gnome_keyring_*
// functions. Note that it has only static fields.
class GnomeKeyringLoader {
static bool LoadGnomeKeyring();
// Declare the actual function pointers that we'll use in client code.
// These functions will contact the service.
static decltype(&::gnome_keyring_is_available) gnome_keyring_is_available_ptr;
static decltype(
&::gnome_keyring_store_password) gnome_keyring_store_password_ptr;
static decltype(
&::gnome_keyring_delete_password) gnome_keyring_delete_password_ptr;
static decltype(&::gnome_keyring_find_items) gnome_keyring_find_items_ptr;
static decltype(
&::gnome_keyring_find_password_sync) gnome_keyring_find_password_sync_ptr;
static decltype(&::gnome_keyring_store_password_sync)
// These functions do not contact the service.
static decltype(
&::gnome_keyring_result_to_message) gnome_keyring_result_to_message_ptr;
static decltype(&::gnome_keyring_attribute_list_free)
static decltype(
&::gnome_keyring_attribute_list_new) gnome_keyring_attribute_list_new_ptr;
static decltype(&::gnome_keyring_attribute_list_append_string)
static decltype(&::gnome_keyring_attribute_list_append_uint32)
static decltype(
&::gnome_keyring_free_password) gnome_keyring_free_password_ptr;
// We also use gnome_keyring_attribute_list_index(), which is a macro and
// can't be referenced.
// Set to true if LoadGnomeKeyring() has already succeeded.
static bool keyring_loaded;
struct FunctionInfo {
const char* name;
void** pointer;
// Make it easy to initialize the function pointers in LoadGnomeKeyring().
static const FunctionInfo functions[];