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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/event_types.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/libgtk2ui/owned_widget_gtk2.h"
#include "ui/events/linux/text_edit_command_auralinux.h"
namespace content {
struct NativeWebKeyboardEvent;
namespace ui {
class Event;
namespace libgtk2ui {
// This class is a convenience class for handling editor key bindings defined
// in gtk keyboard theme.
// In gtk, only GtkEntry and GtkTextView support customizing editor key bindings
// through keyboard theme. And in gtk keyboard theme definition file, each key
// binding must be bound to a specific class or object. So existing keyboard
// themes only define editor key bindings exactly for GtkEntry and GtkTextView.
// Then, the only way for us to intercept editor key bindings defined in
// keyboard theme, is to create a GtkEntry or GtkTextView object and call
// gtk_bindings_activate_event() against it for the key events. If a key event
// matches a predefined key binding, corresponding signal will be emitted.
// GtkTextView is used here because it supports more key bindings than GtkEntry,
// but in order to minimize the side effect of using a GtkTextView object, a new
// class derived from GtkTextView is used, which overrides all signals related
// to key bindings, to make sure GtkTextView won't receive them.
// See third_party/WebKit/Source/WebCore/editing/EditorCommand.cpp for detailed
// definition of webkit edit commands.
// See webkit/glue/ for key bindings predefined in our
// webkit glue.
class Gtk2KeyBindingsHandler {
virtual ~Gtk2KeyBindingsHandler();
// Matches a key event against predefined gtk key bindings, false will be
// returned if the key event doesn't correspond to a predefined key binding.
// Edit commands matched with |event| will be stored in |edit_commands|, if
// non-NULL.
bool MatchEvent(const ui::Event& event,
std::vector<ui::TextEditCommandAuraLinux>* commands);
// Object structure of Handler class, which is derived from GtkTextView.
struct Handler {
GtkTextView parent_object;
Gtk2KeyBindingsHandler *owner;
// Class structure of Handler class.
struct HandlerClass {
GtkTextViewClass parent_class;
// Creates a new instance of Handler class.
GtkWidget* CreateNewHandler();
// Adds an edit command to the key event.
void EditCommandMatched(ui::TextEditCommandAuraLinux::CommandId id,
const std::string& value,
bool extend_selection);
// Builds a fake GdkEventKey from an XEvent.
void BuildGdkEventKeyFromXEvent(const base::NativeEvent& xevent,
GdkEventKey* gdk_event);
// Initializes Handler structure.
static void HandlerInit(Handler *self);
// Initializes HandlerClass structure.
static void HandlerClassInit(HandlerClass *klass);
// Registeres Handler class to GObject type system and return its type id.
static GType HandlerGetType();
// Gets the Gtk2KeyBindingsHandler object which owns the Handler object.
static Gtk2KeyBindingsHandler* GetHandlerOwner(GtkTextView* text_view);
// Handler of "backspace" signal.
static void BackSpace(GtkTextView* text_view);
// Handler of "copy-clipboard" signal.
static void CopyClipboard(GtkTextView* text_view);
// Handler of "cut-clipboard" signal.
static void CutClipboard(GtkTextView* text_view);
// Handler of "delete-from-cursor" signal.
static void DeleteFromCursor(GtkTextView* text_view, GtkDeleteType type,
gint count);
// Handler of "insert-at-cursor" signal.
static void InsertAtCursor(GtkTextView* text_view, const gchar* str);
// Handler of "move-cursor" signal.
static void MoveCursor(GtkTextView* text_view, GtkMovementStep step,
gint count, gboolean extend_selection);
// Handler of "move-viewport" signal.
static void MoveViewport(GtkTextView* text_view, GtkScrollStep step,
gint count);
// Handler of "paste-clipboard" signal.
static void PasteClipboard(GtkTextView* text_view);
// Handler of "select-all" signal.
static void SelectAll(GtkTextView* text_view, gboolean select);
// Handler of "set-anchor" signal.
static void SetAnchor(GtkTextView* text_view);
// Handler of "toggle-cursor-visible" signal.
static void ToggleCursorVisible(GtkTextView* text_view);
// Handler of "toggle-overwrite" signal.
static void ToggleOverwrite(GtkTextView* text_view);
// Handler of "show-help" signal.
static gboolean ShowHelp(GtkWidget* widget, GtkWidgetHelpType arg1);
// Handler of "move-focus" signal.
static void MoveFocus(GtkWidget* widget, GtkDirectionType arg1);
GtkWidget* fake_window_;
libgtk2ui::OwnedWidgetGtk handler_;
// Buffer to store the match results.
std::vector<ui::TextEditCommandAuraLinux> edit_commands_;
// Whether the current X server has the XKeyboard extension.
bool has_xkb_;
} // namespace libgtk2ui