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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "content/renderer/renderer_main_platform_delegate.h"
#include "base/command_line.h"
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "base/win/scoped_comptr.h"
#include "base/win/win_util.h"
#include "base/win/windows_version.h"
#include "content/public/common/content_switches.h"
#include "content/public/common/injection_test_win.h"
#include "content/public/renderer/render_thread.h"
#include "content/renderer/render_font_warmup_win.h"
#include "content/renderer/render_thread_impl.h"
#include "sandbox/win/src/sandbox.h"
#include "skia/ext/fontmgr_default_win.h"
#include "third_party/WebKit/public/web/WebRuntimeFeatures.h"
#include "third_party/WebKit/public/web/win/WebFontRendering.h"
#include "third_party/icu/source/i18n/unicode/timezone.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/ports/SkFontMgr.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/ports/SkTypeface_win.h"
#include "ui/gfx/hud_font.h"
#include "ui/gfx/win/direct_write.h"
#include "ui/gfx/win/dpi.h"
#include <dwrite.h>
namespace content {
namespace {
// Windows-only skia sandbox support
// These are used for GDI-path rendering.
void SkiaPreCacheFont(const LOGFONT& logfont) {
RenderThread* render_thread = RenderThread::Get();
if (render_thread) {
void WarmupDirectWrite() {
// The objects used here are intentionally not freed as we want the Skia
// code to use these objects after warmup.
// We need to warm up *some* font for DirectWrite. We also need to pass one
// down for the CC HUD code, so use the same one here. Note that we don't use
// a monospace as would be nice in an attempt to avoid a small startup time
// regression, see
skia::RefPtr<SkTypeface> hud_typeface = skia::AdoptRef(
GetPreSandboxWarmupFontMgr()->legacyCreateTypeface("Times New Roman", 0));
} // namespace
const MainFunctionParams& parameters)
: parameters_(parameters),
sandbox_test_module_(NULL) {
RendererMainPlatformDelegate::~RendererMainPlatformDelegate() {
void RendererMainPlatformDelegate::PlatformInitialize() {
const base::CommandLine& command_line = parameters_.command_line;
// Be mindful of what resources you acquire here. They can be used by
// malicious code if the renderer gets compromised.
bool no_sandbox = command_line.HasSwitch(switches::kNoSandbox);
bool use_direct_write = gfx::win::ShouldUseDirectWrite();
if (!no_sandbox) {
// ICU DateFormat class (used in base/ needs to get the
// Olson timezone ID by accessing the registry keys under
// HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones.
// After TimeZone::createDefault is called once here, the timezone ID is
// cached and there's no more need to access the registry. If the sandbox
// is disabled, we don't have to make this dummy call.
scoped_ptr<icu::TimeZone> zone(icu::TimeZone::createDefault());
if (use_direct_write) {
} else {
void RendererMainPlatformDelegate::PlatformUninitialize() {
bool RendererMainPlatformDelegate::EnableSandbox() {
sandbox::TargetServices* target_services =
if (target_services) {
// Cause advapi32 to load before the sandbox is turned on.
unsigned int dummy_rand;
// Warm up language subsystems before the sandbox is turned on.
return true;
return false;
} // namespace content