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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "content/common/content_export.h"
#include "ui/base/page_transition_types.h"
namespace content {
// NavigationState is the portion of DocumentState that is affected by
// in-document navigation.
// TODO(simonjam): Move this to HistoryItem's ExtraData.
class CONTENT_EXPORT NavigationState {
virtual ~NavigationState();
static NavigationState* CreateBrowserInitiated(
int32 pending_page_id,
int pending_history_list_offset,
bool history_list_was_cleared,
ui::PageTransition transition_type) {
return new NavigationState(transition_type,
static NavigationState* CreateContentInitiated() {
return new NavigationState(
ui::PAGE_TRANSITION_LINK, true, -1, -1, false);
// Contains the page_id for this navigation or -1 if there is none yet.
int32 pending_page_id() const { return pending_page_id_; }
// If pending_page_id() is not -1, then this contains the corresponding
// offset of the page in the back/forward history list.
int pending_history_list_offset() const {
return pending_history_list_offset_;
// If pending_page_id() is not -1, then this returns true if the session
// history was cleared during this navigation.
bool history_list_was_cleared() const {
return history_list_was_cleared_;
// If is_content_initiated() is false, whether this navigation should replace
// the current entry in the back/forward history list. Otherwise, use
// replacesCurrentHistoryItem() on the WebDataSource.
// TODO(davidben): It would be good to unify these and have only one source
// for the two cases. We can plumb this through WebFrame::loadRequest to set
// lockBackForwardList on the FrameLoadRequest. However, this breaks process
// swaps because FrameLoader::loadWithNavigationAction treats loads before a
// FrameLoader has committedFirstRealDocumentLoad as a replacement. (Added for
bool should_replace_current_entry() const {
return should_replace_current_entry_;
void set_should_replace_current_entry(bool value) {
should_replace_current_entry_ = value;
// Contains the transition type that the browser specified when it
// initiated the load.
ui::PageTransition transition_type() const { return transition_type_; }
void set_transition_type(ui::PageTransition type) {
transition_type_ = type;
// True if we have already processed the "DidCommitLoad" event for this
// request. Used by session history.
bool request_committed() const { return request_committed_; }
void set_request_committed(bool value) { request_committed_ = value; }
// True if this navigation was not initiated via WebFrame::LoadRequest.
bool is_content_initiated() const { return is_content_initiated_; }
// True iff the frame's navigation was within the same page.
void set_was_within_same_page(bool value) { was_within_same_page_ = value; }
bool was_within_same_page() const { return was_within_same_page_; }
// transferred_request_child_id and transferred_request_request_id identify
// a request that has been created before the navigation is being transferred
// to a new renderer. This is used to recycle the old request once the new
// renderer tries to pick up the navigation of the old one.
void set_transferred_request_child_id(int value) {
transferred_request_child_id_ = value;
int transferred_request_child_id() const {
return transferred_request_child_id_;
void set_transferred_request_request_id(int value) {
transferred_request_request_id_ = value;
int transferred_request_request_id() const {
return transferred_request_request_id_;
void set_allow_download(bool value) {
allow_download_ = value;
bool allow_download() const {
return allow_download_;
void set_extra_headers(const std::string& extra_headers) {
extra_headers_ = extra_headers;
const std::string& extra_headers() { return extra_headers_; }
NavigationState(ui::PageTransition transition_type,
bool is_content_initiated,
int32 pending_page_id,
int pending_history_list_offset,
bool history_list_was_cleared);
ui::PageTransition transition_type_;
bool request_committed_;
bool is_content_initiated_;
int32 pending_page_id_;
int pending_history_list_offset_;
bool history_list_was_cleared_;
bool should_replace_current_entry_;
bool was_within_same_page_;
int transferred_request_child_id_;
int transferred_request_request_id_;
bool allow_download_;
std::string extra_headers_;
} // namespace content