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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/callback_forward.h"
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "content/common/content_export.h"
#include "ipc/ipc_listener.h"
#include "ipc/ipc_sender.h"
#include "third_party/WebKit/public/web/WebNavigationPolicy.h"
class GURL;
namespace blink {
class WebElement;
class WebFrame;
class WebLocalFrame;
class WebNode;
class WebPlugin;
class WebURLRequest;
class WebURLResponse;
struct WebPluginParams;
namespace gfx {
class Range;
namespace v8 {
template <typename T> class Handle;
class Context;
class Isolate;
namespace content {
class ContextMenuClient;
class PluginInstanceThrottler;
class RenderView;
class ServiceRegistry;
struct ContextMenuParams;
struct WebPluginInfo;
struct WebPreferences;
// This interface wraps functionality, which is specific to frames, such as
// navigation. It provides communication with a corresponding RenderFrameHost
// in the browser process.
class CONTENT_EXPORT RenderFrame : public IPC::Listener,
public IPC::Sender {
// Returns the RenderFrame given a WebFrame.
static RenderFrame* FromWebFrame(blink::WebFrame* web_frame);
// Returns the RenderView associated with this frame.
virtual RenderView* GetRenderView() = 0;
// Get the routing ID of the frame.
virtual int GetRoutingID() = 0;
// Returns the associated WebFrame.
virtual blink::WebLocalFrame* GetWebFrame() = 0;
// Gets the focused element. If no such element exists then
// the element will be Null.
virtual blink::WebElement GetFocusedElement() const = 0;
// Gets WebKit related preferences associated with this frame.
virtual WebPreferences& GetWebkitPreferences() = 0;
// Shows a context menu with the given information. The given client will
// be called with the result.
// The request ID will be returned by this function. This is passed to the
// client functions for identification.
// If the client is destroyed, CancelContextMenu() should be called with the
// request ID returned by this function.
// Note: if you end up having clients outliving the RenderFrame, we should add
// a CancelContextMenuCallback function that takes a request id.
virtual int ShowContextMenu(ContextMenuClient* client,
const ContextMenuParams& params) = 0;
// Cancels a context menu in the event that the client is destroyed before the
// menu is closed.
virtual void CancelContextMenu(int request_id) = 0;
// Gets the node that the context menu was pressed over.
virtual blink::WebNode GetContextMenuNode() const = 0;
// Create a new NPAPI/Pepper plugin depending on |info|. Returns NULL if no
// plugin was found. |throttler| may be empty.
virtual blink::WebPlugin* CreatePlugin(
blink::WebFrame* frame,
const WebPluginInfo& info,
const blink::WebPluginParams& params,
scoped_ptr<PluginInstanceThrottler> throttler) = 0;
// The client should handle the navigation externally.
virtual void LoadURLExternally(blink::WebLocalFrame* frame,
const blink::WebURLRequest& request,
blink::WebNavigationPolicy policy) = 0;
// Execute a string of JavaScript in this frame's context.
virtual void ExecuteJavaScript(const base::string16& javascript) = 0;
// Return true if this frame is hidden.
virtual bool IsHidden() = 0;
// Returns the ServiceRegistry for this frame.
virtual ServiceRegistry* GetServiceRegistry() = 0;
#if defined(ENABLE_PLUGINS)
// Registers a plugin that has been marked peripheral. If the origin
// whitelist is later updated and includes |content_origin|, then
// |unthrottle_callback| will be called.
virtual void RegisterPeripheralPlugin(
const GURL& content_origin,
const base::Closure& unthrottle_callback) = 0;
// Returns true if this frame is a FTP directory listing.
virtual bool IsFTPDirectoryListing() = 0;
// Attaches the browser plugin identified by |element_instance_id| to guest
// content created by the embedder.
virtual void AttachGuest(int element_instance_id) = 0;
// Detaches the browser plugin identified by |element_instance_id| from guest
// content created by the embedder.
virtual void DetachGuest(int element_instance_id) = 0;
// Notifies the browser of text selection changes made.
virtual void SetSelectedText(const base::string16& selection_text,
size_t offset,
const gfx::Range& range) = 0;
// Ensures that builtin mojo bindings modules are available in |context|.
virtual void EnsureMojoBuiltinsAreAvailable(
v8::Isolate* isolate,
v8::Handle<v8::Context> context) = 0;
~RenderFrame() override {}
// This interface should only be implemented inside content.
friend class RenderFrameImpl;
RenderFrame() {}
} // namespace content