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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "content/shell/common/shell_switches.h"
namespace switches {
// Allow access to external pages during layout tests.
const char kAllowExternalPages[] = "allow-external-pages";
// Check whether all system dependencies for running layout tests are met.
const char kCheckLayoutTestSysDeps[] = "check-layout-test-sys-deps";
// Tells Content Shell that it's running as a content_browsertest.
const char kContentBrowserTest[] = "browser-test";
// Makes Content Shell use the given path for its data directory.
const char kContentShellDataPath[] = "data-path";
// The directory breakpad should store minidumps in.
const char kCrashDumpsDir[] = "crash-dumps-dir";
// When specified to "enable-leak-detection" command-line option,
// causes the leak detector to cause immediate crash when found leak.
const char kCrashOnFailure[] = "crash-on-failure";
// Request the render trees of pages to be dumped as text once they have
// finished loading. Note that this switch has been deprecated, and the
// identically functioning |kRunLayoutTest| switch should be used instead.
const char kDumpRenderTree[] = "dump-render-tree";
// Expose window.ipcTester object for testing
const char kExposeIpcEcho[] = "expose-ipc-echo";
// Enable accelerated 2D canvas.
const char kEnableAccelerated2DCanvas[] = "enable-accelerated-2d-canvas";
// Enable font antialiasing for pixel tests.
const char kEnableFontAntialiasing[] = "enable-font-antialiasing";
// Enables the leak detection of loading webpages. This allows us to check
// whether or not reloading a webpage releases web-related objects correctly.
const char kEnableLeakDetection[] = "enable-leak-detection";
// Encode binary layout test results (images, audio) using base64.
const char kEncodeBinary[] = "encode-binary";
// Exposes the window.internals object to JavaScript for interactive development
// and debugging of layout tests that rely on it.
const char kExposeInternalsForTesting[] = "expose-internals-for-testing";
// Registers additional font files on Windows (for fonts outside the usual
// %WINDIR%\Fonts location). Multiple files can be used by separating them
// with a semicolon (;).
const char kRegisterFontFiles[] = "register-font-files";
// Request the render trees of pages to be dumped as text once they have
// finished loading.
const char kRunLayoutTest[] = "run-layout-test";
// This makes us disable some web-platform runtime features so that we test
// content_shell as if it was a stable release. It is only followed when
// kRunLayoutTest is set. For the features' level, see
const char kStableReleaseMode[] = "stable-release-mode";
// Size for the content_shell's host window (i.e. "800x600").
const char kContentShellHostWindowSize[] = "content-shell-host-window-size";
} // namespace switches