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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ash/public/cpp/app_list/app_list_types.h"
#include "ash/public/cpp/ash_public_export.h"
#include "ui/base/resource/resource_bundle.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/size.h"
namespace gfx {
class FontList;
namespace app_list {
// Shared layout type information for app list. Use the instance() method to
// obtain the AppListConfig.
class ASH_PUBLIC_EXPORT AppListConfig {
static const AppListConfig& instance();
int grid_tile_width() const { return grid_tile_width_; }
int grid_tile_height() const { return grid_tile_height_; }
int grid_tile_spacing() const { return grid_tile_spacing_; }
int grid_icon_dimension() const { return grid_icon_dimension_; }
int grid_icon_bottom_padding() const { return grid_icon_bottom_padding_; }
int grid_title_top_padding() const { return grid_title_top_padding_; }
int grid_title_bottom_padding() const { return grid_title_bottom_padding_; }
int grid_title_horizontal_padding() const {
return grid_title_horizontal_padding_;
int grid_title_width() const { return grid_title_width_; }
int grid_focus_dimension() const { return grid_focus_dimension_; }
int grid_focus_corner_radius() const { return grid_focus_corner_radius_; }
SkColor grid_title_color() const { return grid_title_color_; }
int search_tile_icon_dimension() const { return search_tile_icon_dimension_; }
int search_tile_badge_icon_dimension() const {
return search_tile_badge_icon_dimension_;
int search_tile_badge_icon_offset() const {
return search_tile_badge_icon_offset_;
int search_list_icon_dimension() const { return search_list_icon_dimension_; }
int search_list_icon_vertical_bar_dimension() const {
return search_list_icon_vertical_bar_dimension_;
int search_list_badge_icon_dimension() const {
return search_list_badge_icon_dimension_;
int suggestion_chip_icon_dimension() const {
return suggestion_chip_icon_dimension_;
int app_title_max_line_height() const { return app_title_max_line_height_; }
const gfx::FontList& app_title_font() const { return app_title_font_; }
int peeking_app_list_height() const { return peeking_app_list_height_; }
int search_box_closed_top_padding() const {
return search_box_closed_top_padding_;
int search_box_peeking_top_padding() const {
return search_box_peeking_top_padding_;
int search_box_fullscreen_top_padding() const {
return search_box_fullscreen_top_padding_;
int preferred_cols() const { return preferred_cols_; }
int preferred_rows() const { return preferred_rows_; }
int page_spacing() const { return page_spacing_; }
int expand_arrow_tile_height() const { return expand_arrow_tile_height_; }
int folder_bubble_radius() const { return folder_bubble_radius_; }
int folder_bubble_y_offset() const { return folder_bubble_y_offset_; }
int folder_header_height() const { return folder_header_height_; }
int folder_icon_dimension() const { return folder_icon_dimension_; }
int folder_unclipped_icon_dimension() const {
return folder_unclipped_icon_dimension_;
int folder_icon_radius() const { return folder_icon_radius_; }
int folder_background_radius() const { return folder_background_radius_; }
int folder_bubble_color() const { return folder_bubble_color_; }
int item_icon_in_folder_icon_dimension() const {
return item_icon_in_folder_icon_dimension_;
int folder_dropping_circle_radius() const {
return folder_dropping_circle_radius_;
int folder_dropping_delay() const { return folder_dropping_delay_; }
SkColor folder_background_color() const { return folder_background_color_; }
int page_flip_zone_size() const { return page_flip_zone_size_; }
int grid_tile_spacing_in_folder() const {
return grid_tile_spacing_in_folder_;
int shelf_height() const { return shelf_height_; }
int background_radius() const { return background_radius_; }
int blur_radius() const { return blur_radius_; }
SkColor contents_background_color() const {
return contents_background_color_;
SkColor grid_selected_color() const { return grid_selected_color_; }
SkColor card_background_color() const { return card_background_color_; }
int page_transition_duration_ms() const {
return page_transition_duration_ms_;
int overscroll_page_transition_duration_ms() const {
return overscroll_page_transition_duration_ms_;
int folder_transition_in_duration_ms() const {
return folder_transition_in_duration_ms_;
int folder_transition_out_duration_ms() const {
return folder_transition_out_duration_ms_;
size_t num_start_page_tiles() const { return num_start_page_tiles_; }
size_t max_search_results() const { return max_search_results_; }
size_t max_folder_pages() const { return max_folder_pages_; }
size_t max_folder_items_per_page() const {
return max_folder_items_per_page_;
size_t max_folder_name_chars() const { return max_folder_name_chars_; }
float all_apps_opacity_start_px() const { return all_apps_opacity_start_px_; }
float all_apps_opacity_end_px() const { return all_apps_opacity_end_px_; }
ui::ResourceBundle::FontStyle search_result_title_font_style() const {
return search_result_title_font_style_;
int search_tile_height() const { return search_tile_height_; }
size_t max_search_result_tiles() const { return max_search_result_tiles_; }
gfx::Size grid_icon_size() const {
return gfx::Size(grid_icon_dimension_, grid_icon_dimension_);
gfx::Size grid_focus_size() const {
return gfx::Size(grid_focus_dimension_, grid_focus_dimension_);
gfx::Size search_tile_icon_size() const {
return gfx::Size(search_tile_icon_dimension_, search_tile_icon_dimension_);
gfx::Size search_tile_badge_icon_size() const {
return gfx::Size(search_tile_badge_icon_dimension_,
gfx::Size search_list_icon_size() const {
return gfx::Size(search_list_icon_dimension_, search_list_icon_dimension_);
gfx::Size search_list_badge_icon_size() const {
return gfx::Size(search_list_badge_icon_dimension_,
gfx::Size folder_icon_size() const {
return gfx::Size(folder_icon_dimension_, folder_icon_dimension_);
gfx::Size folder_unclipped_icon_size() const {
return gfx::Size(folder_unclipped_icon_dimension_,
int folder_icon_insets() const {
return (folder_unclipped_icon_dimension_ - folder_icon_dimension_) / 2;
gfx::Size item_icon_in_folder_icon_size() const {
return gfx::Size(item_icon_in_folder_icon_dimension_,
// Returns the dimension at which a result's icon should be displayed.
int GetPreferredIconDimension(
ash::SearchResultDisplayType display_type) const;
// Returns the maximum number of items allowed in specified page in apps grid.
int GetMaxNumOfItemsPerPage(int page) const;
// The tile view's width and height of the item in apps grid view.
const int grid_tile_width_;
const int grid_tile_height_;
// The spacing between tile views in apps grid view.
const int grid_tile_spacing_;
// The icon dimension of tile views in apps grid view.
const int grid_icon_dimension_;
// The icon bottom padding in tile views in apps grid view.
const int grid_icon_bottom_padding_;
// The title top, bottom and horizontal padding in tile views in apps grid
// view.
const int grid_title_top_padding_;
const int grid_title_bottom_padding_;
const int grid_title_horizontal_padding_;
// The title width and color of tile views in apps grid view.
const int grid_title_width_;
const SkColor grid_title_color_;
// The focus dimension and corner radius of tile views in apps grid view.
const int grid_focus_dimension_;
const int grid_focus_corner_radius_;
// The icon dimension of tile views in search result page view.
const int search_tile_icon_dimension_;
// The badge icon dimension of tile views in search result page view.
const int search_tile_badge_icon_dimension_;
// The badge icon offset of tile views in search result page view.
const int search_tile_badge_icon_offset_;
// The icon dimension of list views in search result page view.
const int search_list_icon_dimension_;
// The vertical bar icon dimension of list views in search result page view.
const int search_list_icon_vertical_bar_dimension_;
// The badge background corner radius of list views in search result page
// view.
const int search_list_badge_icon_dimension_;
// The suggestion chip icon dimension.
const int suggestion_chip_icon_dimension_;
// The maximum line height for app title in app list.
const int app_title_max_line_height_;
// The font for app title in app list.
const gfx::FontList app_title_font_;
// The height of app list in peeking mode.
const int peeking_app_list_height_;
// The top padding of search box in closed state.
const int search_box_closed_top_padding_;
// The top padding of search box in peeking state.
const int search_box_peeking_top_padding_;
// The top padding of search box in fullscreen state.
const int search_box_fullscreen_top_padding_;
// Preferred number of columns and rows in apps grid.
const int preferred_cols_;
const int preferred_rows_;
// The spacing between each page.
const int page_spacing_;
// The tile height of expand arrow.
const int expand_arrow_tile_height_;
// The folder image bubble radius.
const int folder_bubble_radius_;
// The y offset of folder image bubble center.
const int folder_bubble_y_offset_;
// The height of the in folder name and pagination buttons.
const int folder_header_height_;
// The icon dimension of folder.
const int folder_icon_dimension_;
// The unclipped icon dimension of folder.
const int folder_unclipped_icon_dimension_;
// The corner radius of folder icon.
const int folder_icon_radius_;
// The corner radius of folder background.
const int folder_background_radius_;
// The color of folder bubble.
const int folder_bubble_color_;
// The dimension of the item icon in folder icon.
const int item_icon_in_folder_icon_dimension_;
// Radius of the circle, in which if entered, show folder dropping preview
// UI.
const int folder_dropping_circle_radius_;
// Delays in milliseconds to show folder dropping preview circle.
const int folder_dropping_delay_;
// The background color of folder.
const SkColor folder_background_color_;
// Width in pixels of the area on the sides that triggers a page flip.
const int page_flip_zone_size_;
// The spacing between tile views in folder.
const int grid_tile_spacing_in_folder_;
// The height/width of the shelf from the bottom/side of the screen.
const int shelf_height_;
// The background corner radius used for the app list.
const int background_radius_;
// The blur radius used in the app list.
const int blur_radius_;
// The background color of app list overlay.
const SkColor contents_background_color_;
// The keyboard select color for grid views, which are on top of a black
// shield view for new design (12% white).
const SkColor grid_selected_color_;
// The background color for views in search results page.
const SkColor card_background_color_;
// Duration in milliseconds for page transition.
const int page_transition_duration_ms_;
// Duration in milliseconds for over scroll page transition.
const int overscroll_page_transition_duration_ms_;
// Duration in milliseconds for fading in the target page when opening
// or closing a folder, and the duration for the top folder icon animation
// for flying in or out the folder.
const int folder_transition_in_duration_ms_;
// Duration in milliseconds for fading out the old page when opening or
// closing a folder.
const int folder_transition_out_duration_ms_;
// The number of apps shown in the start page app grid.
const size_t num_start_page_tiles_;
// Maximum number of results to show in the launcher Search UI.
const size_t max_search_results_;
// Max pages allowed in a folder.
const size_t max_folder_pages_;
// Max items per page allowed in a folder.
const size_t max_folder_items_per_page_;
// Maximum length of the folder name in chars.
const size_t max_folder_name_chars_;
// Range of the height of centerline above screen bottom that all apps should
// change opacity. NOTE: this is used to change page switcher's opacity as
// well.
const float all_apps_opacity_start_px_ = 8.0f;
const float all_apps_opacity_end_px_ = 144.0f;
// Font style for AppListSearchResultTileItemViews that are not suggested
// apps.
const ui::ResourceBundle::FontStyle search_result_title_font_style_;
// The height of tiles in search result.
const int search_tile_height_ = 90;
// Max number of search result tiles in the launcher suggestion window.
const size_t max_search_result_tiles_ = 6;
} // namespace app_list