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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "ash/public/cpp/ash_public_export.h"
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "components/sync/model/string_ordinal.h"
#include "ui/gfx/image/image_skia.h"
#include "ui/gfx/range/range.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
namespace ash {
// The initial value of |profile_id_| in AppListControllerImpl.
constexpr int kAppListInvalidProfileID = -1;
// The value from which the unique profile id starts. Notice that this profile
// id is only used for mojo callings between AppListController and AppListClient
constexpr int kAppListProfileIdStartFrom = 0;
// The threshold of mouse drag event. The mouse event is treated as tapping if
// drag offset is smaller than the threshold.
constexpr int kMouseDragThreshold = 2;
// Id of OEM folder in app list.
ASH_PUBLIC_EXPORT extern const char kOemFolderId[];
// A structure holding the common information which is sent between ash and,
// chrome representing an app list item.
struct ASH_PUBLIC_EXPORT AppListItemMetadata {
AppListItemMetadata(const AppListItemMetadata& rhs);
std::string id; // Id of the app list item.
std::string name; // Corresponding app/folder's name of the item.
std::string short_name; // Corresponding app's short name of the item. Empty
// if the app doesn't have one or it's a folder.
std::string folder_id; // Id of folder where the item resides.
syncer::StringOrdinal position; // Position of the item.
bool is_folder = false; // Whether this item is a folder.
bool is_persistent = false; // Whether this folder is allowed to contain only
// 1 item.
gfx::ImageSkia icon; // The icon of this item.
bool is_page_break = false; // Whether this item is a "page break" item.
// All possible states of the app list.
// Note: Do not change the order of these as they are used for metrics.
enum class AppListState {
kStateApps = 0,
// Add new values here.
kInvalidState, // Don't use over IPC
kStateLast = kInvalidState, // Don't use over IPC
// All possible states of the app list view.
enum class AppListViewState {
// Closes |app_list_main_view_| and dismisses the delegate.
// The initial state for the app list when neither maximize or side shelf
// modes are active. If set, the widget will peek over the shelf by
// kPeekingAppListHeight DIPs.
// Entered when text is entered into the search box from peeking mode.
// Default app list state in maximize and side shelf modes. Entered from an
// upward swipe from |PEEKING| or from clicking the chevron.
// Entered from an upward swipe from |HALF| or by entering text in the
// search box from |FULLSCREEN_ALL_APPS|.
// The status of the app list model.
enum class AppListModelStatus {
kStatusSyncing, // Syncing apps or installing synced apps.
// The UI component the user launched the search result from. Must match
// chrome/browser/ui/app_list/app_launch_event_logger.proto.
// This enum is used in a histogram, do not remove/renumber entries. If you're
// adding to this enum with the intention that it will be logged, update the
// AppListLaunchedFrom enum listing in tools/metrics/histograms/enums.xml.
enum class AppListLaunchedFrom {
kLaunchedFromGrid = 1,
kLaunchedFromSuggestionChip = 2,
kLaunchedFromShelf = 3,
kLaunchedFromSearchBox = 4,
kMaxValue = kLaunchedFromSearchBox,
// The UI representation of the search result. Currently all search results
// that are not apps (OminboxResult, LauncherSearcResult, etc.) are grouped
// into kSearchResult. Meanwhile SearchResultTileItemView (shown in zero state)
// and suggested chips are considered kAppSearchResult.
enum class AppListLaunchType {
kSearchResult = 0,
// Type of the search result, which is set in Chrome.
enum class SearchResultType {
kUnknown, // Unknown type. Don't use over IPC
kInstalledApp, // Installed apps.
kPlayStoreApp, // Installable apps from PlayStore.
kInstantApp, // Instant apps.
kInternalApp, // Chrome OS apps.
kOmnibox, // Results from Omnibox.
kLauncher, // Results from launcher search (currently only from Files).
kAnswerCard, // WebContents based answer card.
kPlayStoreReinstallApp, // Reinstall recommendations from PlayStore.
kArcAppShortcut, // ARC++ app shortcuts.
kZeroStateFile, // Zero state local file results.
kDriveQuickAccess, // Drive QuickAccess results.
// Add new values here.
// How the result should be displayed. Do not change the order of these as
// they are used for metrics.
enum SearchResultDisplayType {
kNone = 0,
// Add new values here.
kLast, // Don't use over IPC
// Which UI container should the result be displayed in.
enum SearchResultDisplayLocation {
// Which index in the UI container should the result be placed in.
enum SearchResultDisplayIndex {
// Actions for OmniBox zero state suggestion.
enum OmniBoxZeroStateAction {
// Removes the zero state suggestion.
kRemoveSuggestion = 0,
// Appends the suggestion to search box query.
// kZeroStateActionMax is always last.
// Returns OmniBoxZeroStateAction mapped for |button_index|.
ASH_PUBLIC_EXPORT OmniBoxZeroStateAction
GetOmniBoxZeroStateAction(int button_index);
// A tagged range in search result text.
struct ASH_PUBLIC_EXPORT SearchResultTag {
// Similar to ACMatchClassification::Style, the style values are not
// mutually exclusive.
enum Style {
NONE = 0,
URL = 1 << 0,
MATCH = 1 << 1,
DIM = 1 << 2,
SearchResultTag(int styles, uint32_t start, uint32_t end);
int styles;
gfx::Range range;
using SearchResultTags = std::vector<SearchResultTag>;
// Data representing an action that can be performed on this search result.
// An action could be represented as an icon set or as a blue button with
// a label. Icon set is chosen if label text is empty. Otherwise, a blue
// button with the label text will be used.
struct ASH_PUBLIC_EXPORT SearchResultAction {
SearchResultAction(const gfx::ImageSkia& image,
const base::string16& tooltip_text,
bool visible_on_hover);
SearchResultAction(const SearchResultAction& other);
gfx::ImageSkia image;
base::string16 tooltip_text;
// Visible when button or its parent row in hover state.
bool visible_on_hover;
using SearchResultActions = std::vector<SearchResultAction>;
// A structure holding the common information which is sent from chrome to ash,
// representing a search result.
struct ASH_PUBLIC_EXPORT SearchResultMetadata {
SearchResultMetadata(const SearchResultMetadata& rhs);
// The id of the result.
std::string id;
// The title of the result, e.g. an app's name, an autocomplete query, etc.
base::string16 title;
// A detail string of this result.
base::string16 details;
// An text to be announced by a screen reader app.
base::string16 accessible_name;
// How the title matches the query. See the SearchResultTag section for more
// details.
std::vector<SearchResultTag> title_tags;
// How the details match the query. See the SearchResultTag section for more
// details.
std::vector<SearchResultTag> details_tags;
// Actions that can be performed on this result. See the SearchResultAction
// section for more details.
std::vector<SearchResultAction> actions;
// The average rating score of the app corresponding to this result, ranged
// from 0 to 5. It's negative if there's no rating for the result.
float rating = -1.0;
// A formatted price string, e.g. "$7.09", "HK$3.94", etc.
base::string16 formatted_price;
// The type of this result.
SearchResultType result_type = SearchResultType::kUnknown;
// The subtype of this result. Derived search result classes can use this to
// represent their own subtypes. Currently, OmniboxResult sets this to
// indicate this is a history result, previous query, etc. A value of -1
// indicates no subtype has been set.
int result_subtype = -1;
// How this result is displayed.
SearchResultDisplayType display_type = SearchResultDisplayType::kList;
// Which UI container should the result be displayed in.
SearchResultDisplayLocation display_location =
// Which index in the UI container should the result be placed in.
SearchResultDisplayIndex display_index = SearchResultDisplayIndex::kUndefined;
// A score to settle conflicts between two apps with the same requested
// |display_index|.
float position_priority = 0.0f;
// A score to determine the result display order.
double display_score = 0;
// Whether this is searched from Omnibox.
bool is_omnibox_search = false;
// Whether this result is installing.
bool is_installing = false;
// A query URL associated with this result. The meaning and treatment of the
// URL (e.g. displaying inline web contents) is dependent on the result type.
base::Optional<GURL> query_url;
// An optional id that identifies an equivalent result to this result. Answer
// card result has this set to remove the equivalent omnibox
// search-what-you-typed result when there is an answer card for the query.
base::Optional<std::string> equivalent_result_id;
// The icon of this result.
gfx::ImageSkia icon;
// The icon of this result in a smaller dimension to be rendered in suggestion
// chip view.
gfx::ImageSkia chip_icon;
// The badge icon of this result that indicates its type, e.g. installable
// from PlayStore, installable from WebStore, etc.
gfx::ImageSkia badge_icon;
// If set to true, whether or not to send visibility updates through to to
// the chrome side when this result is set visible/invisible.
bool notify_visibility_change = false;
// A struct holding a search result id and its corresponding position index that
// was being shown to the user.
struct SearchResultIdWithPositionIndex {
SearchResultIdWithPositionIndex(std::string result_id, int index)
: id(result_id), position_index(index) {}
// The id of the result.
std::string id;
// The position index of the result.
int position_index;
using SearchResultIdWithPositionIndices =
} // namespace ash