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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "third_party/metrics_proto/user_demographics.pb.h"
namespace syncer {
// Default value for user gender when no value has been set.
constexpr int kUserDemographicsGenderDefaultValue = -1;
// Default value for user gender enum when no value has been set.
constexpr metrics::UserDemographicsProto_Gender
kUserDemographicGenderDefaultEnumValue =
// Default value for user gender when no value has been set.
constexpr int kUserDemographicsBirthYearDefaultValue = -1;
// Default value for birth year offset when no value has been set. Set to a
// really high value that |kUserDemographicsBirthYearNoiseOffsetRange| will
// never go over.
constexpr int kUserDemographicsBirthYearNoiseOffsetDefaultValue = 100;
// Boundary of the +/- range in years within witch to randomly pick an offset to
// add to the user birth year. This adds noise to the birth year to not allow
// someone to accurately know a user's age. Possible offsets range from -2 to 2.
constexpr int kUserDemographicsBirthYearNoiseOffsetRange = 2;
// Minimal user age in years to provide demographics for.
constexpr int kUserDemographicsMinAgeInYears = 20;
// Max user age to provide demopgrahics for.
constexpr int kUserDemographicsMaxAgeInYears = 85;
// Container of user demographics.
struct UserDemographics {
int birth_year = 0;
metrics::UserDemographicsProto_Gender gender =
// Represents the status of providing user demographics that is logged to UMA.
// Entries of the enum should not be renumbered and numeric values should never
// be reused. Please keep in sync with "UserDemographicsStatus" in
// src/tools/metrics/histograms/enums.xml. There should only be one entry
// representing demographic data that is ineligible to be provided. A finer
// grained division of kIneligibleDemographicsData (e.g., INVALID_BIRTH_YEAR)
// might help inferring categories of demographics that should not be exposed to
// protect privacy.
enum class UserDemographicsStatus {
// Could get user demographics.
kSuccess = 0,
// Sync is not enabled.
kSyncNotEnabled = 1,
// Demographics are ineligible to be provided either because some of them
// don't
// exist (missing data) or some of them are not eligible to be provided.
kIneligibleDemographicsData = 2,
// Could not get the time needed to compute the user's age.
kCannotGetTime = 3,
// There is more than one Profile for the Chrome browser. This entry is used
// by the metrics::DemographicMetricsProvider client.
kMoreThanOneProfile = 4,
// There is no sync service available for the loaded Profile. This entry is
// used by the metrics::DemographicMetricsProvider client.
kNoSyncService = 5,
// Upper boundary of the enum that is needed for the histogram.
kMaxValue = kNoSyncService
// Container and handler for data related to the retrieval of user demographics.
class UserDemographicsResult {
// Builds a UserDemographicsResult that contains user demographics and has a
// UserDemographicsStatus::kSuccess status.
static UserDemographicsResult ForValue(UserDemographics value);
// Build a UserDemographicsResult that does not have user demographics (only
// default values) and has a status other than
// UserDemographicsStatus::kSuccess.
static UserDemographicsResult ForStatus(UserDemographicsStatus status);
// Determines whether demographics could be successfully retrieved.
bool IsSuccess() const;
// Gets the status of the result.
UserDemographicsStatus status() const;
// Gets the value of the result which will contain data when status() is
// UserDemographicsStatus::kSuccess.
const UserDemographics& value() const;
UserDemographicsResult(UserDemographics value, UserDemographicsStatus status);
UserDemographics value_;
UserDemographicsStatus status_ = UserDemographicsStatus::kMaxValue;
// Log user demographic status in the histogram.
void LogUserDemographicsStatus(UserDemographicsStatus status);
} // namespace syncer