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// Copyright 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "base/time/tick_clock.h"
#include "components/sync/base/passphrase_enums.h"
namespace crypto {
class SymmetricKey;
} // namespace crypto
namespace syncer {
class Nigori;
// TODO( inline kNigoriKeyName into Nigori::Permute().
extern const char kNigoriKeyName[];
class KeyDerivationParams {
static KeyDerivationParams CreateForPbkdf2();
static KeyDerivationParams CreateForScrypt(const std::string& salt);
static KeyDerivationParams CreateWithUnsupportedMethod();
KeyDerivationMethod method() const { return method_; }
const std::string& scrypt_salt() const;
KeyDerivationParams(const KeyDerivationParams& other);
KeyDerivationParams(KeyDerivationParams&& other);
KeyDerivationParams& operator=(const KeyDerivationParams& other);
bool operator==(const KeyDerivationParams& other) const;
bool operator!=(const KeyDerivationParams& other) const;
KeyDerivationParams(KeyDerivationMethod method,
const std::string& scrypt_salt);
KeyDerivationMethod method_;
std::string scrypt_salt_;
// A (partial) implementation of Nigori, a protocol to securely store secrets in
// the cloud. This implementation does not support server authentication or
// assisted key derivation.
// To store secrets securely, use the |Permute| method to derive a lookup name
// for your secret (basically a map key), and |Encrypt| and |Decrypt| to store
// and retrieve the secret.
class Nigori {
enum Type {
Password = 1,
virtual ~Nigori();
// Initialize by deriving keys based on the given |key_derivation_params| and
// |password|. The key derivation method must not be UNSUPPORTED. The return
// value is guaranteed to be non-null.
static std::unique_ptr<Nigori> CreateByDerivation(
const KeyDerivationParams& key_derivation_params,
const std::string& password);
// Initialize by importing the given keys instead of deriving new ones.
// Returns null in case of failure.
static std::unique_ptr<Nigori> CreateByImport(
const std::string& user_key,
const std::string& encryption_key,
const std::string& mac_key);
// Derives a secure lookup name from |type| and |name|. If |hostname|,
// |username| and |password| are kept constant, a given |type| and |name| pair
// always yields the same |permuted| value. Note that |permuted| will be
// Base64 encoded.
bool Permute(Type type, const std::string& name, std::string* permuted) const;
// Encrypts |value|. Note that on success, |encrypted| will be Base64
// encoded.
bool Encrypt(const std::string& value, std::string* encrypted) const;
// Decrypts |value| into |decrypted|. It is assumed that |value| is Base64
// encoded.
bool Decrypt(const std::string& value, std::string* decrypted) const;
// Exports the raw derived keys.
void ExportKeys(std::string* user_key,
std::string* encryption_key,
std::string* mac_key) const;
// Same as CreateByDerivation() but allows overriding the clock.
static std::unique_ptr<Nigori> CreateByDerivationForTesting(
const KeyDerivationParams& key_derivation_params,
const std::string& password,
const base::TickClock* tick_clock);
static std::string GenerateScryptSalt();
// Exposed for tests.
static const size_t kIvSize = 16;
struct Keys {
// TODO(vitaliii): user_key isn't used any more, but legacy clients will
// fail to import a nigori node without one. We preserve it for the sake of
// those clients, but it should be removed once enough clients have upgraded
// to code that doesn't enforce its presence.
std::unique_ptr<crypto::SymmetricKey> user_key;
std::unique_ptr<crypto::SymmetricKey> encryption_key;
std::unique_ptr<crypto::SymmetricKey> mac_key;
void InitByDerivationUsingPbkdf2(const std::string& password);
void InitByDerivationUsingScrypt(const std::string& salt,
const std::string& password);
bool InitByImport(const std::string& user_key_str,
const std::string& encryption_key_str,
const std::string& mac_key_str);
static std::unique_ptr<Nigori> CreateByDerivationImpl(
const KeyDerivationParams& key_derivation_params,
const std::string& password,
const base::TickClock* tick_clock);
Keys keys_;
} // namespace syncer