Reorganizes Chromecast code to better reflect functional dependencies.

* chromecast/service/ directory had interplay with chromecast/shell/browser
  code, since the service is all run in the browser process and mildly
  coupled (involves starting WebContents instances, etc,). Made more sense
  for chromecast/service to live in chromecast/shell/browser.
* chromecast/shell/ directory is needless hierarchy, since the entire
  chromecast/ directory represents the Chromecast content-embedder.

* chromecast/shell/{app,browser,common,renderer} --> chromecast/*
* chromecast/shell/browser/resources --> chromecast/app/resources
* chromecast/shell/settings --> chromecast/app/resources
* chromecast/shell/android --> chromecast/browser/android
* chromecast/metrics --> chromecast/browser/metrics
* chromecast/service --> chromecast/browser/service,,,,,,

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