Use a singleton invalidation set for self invalidations.

We used to create separate invalidation set instances for every single
invalidation set which just contains InvalidatesSelf(). That is, every
simple selector which only appears in the rightmost compound selector:

.a {}
#b:hover {}
#parent > .c {}

The invalidation sets for ".a", "#b", ".c", and ":hover" above are all
the same with only InvalidatesSelf() set.

Instead we can use a singleton invalidation set which is shared for all
such invalidation sets. If we later add more features to the set, we
replace the singleton with a new DescendantInvalidationSet instance
with InvalidatesSelf() set and add new features to that set.

This reduces memory use for invalidation sets from ~1MB to ~256kB on (see measurements in 773880).

Bug: 773880
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