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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "components/policy/core/common/configuration_policy_provider.h"
#include "components/policy/core/common/policy_namespace.h"
#include "components/policy/policy_export.h"
namespace policy {
// A policy provider that relies on a delegate provider to obtain policy
// settings, but uses a different SchemaRegistry to determine which policy
// namespaces to request from the delegate provider.
// This provider tracks the SchemaRegistry's state, and becomes ready after
// making sure the delegate provider has refreshed its policies with an updated
// view of the complete schema. It is expected that the delegate's
// SchemaRegistry is a CombinedSchemaRegistry tracking the
// SchemaRegistryTrackingPolicyProvider's registry.
// This policy provider implementation is used to wrap the platform policy
// provider for use with individual profiles, which may have different
// SchemaRegistries. The SchemaRegistryTrackingPolicyProvider ensures that
// initialization completion is only signaled for non-Chrome PolicyDomains after
// the SchemaRegistry is fully initialized. This is important to avoid flapping
// on startup due to asynchronous SchemaRegistry initialization while the
// underlying policy provider has already completed initialization.
// A concrete example of this is POLICY_DOMAIN_EXTENSIONS, which registers
// the PolicyNamespaces for the different extensions it's interested in based
// on what extensions are installed in a Profile. Before that happens, the
// underlying policy providers will not load the corresponding policy, so at
// startup there would be a window during which the policy appears to be not
// present. This is avoided by only flagging POLICY_DOMAIN_EXTENSIONS ready
// once the corresponding SchemaRegistry has been fully initialized with the
// list of installed extensions.
class POLICY_EXPORT SchemaRegistryTrackingPolicyProvider
: public ConfigurationPolicyProvider,
public ConfigurationPolicyProvider::Observer {
// The |delegate| must outlive this provider.
explicit SchemaRegistryTrackingPolicyProvider(
ConfigurationPolicyProvider* delegate);
~SchemaRegistryTrackingPolicyProvider() override;
// ConfigurationPolicyProvider:
// Note that Init() and Shutdown() are not forwarded to the |delegate_|, since
// this provider does not own it and its up to the |delegate_|'s owner to
// initialize it and shut it down.
// Note also that this provider may have a SchemaRegistry passed in Init()
// that doesn't match the |delegate_|'s; therefore OnSchemaRegistryUpdated()
// and OnSchemaRegistryReady() are not forwarded either. It is assumed that
// the |delegate_|'s SchemaRegistry contains a superset of this provider's
// SchemaRegistry though (i.e. it's a CombinedSchemaRegistry that contains
// this provider's SchemaRegistry).
// This provider manages its own initialization state for all policy domains
// except POLICY_DOMAIN_CHROME, whose status is always queried from the
// |delegate_|. RefreshPolicies() calls are also forwarded, since this
// provider doesn't have a "real" policy source of its own.
void Init(SchemaRegistry* registry) override;
bool IsInitializationComplete(PolicyDomain domain) const override;
void RefreshPolicies() override;
void OnSchemaRegistryReady() override;
void OnSchemaRegistryUpdated(bool has_new_schemas) override;
// ConfigurationPolicyProvider::Observer:
void OnUpdatePolicy(ConfigurationPolicyProvider* provider) override;
enum InitializationState {
ConfigurationPolicyProvider* delegate_;
InitializationState state_;
} // namespace policy