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// Copyright 2021 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// NOTE: Future MinVersion values should take into account that MinVersion is
// scoped per struct. In the past, some of the MinVersion values in this file
// were set based on the understanding that the entire file should share a
// MinVersion counter.
module crosapi.mojom;
import "mojo/public/mojom/base/file_path.mojom";
import "mojo/public/mojom/base/time.mojom";
import "mojo/public/mojom/base/unguessable_token.mojom";
import "ui/gfx/image/mojom/image.mojom";
import "url/mojom/url.mojom";
// Information about an app. See components/services/app_service/
// This struct is used to transport App data between lacros-chrome and
// ash-chrome. It is intended to be the minimal subset of apps::mojom::App
// required for this purpose, and exists to allow apps::mojom::App to not have
// to be versioned.
// See components/services/app_service/public/mojom/types.mojom for details
// for the structs in this file.
struct App {
AppType app_type@0;
string app_id@1;
// The fields above are mandatory. Everything else below is optional.
Readiness readiness@2;
string? name@3;
string? short_name@4;
// An optional, publisher-specific ID for this app, e.g. for Android apps,
// this field contains the Android package name, and for web apps, it
// contains the start URL.
string? publisher_id@5;
string? description@6;
string? version@7;
array<string> additional_search_terms@8;
IconKey? icon_key@9;
mojo_base.mojom.Time? last_launch_time@10;
mojo_base.mojom.Time? install_time@11;
// Whether the app was installed by sync, policy or as a default app.
InstallReason install_reason@12;
OptionalBool recommendable@13;
OptionalBool searchable@14;
OptionalBool show_in_launcher@15;
OptionalBool show_in_shelf@16;
OptionalBool show_in_search@17;
OptionalBool show_in_management@18;
// Whether the app icon should add the notification badging.
OptionalBool has_badge@19;
// Paused apps cannot be launched, and any running apps that become paused
// will be stopped. This is independent of whether or not the app is ready to
// be launched (defined by the Readiness field).
OptionalBool paused@20;
// This vector stores all the intent filters defined in this app. Each
// intent filter defines a matching criteria for whether an intent can
// be handled by this app. One app can have multiple intent filters.
array<IntentFilter> intent_filters@21;
// Whether the app's display mode is in the browser or otherwise.
WindowMode window_mode@22;
// An optional ID used for policy to identify the app.
// For web apps, it contains the install URL.
string? policy_id@23;
// This vector must be treated atomically, if there is a permission
// change, the publisher must send through the entire list of permissions.
// Should contain no duplicate IDs.
// If null during updates, Subscriber can assume no changes.
// There is no guarantee that this is sorted by any criteria.
array<Permission>? permissions@24;
// Whether the app publisher allows the app to be uninstalled.
OptionalBool allow_uninstall@25;
// kTrue if the app is able to handle intents and should be shown in intent
// surfaces.
OptionalBool handles_intents@26;
// Shortcuts help users perform specific actions easily.
// This vector must be treated atomically, if there is a shortcut
// change, the publisher must send through the entire list of shortcuts.
// Should contain no duplicate IDs.
// If empty during updates, Subscriber can assume no changes.
// There is no guarantee that this is sorted by any criteria.
array<Shortcut>? shortcuts@27;
OptionalBool is_platform_app@28;
// The types of apps available in the registry.
[Stable, Extensible]
enum AppType {
[Default] kUnknown = 0,
kArc, // Android app.
kWeb, // Web app.
kSystemWeb, // System web app.
kStandaloneBrowserChromeApp, // Chrome app.
kStandaloneBrowserExtension, // Chrome extension.
// Whether an app is ready to launch, i.e. installed.
[Stable, Extensible]
enum Readiness {
[Default] kUnknown = 0,
kReady, // Installed and launchable.
kDisabledByBlocklist, // Disabled by SafeBrowsing.
kDisabledByPolicy, // Disabled by admin policy.
kDisabledByUser, // Disabled by explicit user action.
kTerminated, // Renderer process crashed.
// Removed apps are purged from the registry cache and have their
// associated memory freed. Subscribers are not notified of removed
// apps, so publishers must set the app as uninstalled before
// removing it.
[MinVersion=1] kUninstalledByMigration,
// The reason why the app was installed.
[Stable, Extensible, RenamedFrom="crosapi.mojom.InstallSource"]
enum InstallReason {
[Default] kUnknown = 0,
kSystem, // Installed with the system and is considered a part of the OS.
kPolicy, // Installed by policy.
kOem, // Installed by an OEM.
kDefault, // Preinstalled by default, but is not considered a system app.
kSync, // Installed by sync.
kUser, // Installed by user action.
[MinVersion=7] kSubApp, // Installed by the SubApp API call.
// Augments a bool to include an 'unknown' value.
[Stable, Extensible]
enum OptionalBool {
[Default] kUnknown = 0,
struct IconKey {
// A timeline value for icons that do not change.
const uint64 kDoesNotChangeOverTime = 0;
// A monotonically increasing number so that, after an icon update, a new
// IconKey, one that is different in terms of field-by-field equality, can be
// broadcast by a Publisher.
// The exact value of the number isn't important, only that newer IconKey's
// (those that were created more recently) have a larger timeline than older
// IconKey's.
// This is, in some sense, *a* version number, but the field is not called
// "version", to avoid any possible confusion that it encodes *the* app's
// version number, e.g. the "2.3.5" in "FooBar version 2.3.5 is installed".
// For example, if an app is disabled for some reason (so that its icon is
// grayed out), this would result in a different timeline even though the
// app's version is unchanged.
uint64 timeline;
// A bitmask of icon post-processing effects, such as desaturation to gray
// and rounding the corners.
// The mask enum apps::IconEffects is defined in
// chrome/browser/apps/app_service/app_icon/app_icon_factory.h and will remain
// stable.
uint32 icon_effects;
// The intent filter matching condition types.
[Stable, Extensible]
enum ConditionType {
[Default] kScheme, // Matches the URL scheme (e.g. https, tel).
kHost, // Matches the URL host (e.g.
kPattern, // Matches the URL pattern (e.g. /abc/*).
kAction, // Matches the action type (e.g. view, send).
kMimeType, // Matches the top-level mime type (e.g. text/plain).
[MinVersion=1] kFileExtension, // Deprecated.
[MinVersion=4] kFile // Matches against all files.
// The pattern match type for intent filter pattern condition.
[Stable, Extensible]
enum PatternMatchType {
[Default] kNone = 0,
[MinVersion=1] kFileExtension,
[MinVersion=6] kIsDirectory,
[MinVersion=16] kSuffix
// For pattern type of condition, the value match will be based on the pattern
// match type. If the match_type is kNone, then an exact match with the value
// will be required.
struct ConditionValue {
string value;
PatternMatchType match_type; // This will be None for non pattern conditions.
// The condition for an intent filter. It matches if the intent contains this
// condition type and the corresponding value matches with any of the
// condition_values.
struct Condition {
ConditionType condition_type;
array<ConditionValue> condition_values;
// An intent filter is defined by an app, and contains a list of conditions that
// an intent needs to match. If all conditions match, then this intent filter
// matches against an intent.
struct IntentFilter {
array<Condition> conditions;
// Activity which registered this filter. We only fill this field for ARC
// share intent filters.
string? activity_name;
// The label shown to the user for this activity.
string? activity_label;
// What caused the app to be uninstalled.
[Stable, Extensible]
enum UninstallSource {
[Default] kUnknown = 0,
kAppList, // Uninstall by the user from the App List (Launcher)
kAppManagement, // Uninstall by the user from the App Management page
kShelf, // Uninstall by the user from the Shelf
kMigration, // Uninstall by app migration.
// Information about whether an app is accessing some capability, e.g. camera,
// microphone.
struct CapabilityAccess {
string app_id;
// Whether the app is accessing camera.
OptionalBool camera;
// Whether the app is accessing microphone.
OptionalBool microphone;
[Stable, Extensible]
enum IconType {
// Sentinel value used in error cases.
[Default] kUnknown,
// Icon as an uncompressed gfx::ImageSkia with no standard Chrome OS mask.
// Icon as compressed bytes in PNG format with no standard Chrome OS mask.
// Icon as an uncompressed gfx::ImageSkia with the standard Chrome OS mask
// applied. This is the default suggested icon type.
// The icon value for each app.
struct IconValue {
// The icon format and whether it uses Chrome OS mask.
IconType icon_type;
// The uncompressed icon data in gfx::ImageSkia format.
gfx.mojom.ImageSkia? uncompressed;
// The compressed icon data in PNG format.
array<uint8>? compressed;
// Whether this icon data is a placeholder icon.
bool is_placeholder_icon;
// MenuItems are used to populate context menus.
struct MenuItems {
array<MenuItem> items@0;
// The context menu model for each app. For web apps currently it's the info
// for shortcut items.
struct MenuItem {
string label@0; // The string label, may be empty.
gfx.mojom.ImageSkia? image@1; // The image icon, may be null.
[MinVersion=3]string? id@2; // The id of the item.
[Stable, Extensible]
// The mode that the app will be opened in (e.g. standalone window or browser
// tab).
enum WindowMode {
[Default] kUnknown = 0,
// Opens in a standalone window
// Opens in the default web browser
// Opens in a tabbed app window
// Metadata for a single file shared through an intent.
struct IntentFile {
// The file path of the file to share.
mojo_base.mojom.FilePath file_path@0;
// File MIME type.
[MinVersion=15] string? mime_type@1;
// Action and resource handling request. This should
// be kept in sync with ConvertIntentToValue and ConvertValueToIntent in
// components/services/app_service/public/cpp/intent_util.*
struct Intent {
string action@0; // Intent action. e.g. view, send.
url.mojom.Url? url@1; // The URL of the intent. e.g.
string? mime_type@2; // MIME type. e.g. text/plain, image/*.
string? share_text@3; // Text to share. e.g. Share link to other app.
string? share_title@4; // Title for the share.
// The files to view or share.
[MinVersion=5] array<IntentFile>? files@5;
// The activity for the app to launch.
[MinVersion=13] string? activity_name@6;
[MinVersion=14] string? data@7;
// The result from launching an app.
struct LaunchResult {
// The id to represent which instance the app is launched in. Deprecated: use
// `instance_ids`.
mojo_base.mojom.UnguessableToken instance_id@0;
// The IDs that represent the instances the app is launched in.
[MinVersion=1] array<mojo_base.mojom.UnguessableToken>? instance_ids@1;
// Enumeration of app launch sources.
[Stable, Extensible]
enum LaunchSource {
[Default] kUnknown = 0,
kFromAppListGrid, // Grid of apps, not the search box.
kFromAppListGridContextMenu, // Grid of apps; context menu.
kFromAppListQuery, // Query-dependent results (larger icons).
kFromAppListQueryContextMenu, // Query-dependent results; context menu.
kFromAppListRecommendation, // Query-less recommendations (smaller
// icons).
kFromParentalControls, // Parental Controls Settings Section and
// Per App time notification.
kFromShelf, // Shelf.
kFromFileManager, // FileManager.
kFromLink, // Left-clicking on links in the browser.
kFromOmnibox, // Enter URL in the Omnibox in the
// browser.
kFromChromeInternal, // Chrome internal call.
kFromKeyboard, // Keyboard shortcut for opening app.
kFromOtherApp, // Clicking link in another app or webui.
kFromMenu, // Menu.
kFromInstalledNotification, // Installed notification
kFromTest, // Test
kFromArc, // Arc.
kFromSharesheet, // Sharesheet.
kFromReleaseNotesNotification, // Release Notes Notification.
kFromFullRestore, // Full restore.
kFromSmartTextContextMenu, // Smart text selection context menu.
kFromDiscoverTabNotification, // Discover Tab Notification.
[MinVersion=10] kFromManagementApi, // Management API.
[MinVersion=10] kFromKiosk, // Kiosk.
[MinVersion=10] kFromNewTabPage, // New tab page.
[MinVersion=10] kFromIntentUrl, // Intent Url.
[MinVersion=10] kFromOsLogin, // Run on OS login.
[MinVersion=10] kFromProtocolHandler, // Protocol handler.
[MinVersion=10] kFromUrlHandler, // Url handler.
[Stable, Extensible]
// The container type to launch the application in.
enum LaunchContainer {
[Default] kLaunchContainerNone, // No specified container
kLaunchContainerWindow, // Window container
kLaunchContainerTab, // Tab container
[Stable, Extensible]
// Controls how a tab is opened in a window.
enum WindowOpenDisposition {
[Default] kUnknown,
// The parameters to launch an app.
struct LaunchParams {
string app_id@0; // The app id of the app.
LaunchSource launch_source@1; // The app launch source.
Intent? intent@2; // The intent the app will launch with.
// The container the app will launch in.
[MinVersion=14]LaunchContainer container@3;
// How the tab opened in a window if app is opened in tab.
[MinVersion=14]WindowOpenDisposition disposition@4;
// An id that indicates which display the app should be launched in.
[MinVersion=15]int64 display_id@5;
struct Permission {
PermissionType permission_type@0;
PermissionValue value@1;
// If the permission is managed by an enterprise policy.
bool is_managed@2;
// The types of permissions in App Service.
[Stable, Extensible]
enum PermissionType {
[Default] kUnknown = 0,
kCamera = 1,
kLocation = 2,
kMicrophone = 3,
kNotifications = 4,
[MinVersion=9] kContacts = 5,
[MinVersion=9] kStorage = 6,
[MinVersion=10] kFileHandling = 7,
enum TriState {
union PermissionValue {
bool bool_value;
TriState tristate_value;
// Represents changes which have been made to the preferred apps list, both
// adding new filters and removing existing filters. The map is keyed by
// |app_id|, and the value is the list of the filters that is added/removed
// for that |app_id|.
struct PreferredAppChanges {
map<string, array<IntentFilter>> added_filters;
map<string, array<IntentFilter>> removed_filters;
// Represents the entry of the preferred apps list.
struct PreferredApp {
IntentFilter intent_filter;
string app_id;
// Represents an app shortcut.
struct Shortcut {
// Represents a particular shortcut in an app. Needs to be unique within an
// app as calls will be made using both app_id and shortcut_id.
string shortcut_id@0;
// Name of the shortcut.
string name@1;
// "Position" of a shortcut, which is a non-negative, sequential
// value. If position is 0, no position was specified.
uint8 position@2;