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// Copyright 2021 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module crosapi.mojom;
import "mojo/public/mojom/base/time.mojom";
import "printing/backend/mojom/print_backend.mojom";
import "printing/mojom/print.mojom";
import "ui/gfx/geometry/mojom/geometry.mojom";
import "url/mojom/url.mojom";
// This structure holds basic information about a printer.
// It corresponds to the LocalDestinationInfo object in
// chrome/browser/resources/print_preview/data/local_parsers.js.
struct LocalDestinationInfo {
// Printer id.
string id@0;
// Printer display name.
string name@1;
// Printer description.
string description@2;
// Whether or not the printer is configured through a policy.
// Corresponds to the cupsEnterprisePrinter field of the js
// LocalDestinationInfo object.
bool configured_via_policy@3;
// The GURL class cannot be used as it does not support the ipp/ipps scheme.
[MinVersion=3] string? uri@4;
// A container for the results of a printer status query. A printer status
// query can return multiple errors so PrinterStatus contains multiple
// StatusReasons. This struct corresponds to the PrinterStatus object in
// chrome/browser/resources/print_preview/data/printer_status_cros.js.
struct PrinterStatus {
// Printer id.
string printer_id@0;
// Timestamp is set when the Status object is created.
mojo_base.mojom.Time timestamp@1;
// Status reasons lists warnings and errors encountered by the
// printer such as low on ink or out of paper.
array<StatusReason> status_reasons@2;
// StatusReason is a combination of a reason, which describes the state of a
// printer, and a severity, which is the level of seriousness of that state.
// The Reason and Severity enum types are also used by the CupsPrinterStatus
// object in chromeos/printing/cups_printer_status.h.
struct StatusReason {
// Reason describes the state of the printer.
// It is used by the CupsPrinterStatus class
// (chromeos/printing/cups_printer_status.h).
Reason reason@0;
// Severity is the level of seriousness of a printer state.
// It is also used by the CupsPrinterStatus class.
Severity severity@1;
// See chrome/browser/chromeos/printing/
// for information about the mapping (many to one) of
// printing::PrinterStatus::PrinterReason::Reason (UMA histogram) values
// which correspond to IPP printer-state-reasons (rfc2911#section-4.4.12)
// to the Reason enum below. kNoError is a reserved value that is unused
// by the PrinterStatus object.
[Stable, Extensible]
enum Reason {
[Default] kUnknownReason,
kNoError, // reserved
[Stable, Extensible]
enum Severity {
[Default] kUnknownSeverity,
// This structure is a subset of the PrintJobInfo message in
// chrome/browser/chromeos/printing/history/print_job_info.proto.
struct PrintJob {
// Printer id.
string device_name@0;
// The title of the document which was printed.
string title@1;
// Print job ID (used to check job status in CUPS).
uint32 job_id@2;
// The number of pages in the document.
uint32 page_count@3;
// Source showing which component initiated the print job.
Source source@4;
// ID of source. Should be empty if source is PRINT_PREVIEW or ARC.
string source_id@5;
// Converted to a print_job_info.proto ColorMode enum via
// printing::IsColorModelSelected().
printing.mojom.ColorModel color_mode@6;
// The requested duplex mode.
DuplexMode duplex_mode@7;
// Size in microns of the media used for printing.
gfx.mojom.Size media_size@8;
// Vendor-provided ID, e.g. "iso_a3_297x420mm" or "na_index-3x5_3x5in".
// Possible values are values of "media" IPP attribute and can be found on
string media_vendor_id@9;
// The requested number of copies.
uint32 copies@10;
// A subset of DuplexMode in printing/mojom/print.mojom.
// kUnknownDuplexMode has been removed to match the proto version
// in chrome/browser/chromeos/printing/history/print_job_info.proto.
[Stable, Extensible]
enum DuplexMode {
[Default] kSimplex,
// Used in chrome/browser/printing/print_job.h.
// TODO(b/184986771): Rename to kUnknown, kPrintPreview, etc.
[Stable, Extensible]
enum Source {
[Default] UNKNOWN = -1,
// This structure corresponds to the chromeos::PrintServersConfig struct
// in chrome/browser/chromeos/printing/print_servers_manager.h.
struct PrintServersConfig {
ServerPrintersFetchingMode fetching_mode@0;
array<PrintServer> print_servers@1;
// Used in chrome/browser/chromeos/printing/print_servers_policy_provider.h.
[Stable, Extensible]
enum ServerPrintersFetchingMode {
// Use the first 16 print servers.
[Default] kStandard,
// Use print servers selected via ChoosePrintServers().
struct PrintServer {
string id@0;
url.mojom.Url url@1;
string name@2;
struct CapabilitiesResponse {
// Basic information about the printer.
LocalDestinationInfo basic_info@0;
// Whether or not the protocol is secure (e.g. ipps).
bool has_secure_protocol@1;
// Printer capabilities and defaults corresponding to the
// PrinterSemanticCapsAndDefaults class in printing/backend/print_backend.h.
printing.mojom.PrinterSemanticCapsAndDefaults? capabilities@2;
// The fields below are no longer used.
// Bitmask of allowed color modes corresponding to the ColorModeRestriction
// enum in printing/backend/printing_restrictions.h.
uint32 allowed_color_modes_deprecated@3;
// Bitmask of allowed duplex modes.
uint32 allowed_duplex_modes_deprecated@4;
uint32 allowed_pin_modes_deprecated_version_0@5;
[MinVersion=1] printing.mojom.PinModeRestriction allowed_pin_modes_deprecated_version_1@9;
printing.mojom.ColorModeRestriction default_color_mode_deprecated@6;
printing.mojom.DuplexModeRestriction default_duplex_mode_deprecated@7;
printing.mojom.PinModeRestriction default_pin_mode_deprecated@8;
// Global print policies that are not printer specific.
struct Policies {
// The allowed value for the 'Headers and footers' checkbox, in Print Preview.
OptionalBool print_header_footer_allowed@0;
// The default value for the 'Headers and footers' checkbox, in Print Preview.
OptionalBool print_header_footer_default@1;
// A pref holding the allowed background graphics printing modes.
BackgroundGraphicsModeRestriction allowed_background_graphics_modes@2;
// A pref holding the default background graphics mode.
BackgroundGraphicsModeRestriction background_graphics_default@3;
// A pref holding the default paper size.
gfx.mojom.Size? paper_size_default@4;
// Indicates how many sheets is allowed to use for a single print job.
uint32 max_sheets_allowed@5;
bool max_sheets_allowed_has_value@6;
// Bitmask of allowed color modes corresponding to the ColorModeRestriction
// enum in printing/backend/printing_restrictions.h.
[MinVersion=1] uint32 allowed_color_modes@7;
// Bitmask of allowed duplex modes.
[MinVersion=1] uint32 allowed_duplex_modes@8;
[MinVersion=1] printing.mojom.PinModeRestriction allowed_pin_modes@9;
[MinVersion=1] printing.mojom.ColorModeRestriction default_color_mode@10;
[MinVersion=1] printing.mojom.DuplexModeRestriction default_duplex_mode@11;
[MinVersion=1] printing.mojom.PinModeRestriction default_pin_mode@12;
[MinVersion=2] OptionalBool default_print_pdf_as_image@13;
// Allowed background graphics modes.
// This is used in pref file and should never change.
// Corresponds to enum class BackgroundGraphicsModeRestriction in
// printing/backend/printing_restrictions.h.
[Stable, Extensible]
enum BackgroundGraphicsModeRestriction {
[Default] kUnset = 0,
kEnabled = 1,
kDisabled = 2,
enum OptionalBool {
// This interface is used to notify Lacros about print server events.
[Stable, Uuid="39885b28-cbc6-4878-834f-b0902d8e6fbf"]
interface PrintServerObserver {
// Runs when the print server configuration is updated, e.g.
// a new print server is added or discovered.
OnPrintServersChanged@0(PrintServersConfig config);
// Runs when printers have been fetched from a print server.
// Lacros calls LocalPrinter::GetPrinters to update the printer list
// each time this notification is received.
// Corresponds to functions in CupsPrintJobManager::Observer
// (chrome/browser/chromeos/printing/cups_print_job_manager.h).
[Stable, Extensible]
enum PrintJobStatus {
[Default] kUnknown, // reserved
// This interface is used to notify Lacros about print job events.
[Stable, Uuid="a372ba50-7409-4c16-86b9-47a1725947d0"]
interface PrintJobObserver {
// Runs when the status of a print job changes.
OnPrintJobUpdate@0(string printer_id, uint32 job_id, PrintJobStatus status);
// Used to specify which source(s) to observe print jobs from.
[Stable, Extensible]
enum PrintJobSource {
[Default] kAny, // reserved
// This interface is used to query information about local printers
// associated with the current Ash profile that can be used for
// printing from Lacros.
[Stable, Uuid="81aea7f5-a52b-4f88-8037-951f3c174f1e"]
interface LocalPrinter {
// Gets a list of printers. An empty array is returned on error.
GetPrinters@0() => (array<LocalDestinationInfo> printers);
// Gets capabilities for a printer as a CapabilitiesResponse object.
// See chrome/browser/resources/print_preview/native_layer.js for a
// detailed description of the CapabilitiesResponse object as well as
// chrome/browser/resources/print_preview/data/ for descriptions of
// the various sub-objects (such as the Cloud Device Description object).
// The capabilities field (CapabilitiesResponse.capabilities) is null on
// error. If the printer does not exist, null is returned.
GetCapability@1(string printer_id) => (CapabilitiesResponse? capabilities);
// Gets the PPD license url for a printer.
// An empty url is returned if no such url exists.
GetEulaUrl@2(string printer_id) => (url.mojom.Url url);
// Gets the current status of a printer.
// Note: this method queries the printer directly instead of via CUPS.
// It may take several seconds for the printer to respond.
GetStatus@3(string printer_id) => (PrinterStatus status);
// Opens a system print settings window.
ShowSystemPrintSettings@4() => ();
// Adds a new print job to the ash print job manager.
CreatePrintJob@5(PrintJob job) => ();
// Cancels a print job. Forwards to CancelPrintJob() in
// ash/webui/print_management/mojom/printing_manager.mojom.
CancelPrintJob@12(string printer_id, uint32 job_id) => (bool attempted);
// Gets print server information.
GetPrintServersConfig@6() => (PrintServersConfig config);
// Selects print servers to query printers from.
// Invalid print server IDs are ignored.
// This function does nothing if the print server scaling feature
// is disabled or the fetching mode is not kSingleServerOnly.
ChoosePrintServers@7(array<string> print_server_ids) => ();
// Adds a print server observer.
AddPrintServerObserver@8(pending_remote<PrintServerObserver> observer) => ();
// Gets print policies.
GetPolicies@9() => (Policies policies);
// Checks if |kPrintingSendUsernameAndFilenameEnabled| is enabled for the
// current Ash profile. Returns the profile's corresponding username if pref
// enabled.
GetUsernamePerPolicy@10() => (string? username);
// Gets list of printers types included in the deny list policy.
GetPrinterTypeDenyList@11() => (array<printing.mojom.PrinterType> deny_list);
// Adds a print job observer for print jobs from source `source`.
pending_remote<PrintJobObserver> observer,
PrintJobSource source) => ();