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// Copyright 2021 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module crosapi.mojom;
// A container for the SAML properties that are used to launch a SAML user
// session.
struct SamlUserSessionProperties {
// User's email address.
string email@0;
// User's Gaia ID.
string gaia_id@1;
// User's password.
string password@2;
// Oauth_code cookie set in the SAML handshake.
string oauth_code@3;
// Interface for the cleanup triggered observer. The cleanup is signaled to
// Lacros from ash-chrome as part of the |endSharedSession()| API call.
[Stable, Uuid="883697b4-1fe3-4144-95ae-84afbea67e5c"]
interface LacrosCleanupTriggeredObserver {
// Triggers a session cleanup for the Lacros browser.
OnLacrosCleanupTriggered@0() => (string? error);
// Interface for observers of external logout request events.
[Stable, Uuid="4aee372e-a1f0-482c-bb21-922eac8ba7cc"]
interface ExternalLogoutRequestObserver {
// Called when an external logout is requested.
// This API allows Lacros to call the chrome.login extension API.
// Next MinVersion: 4
[Stable, Uuid="639e9f04-981f-46d1-91da-583c2958265b"]
interface Login {
// Exits the current session. If |data_for_next_login_attempt| is provided,
// stores data which can be read by |FetchDataForNextLoginAttempt()|.
ExitCurrentSession@1(string? data_for_next_login_attempt) => (string? error);
// Reads the |data_for_next_login_attempt| set by |ExitCurrentSession()|.
// Clears the previously stored data after reading so it can only be read
// once.
FetchDataForNextLoginAttempt@2() => (string data);
// Deprecated. Use |LockCurrentSession()| below.
LockManagedGuestSession@3() => (string? error);
// Ends the shared session. Security- and privacy-sensitive data in the
// session will be cleaned up on a best effort basis.
// Can be called from both the lock screen or in session.
// Fails if there is no existing shared session.
EndSharedSession@8() => (string? error);
// Sets data for the next login attempt. The data can be retrieved by
// calling |FetchDataForNextLoginAttempt()|.
SetDataForNextLoginAttempt@9(string data_for_next_login_attempt) => ();
// Locks the current session. The session has to be either a user session or a
// Managed Guest Session launched by |LaunchManagedGuestSession()| with a
// password.
LockCurrentSession@11() => (string? error);
// Adds an observer for the cleanup triggered event.
pending_remote<LacrosCleanupTriggeredObserver> observer);
// Adds an observer for the external logout request events.
pending_remote<ExternalLogoutRequestObserver> observer);
// Notifies the external logout observers with the
// `login.onExternalLogoutDone` event. It is called from the in-session
// extension (lacros/ash-chrome). The login screen extension running on the
// lock screen (ash-chrome) listens for the dispatched event.
// Removed methods.
REMOVED_0@0(string? password) => (string? error);
REMOVED_4@4(string password) => (string? error);
REMOVED_5@5(string password) => (string? error);
REMOVED_6@6(string password) => (string? error);
REMOVED_7@7(string password) => (string? error);
REMOVED_10@10(SamlUserSessionProperties properties) =>
(string? error);
REMOVED_12@12(string password) => (string? error);