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// Copyright 2021 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module crosapi.mojom;
import "url/mojom/url.mojom";
struct ProxyLocation {
// Host (or IP address) to use for proxy.
string host;
int32 port;
// Description of the extension in the primary profile which is controlling the
// OS proxy configuration. It is sent from Lacros' primary profile to Ash and
// from Ash to all profiles in Lacros, the PlayStore and Chrome OS system
// services.
// Note: In the Lacros primary profile, the extension set proxy has priority so
// proxy updates coming from the OS are ignored.
struct ExtensionControllingProxy {
string name;
string id;
[MinVersion=1] bool can_be_disabled;
struct ProxySettingsDirect {};
struct ProxySettingsManual {
array<ProxyLocation> http_proxies;
array<ProxyLocation> secure_http_proxies;
array<ProxyLocation> socks_proxies;
// Domains and hosts for which to exclude proxy settings.
array<string> exclude_domains;
struct ProxySettingsPac {
url.mojom.Url pac_url;
// If true, network traffic does not fall back to direct connections in
// case the PAC script is not available.
bool pac_mandatory;
struct ProxySettingsWpad {
url.mojom.Url pac_url;
union ProxySettings {
ProxySettingsDirect direct;
ProxySettingsManual manual;
ProxySettingsPac pac;
ProxySettingsWpad wpad;
struct ProxyConfig {
ProxySettings proxy_settings;
// Identifies the extension controlling the proxy.
ExtensionControllingProxy? extension;
// Implemented by Lacros-Chrome.
interface NetworkSettingsObserver {
// This methods is called when:
// - the observer is added to the `NetworkSettingsService`;
// - the proxy configuration in Ash is updated;
// - the WPAD URL on the default network is updated.
OnProxyChanged@0(ProxyConfig proxy_config);
// Implemented by Ash-Chrome.
[Stable, Uuid="e8916037-b993-454a-96ef-20f269cace54"]
interface NetworkSettingsService {
// Add an Ash network settings service observer.
pending_remote<NetworkSettingsObserver> observer);
// Used by the Lacros browser to forward proxy configurations set via
// extensions in the primary profile to Ash. `proxy_config` must specify the
// extension setting the proxy.
SetExtensionProxy@1(ProxyConfig proxy_config);
// Used by the Lacros browser to clear proxy configurations set via
// extensions in the primary profile to Ash.