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// Copyright 2022 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module crosapi.mojom;
import "chromeos/crosapi/mojom/account_manager.mojom";
// A mojo representation of syncer::Nigori. Should only be obtained by using
// Nigori::ExportKeys() or direct mapping from other Nigori representations,
// such as sync_pb::NigoriKey.
struct NigoriKey {
array<uint8> encryption_key@0;
array<uint8> mac_key@1;
// Allows lacros-chrome to observe the explicit-passphrase related state.
// Next version: 1
// Next ordinal value: 2
[Stable, Uuid="aeec552c-67c7-43dc-bbcf-d2fcc7c6a754"]
interface SyncExplicitPassphraseClientObserver {
// Called when passphrase became required for observed client (e.g. explicit
// passphrase Nigori update is received and correct passphrase is not yet
// available).
// Called when passphrase became available for observed client (e.g. user
// entered the correct passphrase or passphrase obtained by other way, such
// as SetDecryptionNigoriKey() IPC below).
// Defines a Sync API related to explicit passphrase sharing that lives in
// ash-chrome and is accessed from lacros-chrome.
// Next version: 1
// Next ordinal value: 3
[Stable, Uuid="4d13845c-a628-404b-8a88-c39a0aeea298"]
interface SyncExplicitPassphraseClient {
// Adds a new observer. Immediately fires OnPassphraseRequired()
// or OnPassphraseAvailable() if needed.
AddObserver@0(pending_remote<SyncExplicitPassphraseClientObserver> observer);
// Attempts to retrieve explicit passphrase key. |account_key| is used to
// verify that the decryption key is requested for the primary profile syncing
// account. Returns null if no key is available.
GetDecryptionNigoriKey@1(AccountKey account_key) =>
(NigoriKey? decryption_key);
// Attempts to set explicit passphrase decryption key. It's safe to call this
// method when passphrase is not required or with non-matching (outdated key
// or key that is not yet needed for ash-chrome SyncService), because
// SyncService will verify |decryption_key| against sync data. However,
// |decryption_key| must belong to the account specified by |account_key| and
// must be obtained by the user input or from Ash. |account_key| is used to
// verify that the decryption key is passed for the primary profile syncing
// account.
SetDecryptionNigoriKey@2(AccountKey account_key,
NigoriKey decryption_key);
// Allows lacros-chrome to observe ash-chrome user settings changes.
[Stable, Uuid="925b02ff-cc06-44a1-a244-69e84259c1cf"]
interface SyncUserSettingsClientObserver {
// Called when apps sync is enabled/disabled by the user.
OnAppsSyncEnabledChanged@0(bool enabled);
// Defines a Sync API related to sync user settings that lives in ash-chrome
// and is accessed from lacros-chrome.
[Stable, Uuid="a3466eae-955f-492f-9bc7-b4bfb57b6dca"]
interface SyncUserSettingsClient {
// Adds a new observer.
AddObserver@0(pending_remote<SyncUserSettingsClientObserver> observer);
// Returns whether apps sync is currently enabled by the user.
IsAppsSyncEnabled@1() => (bool enabled);
// Defines a Sync API that lives in ash-chrome and is accessed from
// lacros-chrome. To be extended in the future.
// Next version: 2
// Next ordinal value: 2
[Stable, Uuid="4499c528-4578-466d-a97d-d66217323f48"]
interface SyncService {
// Binds SyncExplicitPassphraseClient, that lives in ash-chrome.
pending_receiver<SyncExplicitPassphraseClient> receiver);
// Binds SyncUserSettings, that lives in ash-chrome.
[MinVersion = 1]
BindUserSettingsClient@1(pending_receiver<SyncUserSettingsClient> receiver);