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// Copyright 2022 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module crosapi.mojom;
import "chromeos/crosapi/mojom/web_app_types.mojom";
// Describes an Android package associated with a web app.
struct WebAppAndroidPackage {
// Android package name.
string package_name@0;
// SHA256 fingerprint of the certificate of this Android app.
string sha256_fingerprint@1;
// Implemented in lacros-chrome. Allows ash-chrome to modify web app state in
// lacros-chrome.
// Next version: 1
// Next method id: 2
[Stable, Uuid="84eb46eb-76fe-439c-9fcb-3388492e141d"]
interface WebAppProviderBridge {
// Called when a web app described by |info| is installed in ARC (Android
// package containing web app metadata) and installs this web app in the
// primary profile of Lacros.
// See |web_app::WebAppInstallManager::InstallWebAppFromInfo|.
WebAppInstalledInArc@0(ArcWebAppInstallInfo info)
=> (string app_id, WebAppInstallResultCode install_result);
// Removes ARC as an install source from the app specified by |app_id|, and
// uninstalls the app from the primary profile of Lacros if no other sources
// are left.
// See |web_app::WebAppInstallFinalizer::UninstallExternalWebApp|.
WebAppUninstalledInArc@1(string app_id)
=> (WebAppUninstallResultCode uninstall_result);
// An interface implemented in ash-chrome. Allows lacros-chrome:
// 1) to query web-app-related information in ash-chrome,
// 2) to register its own |crosapi::mojom::WebAppProviderBridge| to let
// ash-chrome to modify or query WebAppProvider in lacros-chrome.
// Next version: 2
// Next method id: 2
[Stable, Uuid="dfa7b3f8-236f-4706-861b-98068aa5fc8f"]
interface WebAppService {
// Register a web app provider bridge that lets ash-chrome to update or query
// WebAppProvider in lacros-chrome.
pending_remote<WebAppProviderBridge> web_app_provider_bridge);
// Gets the information about an Android package matching this web app, if
// this app was installed from the Play Store. Returns null if the app was not
// installed from the Play Store.
GetAssociatedAndroidPackage@1(string web_app_id)
=> (WebAppAndroidPackage? package);