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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#import "chrome/browser/ui/cocoa/info_bubble_window.h"
#include <Carbon/Carbon.h>
#include "base/logging.h"
#import "base/mac/foundation_util.h"
#import "base/mac/scoped_nsobject.h"
#import "base/mac/sdk_forward_declarations.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "chrome/browser/chrome_notification_types.h"
#import "chrome/browser/ui/cocoa/base_bubble_controller.h"
#include "content/public/browser/notification_observer.h"
#include "content/public/browser/notification_registrar.h"
#include "content/public/browser/notification_service.h"
#import "third_party/google_toolbox_for_mac/src/AppKit/GTMNSAnimation+Duration.h"
namespace {
const CGFloat kOrderInSlideOffset = 10;
const NSTimeInterval kOrderInAnimationDuration = 0.075;
const NSTimeInterval kOrderOutAnimationDuration = 0.15;
// The minimum representable time interval. This can be used as the value
// passed to +[NSAnimationContext setDuration:] to stop an in-progress
// animation as quickly as possible.
const NSTimeInterval kMinimumTimeInterval =
} // namespace
@interface InfoBubbleWindow (Private)
- (void)appIsTerminating;
- (void)finishCloseAfterAnimation;
// A helper class to proxy app notifications to the window.
class AppNotificationBridge : public content::NotificationObserver {
explicit AppNotificationBridge(InfoBubbleWindow* owner) : owner_(owner) {
registrar_.Add(this, chrome::NOTIFICATION_APP_TERMINATING,
// Overridden from content::NotificationObserver.
void Observe(int type,
const content::NotificationSource& source,
const content::NotificationDetails& details) override {
switch (type) {
[owner_ appIsTerminating];
NOTREACHED() << "Unexpected notification";
// The object we need to inform when we get a notification. Weak. Owns us.
InfoBubbleWindow* owner_;
// Used for registering to receive notifications and automatic clean up.
content::NotificationRegistrar registrar_;
// A delegate object for watching the alphaValue animation on InfoBubbleWindows.
// An InfoBubbleWindow instance cannot be the delegate for its own animation
// because CAAnimations retain their delegates, and since the InfoBubbleWindow
// retains its animations a retain loop would be formed.
@interface InfoBubbleWindowCloser : NSObject <CAAnimationDelegate> {
InfoBubbleWindow* window_; // Weak. Window to close.
- (id)initWithWindow:(InfoBubbleWindow*)window;
@implementation InfoBubbleWindowCloser
- (id)initWithWindow:(InfoBubbleWindow*)window {
if ((self = [super init])) {
window_ = window;
return self;
- (void)animationDidStart:(CAAnimation*)theAnimation {
// CAAnimationDelegate method added on OSX 10.12.
// Callback for the alpha animation. Closes window_ if appropriate.
- (void)animationDidStop:(CAAnimation*)anim finished:(BOOL)flag {
// When alpha reaches zero, close window_.
if ([window_ alphaValue] == 0.0) {
[window_ finishCloseAfterAnimation];
@implementation InfoBubbleWindow
@synthesize allowedAnimations = allowedAnimations_;
@synthesize infoBubbleCanBecomeKeyWindow = infoBubbleCanBecomeKeyWindow_;
@synthesize allowShareParentKeyState = allowShareParentKeyState_;
- (id)initWithContentRect:(NSRect)contentRect
defer:(BOOL)flag {
if ((self = [super initWithContentRect:contentRect
defer:flag])) {
[self setBackgroundColor:[NSColor clearColor]];
[self setExcludedFromWindowsMenu:YES];
[self setAllowShareParentKeyState:YES];
[self setOpaque:NO];
[self setHasShadow:YES];
infoBubbleCanBecomeKeyWindow_ = YES;
allowedAnimations_ = info_bubble::kAnimateOrderIn |
notificationBridge_.reset(new AppNotificationBridge(self));
// Start invisible. Will be made visible when ordered front.
[self setAlphaValue:0.0];
// Set up alphaValue animation so that self is delegate for the animation.
// Setting up the delegate is required so that the
// animationDidStop:finished: callback can be handled.
// Notice that only the alphaValue Animation is replaced in case
// superclasses set up animations.
CAAnimation* alphaAnimation = [CABasicAnimation animation];
base::scoped_nsobject<InfoBubbleWindowCloser> delegate(
[[InfoBubbleWindowCloser alloc] initWithWindow:self]);
[alphaAnimation setDelegate:delegate];
NSMutableDictionary* animations =
[NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithDictionary:[self animations]];
[animations setObject:alphaAnimation forKey:@"alphaValue"];
[self setAnimations:animations];
return self;
- (BOOL)performKeyEquivalent:(NSEvent*)event {
if (([event keyCode] == kVK_Escape) ||
(([event keyCode] == kVK_ANSI_Period) &&
(([event modifierFlags] & NSCommandKeyMask) != 0))) {
BaseBubbleController* bubbleController =
[self windowController]);
[bubbleController cancel:self];
return YES;
return [super performKeyEquivalent:event];
// According to
// NSBorderlessWindowMask windows cannot become key or main. In this
// case, this is not necessarily a desired behavior. As an example, the
// bubble could have buttons.
- (BOOL)canBecomeKeyWindow {
return infoBubbleCanBecomeKeyWindow_;
// Lets the traffic light buttons on the browser window keep their "active"
// state while an info bubble is open. Only has an effect on 10.7.
- (BOOL)_sharesParentKeyState {
return allowShareParentKeyState_;
- (void)close {
// Block the window from receiving events while it fades out.
closing_ = YES;
if ((allowedAnimations_ & info_bubble::kAnimateOrderOut) == 0) {
[self finishCloseAfterAnimation];
} else {
// Apply animations to hide self.
[NSAnimationContext beginGrouping];
[[NSAnimationContext currentContext]
[[self animator] setAlphaValue:0.0];
[NSAnimationContext endGrouping];
// If the app is terminating but the window is still fading out, cancel the
// animation and close the window to prevent it from leaking.
// See
- (void)appIsTerminating {
if ((allowedAnimations_ & info_bubble::kAnimateOrderOut) == 0)
return; // The close has already happened with no Core Animation.
// Cancel the current animation so that it closes immediately, triggering
// |finishCloseAfterAnimation|.
[NSAnimationContext beginGrouping];
[[NSAnimationContext currentContext] setDuration:kMinimumTimeInterval];
[[self animator] setAlphaValue:0.0];
[NSAnimationContext endGrouping];
// Called by InfoBubbleWindowCloser when the window is to be really closed
// after the fading animation is complete.
- (void)finishCloseAfterAnimation {
if (closing_) {
[[self parentWindow] removeChildWindow:self];
[super close];
// Adds animation for info bubbles being ordered to the front.
- (void)orderWindow:(NSWindowOrderingMode)orderingMode
relativeTo:(NSInteger)otherWindowNumber {
// According to the documentation '0' is the otherWindowNumber when the window
// is ordered front.
if (orderingMode == NSWindowAbove && otherWindowNumber == 0) {
// Order self appropriately assuming that its alpha is zero as set up
// in the designated initializer.
[super orderWindow:orderingMode relativeTo:otherWindowNumber];
// Set up frame so it can be adjust down by a few pixels.
NSRect frame = [self frame];
NSPoint newOrigin = frame.origin;
newOrigin.y += kOrderInSlideOffset;
[self setFrameOrigin:newOrigin];
// Apply animations to show and move self.
[NSAnimationContext beginGrouping];
// The star currently triggers on mouse down, not mouse up.
NSTimeInterval duration =
(allowedAnimations_ & info_bubble::kAnimateOrderIn)
? kOrderInAnimationDuration : kMinimumTimeInterval;
[[NSAnimationContext currentContext]
eventMask:NSLeftMouseUpMask | NSLeftMouseDownMask];
[[self animator] setAlphaValue:1.0];
[[self animator] setFrame:frame display:YES];
[NSAnimationContext endGrouping];
} else {
[super orderWindow:orderingMode relativeTo:otherWindowNumber];
// If the window is currently animating a close, block all UI events to the
// window.
- (void)sendEvent:(NSEvent*)theEvent {
if (!closing_)
[super sendEvent:theEvent];
- (BOOL)isClosing {
return closing_;
// Override -[NSWindow addChildWindow] to prevent ShareKit bugs propagating
// to the browser window. See
- (void)addChildWindow:(NSWindow*)childWindow
ordered:(NSWindowOrderingMode)orderingMode {
[[self parentWindow] removeChildWindow:self];
[super addChildWindow:childWindow ordered:orderingMode];