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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#import "chrome/browser/ui/cocoa/web_contents_modal_dialog_manager_views_mac.h"
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "base/mac/foundation_util.h"
#import "chrome/browser/ui/cocoa/constrained_window/constrained_window_sheet.h"
#import "chrome/browser/ui/cocoa/constrained_window/constrained_window_sheet_controller.h"
#include "content/public/browser/web_contents.h"
#include "components/web_modal/web_contents_modal_dialog_host.h"
#import "ui/base/cocoa/constrained_window/constrained_window_animation.h"
#include "ui/views/widget/widget.h"
// A wrapper for a views::Widget dialog to interact with a Cocoa browser's
// ContrainedWindowSheetController. Similar to CustomConstrainedWindowSheet, but
// since Widgets of dialog type animate themselves, and also manage their own
// parenting, there's not much to do except position properly.
@interface WrappedConstrainedWindowSheet : NSObject<ConstrainedWindowSheet> {
base::scoped_nsobject<NSWindow> customWindow_;
- (id)initWithCustomWindow:(NSWindow*)customWindow;
@implementation WrappedConstrainedWindowSheet
- (id)initWithCustomWindow:(NSWindow*)customWindow {
if ((self = [super init])) {
customWindow_.reset([customWindow retain]);
return self;
// ConstrainedWindowSheet implementation.
- (void)showSheetForWindow:(NSWindow*)window {
// This is only called for the initial show, then calls go to unhideSheet.
// Since Widget::Show() will be called, just update the position.
[self updateSheetPosition];
- (void)closeSheetWithAnimation:(BOOL)withAnimation {
// Nothing to do here. Either SingleWebContentsDialogManagerViewsMac::Close()
// was called or Widget::Close(). Both cases ending up in OnWidgetClosing() to
// call [ConstrainedWindowSheetController closeSheet:], which calls this.
// However, the Widget is already closing in those cases.
// OnWidgetClosing() is also the _only_ trigger. The exception would be
// -[ConstrainedWindowSheetController onParentWindowWillClose:] which also
// calls closeSheetWithAnimation:, but a Widget never gets there because
// WebContentsModalDialogManager::CloseAllDialogs() is triggered from
// -[BrowserWindowController windowShouldClose:], but the notification that
// calls onParentWindowWillClose always happens once that has returned YES.
// So, since onParentWindowWillClose never calls this, we can assert that
// withAnimation is YES, otherwise there's some code path that might not be
// catered for.
- (void)hideSheet {
// Hide the sheet window by setting the alpha to 0. This technique is used
// instead of -orderOut: because that may cause a Spaces change or window
// ordering change.
[customWindow_ setAlphaValue:0.0];
// TODO(tapted): Support child windows.
DCHECK_EQ(0u, [[customWindow_ childWindows] count]);
- (void)unhideSheet {
[customWindow_ setAlphaValue:1.0];
DCHECK_EQ(0u, [[customWindow_ childWindows] count]);
- (void)pulseSheet {
base::scoped_nsobject<NSAnimation> animation(
[[ConstrainedWindowAnimationPulse alloc] initWithWindow:customWindow_]);
[animation startAnimation];
- (void)makeSheetKeyAndOrderFront {
// If the window is not visible, do nothing. Widget::Show() is responsible for
// showing, and it may want to animate it.
if ([customWindow_ isVisible])
[customWindow_ makeKeyAndOrderFront:nil];
- (void)updateSheetPosition {
ConstrainedWindowSheetController* controller =
[ConstrainedWindowSheetController controllerForSheet:self];
NSPoint origin = [controller originForSheet:self
withWindowSize:[customWindow_ frame].size];
[customWindow_ setFrameOrigin:origin];
- (void)resizeWithNewSize:(NSSize)size {
- (NSWindow*)sheetWindow {
return customWindow_;
NSWindow* dialog,
web_modal::SingleWebContentsDialogManagerDelegate* delegate)
: delegate_(delegate), host_(nullptr) {
[[WrappedConstrainedWindowSheet alloc] initWithCustomWindow:dialog]);
widget_ = views::Widget::GetWidgetForNativeWindow(dialog);
~SingleWebContentsDialogManagerViewsMac() {
void SingleWebContentsDialogManagerViewsMac::Show() {
NSView* parent_view = host_->GetHostView();
// Note that simply [parent_view window] for an inactive tab is nil. However,
// the following should always be non-nil for all WebContents containers.
NSWindow* parent_window =
// Register with the ConstrainedWindowSheetController. This ensures that, e.g.
// the NSView that overlays the Cocoa WebContents to intercept clicks is
// installed and managed.
[[ConstrainedWindowSheetController controllerForParentWindow:parent_window]
if (!widget_->IsVisible()) {
if (was_shown_) {
// Disable animations when switching tabs.
was_shown_ = true;
void SingleWebContentsDialogManagerViewsMac::Hide() {
NSWindow* parent_window =
[[ConstrainedWindowSheetController controllerForParentWindow:parent_window]
void SingleWebContentsDialogManagerViewsMac::Close() {
// When the WebContents is destroyed, WebContentsModalDialogManager
// ::CloseAllDialogs will call this. Close the Widget in the same manner as
// the dialogs so that codepaths are consistent.
widget_->Close(); // Note: Synchronously calls OnWidgetClosing() below.
void SingleWebContentsDialogManagerViewsMac::Focus() {
[sheet_ makeSheetKeyAndOrderFront];
void SingleWebContentsDialogManagerViewsMac::Pulse() {
// Handled by ConstrainedWindowSheetController.
void SingleWebContentsDialogManagerViewsMac::HostChanged(
web_modal::WebContentsModalDialogHost* new_host) {
// No need to observe the host. For Cocoa, the constrained window controller
// will reposition the dialog when necessary. The host can also never change.
// Tabs showing a dialog can not be dragged off a Cocoa browser window.
// However, closing a tab with a dialog open will set the host back to null.
DCHECK_NE(!!host_, !!new_host);
host_ = new_host;
gfx::NativeWindow SingleWebContentsDialogManagerViewsMac::dialog() {
return [sheet_ sheetWindow];
// views::WidgetObserver:
void SingleWebContentsDialogManagerViewsMac::OnWidgetClosing(
views::Widget* widget) {
DCHECK_EQ(widget, widget_);
[[ConstrainedWindowSheetController controllerForSheet:sheet_]
delegate_->WillClose(dialog()); // Deletes |this|.
void SingleWebContentsDialogManagerViewsMac::OnWidgetDestroying(
views::Widget* widget) {
// On Mac, this would only be reached if something called -[NSWindow close]
// on the dialog without going through Widget::Close or CloseNow(). In this
// case (only), OnWidgetClosing() is skipped, so invoke it here. Note: since
// dialogs have no titlebar, it "shouldn't" happen, but crashes in
// suggest it can. Possibly this occurs via code
// injection or a third party tool.
OnWidgetClosing(widget); // Deletes |this|.