Enterprise Enrollment on ChromeOS

Enterprise Enrollment is a process that marks a device as belonging to particular organization and enables management of the device by organization admins.


Only devices without owner can be enrolled. Ownership of the device is established either during Enterprise Enrollment (the organization becomes the owner of the device) or during first user sign-in (in this case this user becomes the owner of the device).

Ownership of the device can be reset using factory reset (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R on the login screen), if it is not disabled via device policy.

Developers can reset ownership by running following commands as root in shell:

pkill -9 chrome
rm -rf /home/chronos/Local\ State /var/lib/whitelist /var/lib/devicesettings /home/.shadow
rm /home/chronos/.oobe_completed
crossystem clear_tpm_owner_request=1

Only enterprise users can enroll devices (device will be owned by the organization user belongs to).

Instructions for Google Employees

Are you a Google employee? See http://go/managed-devices/faq/using-yaps to learn how to use simple development device management server.

See http://go/managed-devices/faq/test-account for instuctions on how to get enterprise account for testing.

Enrollment scenarios

There are several enrollment scenarios, exact choice is made based on following factors:

  • How the authentication is performed
  • If enrollment can be avoided by user
  • What initiates enrollment.

Instructions for Google Employees

Are you a Google employee? See go/chromeos-enrollment-overview for other enrollment scenarios in development.

Manual enrollment

Enrollment can be triggered manually on the login screen via Ctrl+Alt+E shortcut. User will have to authenticate using username/password. User can cancel enrollment attempt and return to login screen.


During initial setup device queries management service to check if it was previously enrolled, and if organization admins indicated that device should be enrolled again.

This is set on https://admin.google.com/ under Enrollment & Access section on Device Management>Chrome>Device Settings page.

Authentication is the same as in Manual enrollment case, and whether enrollment can be skipped depends on policy set by admins.

OEM-triggered Enrollment

Device manufacturers can provide special OEM manifest that controls if device should be enrolled, and if enrollment is forced. Authentication is the same as in Manual enrollment case.

Offline demo-mode enrollment

This mode is intended for demo ChromeOS features e.g. in retail stores. This enrollment does not require network connection, it enrolls device to a fixed domain and uses policy from a local resource.

Demo enrollment can be triggered during initial setup on welcome/network screens via Ctrl+Alt+D shortcut. No authentication is required during enrollment.