[gamepad] Expand gamepad blocklist

The gamepad blocklist is used to exclude HID devices that look
like gamepads to our HID gamepad heuristics but are not gamepads.

This CL blocks all devices from these vendors, none of which are known
to make gamepads:

Alps Electric Co., Ltd
D-WAV Scientific Co., Ltd
Elan Microelectronics Corp.
Elo TouchSystems
LG Display Co., Ltd.
Quanta Computer, Inc.
Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Synaptics, Inc.
Wacom Co., Ltd

Additionally, some devices from these vendors are blocked:

Apple, Inc.
Atmel Corp.
Award Software International
Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
Darfon Electronics Corp.
Holtek Semiconductor, Inc.
Microsoft Corp.


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