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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module chromecast.mojom;
import "mojo/public/mojom/base/time.mojom";
// Interface for controlling device display settings. Each setting can be reset
// to its default value via Reset<setting>() methods.
// This interface is hosted in the browser process.
interface DisplaySettings {
// Sets display temperature value.
SetColorTemperature(float kelvin);
// Same as above, but temperature will be changed smoothly over a duration.
SetColorTemperatureSmooth(float kelvin, mojo_base.mojom.TimeDelta duration);
// Resets the display temperature value to the neutral value.
// Sets display brightness from 0.0 to 1.0. The interpretation of this value
// is up to the platform implementation.
SetBrightness(float brightness);
// Same as above, but if the second argument is set, brightness will be
// changed smoothly over a duration.
SetBrightnessSmooth(float brightness, mojo_base.mojom.TimeDelta duration);
// Resets display brightness to the default value.
// Sets whether screen should be on. If set to false, then screen will always
// be off and other settings will not be applied.
SetScreenOn(bool display_on);
// Sets whether the screen should power off when SetScreenOn(false) is called.
SetAllowScreenPowerOff(bool allow_power_off);
// Adds an observer to DisplaySettings.
AddDisplaySettingsObserver(pending_remote<DisplaySettingsObserver> observer);
// Observer for display settings changes.
interface DisplaySettingsObserver {
// Receive a new display brightness.
OnDisplayBrightnessChanged(float brightness);