Chrome Speed Operations

Chrome Speed Operations provides tools, framework, and infrastructure to track Chrome's performance and guide optimizations to Chrome.


Speed Operations consists of 3 teams, working in tandem:


The Benchmarking team provides:

  • A set of opinionated benchmarking frameworks that make it easy for Chromium developers to add benchmarks for the areas of Chrome performance important to them.
  • A perf waterfall to run these benchmarks on our continuous build on a dozen real device types, on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.


Speed Tooling

The Speed Tooling team provides:

  • The Chrome performance dashboard, which stores performance timeseries and related debugging data. The dashboard automatically detects regressions in these timeseries and has integration with Chromium's bug tracker for easy tracking.
  • Tools for bisecting regressions on our continuous build down to an exact culprit CL.
  • A performance try job service which allows chromium developers to run benchmarks on unsubmitted CLs using the same hardware we use in the continuous build.


Releasing and System Health

The releasing team provides:

  • Tracking of all performance regressions seen in user-visible performance both in the wild and in the lab.
  • A per-milestone report on Chrome's performance.
  • Recommendations about lab hardware and new test scenarios.
  • Management of performance sheriff rotations.