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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/containers/flat_set.h"
#include "base/containers/queue.h"
#include "base/functional/callback_forward.h"
#include "base/i18n/rtl.h"
#include "base/memory/raw_ptr.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/strings/string_piece.h"
#include "base/values.h"
#include "cc/paint/paint_image.h"
#include "mojo/public/cpp/bindings/associated_remote.h"
#include "mojo/public/cpp/bindings/receiver.h"
#include "pdf/accessibility_structs.h"
#include "pdf/loader/url_loader.h"
#include "pdf/mojom/pdf.mojom.h"
#include "pdf/paint_manager.h"
#include "pdf/pdf_accessibility_action_handler.h"
#include "pdf/pdf_accessibility_image_fetcher.h"
#include "pdf/pdf_engine.h"
#include "pdf/pdfium/pdfium_form_filler.h"
#include "pdf/post_message_receiver.h"
#include "pdf/preview_mode_client.h"
#include "pdf/v8_value_converter.h"
#include "third_party/blink/public/platform/web_string.h"
#include "third_party/blink/public/platform/web_text_input_type.h"
#include "third_party/blink/public/web/web_plugin.h"
#include "third_party/blink/public/web/web_plugin_container.h"
#include "third_party/blink/public/web/web_plugin_params.h"
#include "third_party/blink/public/web/web_print_params.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/core/SkBitmap.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/core/SkColor.h"
#include "ui/base/cursor/mojom/cursor_type.mojom-shared.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/rect.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/size.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/vector2d_f.h"
#include "v8/include/v8.h"
namespace blink {
class WebAssociatedURLLoader;
class WebInputEvent;
class WebURL;
class WebURLRequest;
struct WebAssociatedURLLoaderOptions;
struct WebPrintPresetOptions;
} // namespace blink
namespace gfx {
class PointF;
class Range;
} // namespace gfx
namespace net {
class SiteForCookies;
} // namespace net
namespace printing {
class MetafileSkia;
} // namespace printing
namespace chrome_pdf {
class MetricsHandler;
class PDFiumEngine;
class PdfAccessibilityDataHandler;
class Thumbnail;
class PdfViewWebPlugin final : public PDFEngine::Client,
public blink::WebPlugin,
public pdf::mojom::PdfListener,
public UrlLoader::Client,
public PostMessageReceiver::Client,
public PaintManager::Client,
public PdfAccessibilityActionHandler,
public PdfAccessibilityImageFetcher,
public PreviewModeClient::Client {
// Do not save files larger than 100 MB. This cap should be kept in sync with
// and is also enforced in chrome/browser/resources/pdf/pdf_viewer.ts.
static constexpr size_t kMaximumSavedFileSize = 100 * 1000 * 1000;
enum class DocumentLoadState {
kLoading = 0,
// Must match `SaveRequestType` in chrome/browser/resources/pdf/constants.ts.
enum class SaveRequestType {
kAnnotation = 0,
kOriginal = 1,
kEdited = 2,
// Provides services from the plugin's container.
class Client : public V8ValueConverter {
virtual ~Client() = default;
virtual base::WeakPtr<Client> GetWeakPtr() = 0;
// Creates a new `PDFiumEngine`.
virtual std::unique_ptr<PDFiumEngine> CreateEngine(
PDFEngine::Client* client,
PDFiumFormFiller::ScriptOption script_option);
// Passes the plugin container to the client. This is first called in
// `Initialize()`, and cleared to null in `Destroy()`. The container may
// also be null for testing.
virtual void SetPluginContainer(blink::WebPluginContainer* container) = 0;
// Returns the plugin container set by `SetPluginContainer()`.
virtual blink::WebPluginContainer* PluginContainer() = 0;
// Returrns the document's site for cookies.
virtual net::SiteForCookies SiteForCookies() const = 0;
// Resolves `partial_url` relative to the document's base URL.
virtual blink::WebURL CompleteURL(
const blink::WebString& partial_url) const = 0;
// Enqueues a "message" event carrying `message` to the embedder.
// Messages are guaranteed to be received in the order that they are sent.
// This method is non-blocking.
virtual void PostMessage(base::Value::Dict message) {}
// Invalidates the entire web plugin container and schedules a paint of the
// page in it.
virtual void Invalidate() = 0;
// Notifies the container about which touch events the plugin accepts.
virtual void RequestTouchEventType(
blink::WebPluginContainer::TouchEventRequestType request_type) = 0;
// Notify the web plugin container about the total matches of a find
// request.
virtual void ReportFindInPageMatchCount(int identifier,
int total,
bool final_update) = 0;
// Notify the web plugin container about the selected find result in plugin.
virtual void ReportFindInPageSelection(int identifier,
int index,
bool final_update) = 0;
// Notify the web plugin container about find result tickmarks.
virtual void ReportFindInPageTickmarks(
const std::vector<gfx::Rect>& tickmarks) = 0;
// Returns the device scale factor.
virtual float DeviceScaleFactor() = 0;
// Gets the scroll position.
virtual gfx::PointF GetScrollPosition() = 0;
// Tells the embedder to allow the plugin to handle find requests.
virtual void UsePluginAsFindHandler() = 0;
// Calls underlying WebLocalFrame::SetReferrerForRequest().
virtual void SetReferrerForRequest(blink::WebURLRequest& request,
const blink::WebURL& referrer_url) = 0;
// Calls underlying WebLocalFrame::Alert().
virtual void Alert(const blink::WebString& message) = 0;
// Calls underlying WebLocalFrame::Confirm().
virtual bool Confirm(const blink::WebString& message) = 0;
// Calls underlying WebLocalFrame::Prompt().
virtual blink::WebString Prompt(const blink::WebString& message,
const blink::WebString& default_value) = 0;
// Calls underlying WebLocalFrame::TextSelectionChanged().
virtual void TextSelectionChanged(const blink::WebString& selection_text,
uint32_t offset,
const gfx::Range& range) = 0;
// Calls underlying WebLocalFrame::CreateAssociatedURLLoader().
virtual std::unique_ptr<blink::WebAssociatedURLLoader>
const blink::WebAssociatedURLLoaderOptions& options) = 0;
// Notifies the frame widget about the text input type change.
virtual void UpdateTextInputState() = 0;
// Notifies the frame widget about the selection bound change.
virtual void UpdateSelectionBounds() = 0;
// Gets the embedder's origin as a serialized string.
virtual std::string GetEmbedderOriginString() = 0;
// Returns whether the plugin container's frame exists.
virtual bool HasFrame() const = 0;
// Notifies the frame's client that the plugin started loading.
virtual void DidStartLoading() = 0;
// Notifies the frame's client that the plugin stopped loading.
virtual void DidStopLoading() = 0;
// Prints the plugin element.
virtual void Print() {}
// Sends over a string to be recorded by user metrics as a computed action.
// When you use this, you need to also update the rules for extracting known
// actions in tools/metrics/actions/
virtual void RecordComputedAction(const std::string& action) {}
// Creates an implementation of `PdfAccessibilityDataHandler` catered to the
// client.
virtual std::unique_ptr<PdfAccessibilityDataHandler>
PdfAccessibilityActionHandler* action_handler,
PdfAccessibilityImageFetcher* image_fetcher);
PdfViewWebPlugin(std::unique_ptr<Client> client,
mojo::AssociatedRemote<pdf::mojom::PdfService> pdf_service,
const blink::WebPluginParams& params);
PdfViewWebPlugin(const PdfViewWebPlugin& other) = delete;
PdfViewWebPlugin& operator=(const PdfViewWebPlugin& other) = delete;
// blink::WebPlugin:
bool Initialize(blink::WebPluginContainer* container) override;
void Destroy() override;
blink::WebPluginContainer* Container() const override;
v8::Local<v8::Object> V8ScriptableObject(v8::Isolate* isolate) override;
bool SupportsKeyboardFocus() const override;
void UpdateAllLifecyclePhases(blink::DocumentUpdateReason reason) override;
void Paint(cc::PaintCanvas* canvas, const gfx::Rect& rect) override;
void UpdateGeometry(const gfx::Rect& window_rect,
const gfx::Rect& clip_rect,
const gfx::Rect& unobscured_rect,
bool is_visible) override;
void UpdateFocus(bool focused, blink::mojom::FocusType focus_type) override;
void UpdateVisibility(bool visibility) override;
blink::WebInputEventResult HandleInputEvent(
const blink::WebCoalescedInputEvent& event,
ui::Cursor* cursor) override;
void DidReceiveResponse(const blink::WebURLResponse& response) override;
void DidReceiveData(const char* data, size_t data_length) override;
void DidFinishLoading() override;
void DidFailLoading(const blink::WebURLError& error) override;
bool SupportsPaginatedPrint() override;
bool GetPrintPresetOptionsFromDocument(
blink::WebPrintPresetOptions* print_preset_options) override;
int PrintBegin(const blink::WebPrintParams& print_params) override;
void PrintPage(int page_number, cc::PaintCanvas* canvas) override;
void PrintEnd() override;
bool HasSelection() const override;
blink::WebString SelectionAsText() const override;
blink::WebString SelectionAsMarkup() const override;
bool CanEditText() const override;
bool HasEditableText() const override;
bool CanUndo() const override;
bool CanRedo() const override;
bool CanCopy() const override;
bool ExecuteEditCommand(const blink::WebString& name,
const blink::WebString& value) override;
blink::WebURL LinkAtPosition(const gfx::Point& /*position*/) const override;
bool StartFind(const blink::WebString& search_text,
bool case_sensitive,
int identifier) override;
void SelectFindResult(bool forward, int identifier) override;
void StopFind() override;
bool CanRotateView() override;
void RotateView(blink::WebPlugin::RotationType type) override;
bool ShouldDispatchImeEventsToPlugin() override;
blink::WebTextInputType GetPluginTextInputType() override;
gfx::Rect GetPluginCaretBounds() override;
void ImeSetCompositionForPlugin(
const blink::WebString& text,
const std::vector<ui::ImeTextSpan>& ime_text_spans,
const gfx::Range& replacement_range,
int selection_start,
int selection_end) override;
void ImeCommitTextForPlugin(
const blink::WebString& text,
const std::vector<ui::ImeTextSpan>& ime_text_spans,
const gfx::Range& replacement_range,
int relative_cursor_pos) override;
void ImeFinishComposingTextForPlugin(bool keep_selection) override;
// PDFEngine::Client:
void ProposeDocumentLayout(const DocumentLayout& layout) override;
void Invalidate(const gfx::Rect& rect) override;
void DidScroll(const gfx::Vector2d& offset) override;
void ScrollToX(int x_screen_coords) override;
void ScrollToY(int y_screen_coords) override;
void ScrollBy(const gfx::Vector2d& delta) override;
void ScrollToPage(int page) override;
void NavigateTo(const std::string& url,
WindowOpenDisposition disposition) override;
void NavigateToDestination(int page,
const float* x,
const float* y,
const float* zoom) override;
void UpdateCursor(ui::mojom::CursorType new_cursor_type) override;
void UpdateTickMarks(const std::vector<gfx::Rect>& tickmarks) override;
void NotifyNumberOfFindResultsChanged(int total, bool final_result) override;
void NotifySelectedFindResultChanged(int current_find_index,
bool final_result) override;
void NotifyTouchSelectionOccurred() override;
void GetDocumentPassword(
base::OnceCallback<void(const std::string&)> callback) override;
void Beep() override;
void Alert(const std::string& message) override;
bool Confirm(const std::string& message) override;
std::string Prompt(const std::string& question,
const std::string& default_answer) override;
std::string GetURL() override;
void Email(const std::string& to,
const std::string& cc,
const std::string& bcc,
const std::string& subject,
const std::string& body) override;
void Print() override;
void SubmitForm(const std::string& url,
const void* data,
int length) override;
std::unique_ptr<UrlLoader> CreateUrlLoader() override;
std::vector<SearchStringResult> SearchString(const char16_t* string,
const char16_t* term,
bool case_sensitive) override;
void DocumentLoadComplete() override;
void DocumentLoadFailed() override;
void DocumentHasUnsupportedFeature(const std::string& feature) override;
void DocumentLoadProgress(uint32_t available, uint32_t doc_size) override;
void FormFieldFocusChange(PDFEngine::FocusFieldType type) override;
bool IsPrintPreview() const override;
SkColor GetBackgroundColor() const override;
void SetIsSelecting(bool is_selecting) override;
void SelectionChanged(const gfx::Rect& left, const gfx::Rect& right) override;
void CaretChanged(const gfx::Rect& caret_rect) override;
void EnteredEditMode() override;
void DocumentFocusChanged(bool document_has_focus) override;
void SetSelectedText(const std::string& selected_text) override;
void SetLinkUnderCursor(const std::string& link_under_cursor) override;
bool IsValidLink(const std::string& url) override;
// pdf::mojom::PdfListener:
void SetCaretPosition(const gfx::PointF& position) override;
void MoveRangeSelectionExtent(const gfx::PointF& extent) override;
void SetSelectionBounds(const gfx::PointF& base,
const gfx::PointF& extent) override;
// UrlLoader::Client:
bool IsValid() const override;
blink::WebURL CompleteURL(const blink::WebString& partial_url) const override;
net::SiteForCookies SiteForCookies() const override;
void SetReferrerForRequest(blink::WebURLRequest& request,
const blink::WebURL& referrer_url) override;
std::unique_ptr<blink::WebAssociatedURLLoader> CreateAssociatedURLLoader(
const blink::WebAssociatedURLLoaderOptions& options) override;
// PostMessageReceiver::Client:
void OnMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message) override;
// PaintManager::Client:
void InvalidatePluginContainer() override;
void OnPaint(const std::vector<gfx::Rect>& paint_rects,
std::vector<PaintReadyRect>& ready,
std::vector<gfx::Rect>& pending) override;
void UpdateSnapshot(sk_sp<SkImage> snapshot) override;
void UpdateScale(float scale) override;
void UpdateLayerTransform(float scale,
const gfx::Vector2dF& translate) override;
// PdfAccessibilityActionHandler:
void EnableAccessibility() override;
void HandleAccessibilityAction(
const AccessibilityActionData& action_data) override;
void LoadOrReloadAccessibility() override;
// PdfAccessibilityImageFetcher:
SkBitmap GetImageForOcr(int32_t page_index,
int32_t page_object_index) override;
// PreviewModeClient::Client:
void PreviewDocumentLoadComplete() override;
void PreviewDocumentLoadFailed() override;
// Initializes the plugin for testing, bypassing certain consistency checks.
bool InitializeForTesting();
const gfx::Rect& GetPluginRectForTesting() const { return plugin_rect_; }
float GetDeviceScaleForTesting() const { return device_scale_; }
DocumentLoadState document_load_state_for_testing() const {
return document_load_state_;
int GetContentRestrictionsForTesting() const {
return GetContentRestrictions();
AccessibilityDocInfo GetAccessibilityDocInfoForTesting() const {
return GetAccessibilityDocInfo();
int32_t next_accessibility_page_index_for_testing() const {
return next_accessibility_page_index_;
void set_next_accessibility_page_index_for_testing(int32_t index) {
next_accessibility_page_index_ = index;
// Callback that runs after `LoadUrl()`. The `loader` is the loader used to
// load the URL, and `result` is the result code for the load.
using LoadUrlCallback =
base::OnceCallback<void(std::unique_ptr<UrlLoader> loader,
int32_t result)>;
enum class AccessibilityState {
kOff = 0, // Off.
kPending, // Enabled but waiting for doc to load.
kLoaded, // Fully loaded.
struct BackgroundPart {
gfx::Rect location;
uint32_t color;
// Metadata about an available preview page.
struct PreviewPageInfo {
// Data source URL.
std::string url;
// Page index in destination document.
int dest_page_index = -1;
// Call `Destroy()` instead.
~PdfViewWebPlugin() override;
bool InitializeCommon();
// Sends whether to do smooth scrolling.
void SendSetSmoothScrolling();
// Handles `LoadUrl()` result for the main document.
void DidOpen(std::unique_ptr<UrlLoader> loader, int32_t result);
// Updates the scroll position, which is in CSS pixels relative to the
// top-left corner.
void UpdateScroll(const gfx::PointF& scroll_position);
// Loads `url`, invoking `callback` on receiving the initial response.
void LoadUrl(base::StringPiece url, LoadUrlCallback callback);
// Handles `Open()` result for `form_loader_`.
void DidFormOpen(int32_t result);
// Sends start/stop loading notifications to the plugin's render frame.
void DidStartLoading();
void DidStopLoading();
// Gets the content restrictions based on the permissions which `engine_` has.
int GetContentRestrictions() const;
// Message handlers.
void HandleDisplayAnnotationsMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message);
void HandleGetNamedDestinationMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message);
void HandleGetPageBoundingBoxMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message);
void HandleGetPasswordCompleteMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message);
void HandleGetSelectedTextMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message);
void HandleGetThumbnailMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message);
void HandlePrintMessage(const base::Value::Dict& /*message*/);
void HandleRotateClockwiseMessage(const base::Value::Dict& /*message*/);
void HandleRotateCounterclockwiseMessage(
const base::Value::Dict& /*message*/);
void HandleSaveAttachmentMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message);
void HandleSaveMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message);
void HandleSelectAllMessage(const base::Value::Dict& /*message*/);
void HandleSetBackgroundColorMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message);
void HandleSetPresentationModeMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message);
void HandleSetTwoUpViewMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message);
void HandleStopScrollingMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message);
void HandleViewportMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message);
void SaveToBuffer(const std::string& token);
void SaveToFile(const std::string& token);
// Converts a scroll offset (which is relative to a UI direction-dependent
// scroll origin) to a scroll position (which is always relative to the
// top-left corner).
gfx::PointF GetScrollPositionFromOffset(
const gfx::Vector2dF& scroll_offset) const;
// Paints the given invalid area of the plugin to the given graphics device.
// PaintManager::Client::OnPaint() should be its only caller.
void DoPaint(const std::vector<gfx::Rect>& paint_rects,
std::vector<PaintReadyRect>& ready,
std::vector<gfx::Rect>& pending);
// The preparation when painting on the image data buffer for the first
// time.
void PrepareForFirstPaint(std::vector<PaintReadyRect>& ready);
// Updates the available area and the background parts, notifies the PDF
// engine, and updates the accessibility information.
void OnGeometryChanged(double old_zoom, float old_device_scale);
// A helper of OnGeometryChanged() which updates the available area and
// the background parts, and notifies the PDF engine of geometry changes.
void RecalculateAreas(double old_zoom, float old_device_scale);
// Figures out the location of any background rectangles (i.e. those that
// aren't painted by the PDF engine).
void CalculateBackgroundParts();
// Computes document width/height in device pixels, based on current zoom and
// device scale
int GetDocumentPixelWidth() const;
int GetDocumentPixelHeight() const;
// Schedules invalidation tasks after painting finishes.
void InvalidateAfterPaintDone();
// Callback to clear deferred invalidates after painting finishes.
void ClearDeferredInvalidates();
// Recalculates values that depend on scale factors.
void UpdateScaledValues();
void OnViewportChanged(const gfx::Rect& new_plugin_rect_in_css_pixel,
float new_device_scale);
// Text editing methods.
bool SelectAll();
bool Cut();
bool Paste(const blink::WebString& value);
bool Undo();
bool Redo();
bool HandleWebInputEvent(const blink::WebInputEvent& event);
// Helper method for converting IME text to input events.
// TODO( Consider handling composition events.
void HandleImeCommit(const blink::WebString& text);
// Callback to print without re-entrancy issues. The callback prevents the
// invocation of printing in the middle of an event handler, which is risky;
// see
// TODO( Re-evaluate the need for a callback when parts of
// the plugin are moved off the main thread.
void OnInvokePrintDialog();
void ResetRecentlySentFindUpdate();
// Records metrics about the document metadata.
void RecordDocumentMetrics();
// Sends the attachments data.
void SendAttachments();
// Sends the bookmarks data.
void SendBookmarks();
// Send document metadata data.
void SendMetadata();
// Sends the loading progress, where `percentage` represents the progress, or
// -1 for loading error.
void SendLoadingProgress(double percentage);
// Handles message for resetting Print Preview.
void HandleResetPrintPreviewModeMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message);
// Handles message for loading a preview page.
void HandleLoadPreviewPageMessage(const base::Value::Dict& message);
// Starts loading the next available preview page into a blank page.
void LoadAvailablePreviewPage();
// Handles `LoadUrl()` result for a preview page.
void DidOpenPreview(std::unique_ptr<UrlLoader> loader, int32_t result);
// Continues loading the next preview page.
void LoadNextPreviewPage();
// Sends a notification that the print preview has loaded.
void SendPrintPreviewLoadedNotification();
// Sends the thumbnail image data.
void SendThumbnail(base::Value::Dict reply, Thumbnail thumbnail);
// Converts `frame_coordinates` to PDF coordinates.
gfx::Point FrameToPdfCoordinates(const gfx::PointF& frame_coordinates) const;
// Gets the accessibility doc info based on the information from `engine_`.
AccessibilityDocInfo GetAccessibilityDocInfo() const;
// Sets the accessibility information about the given `page_index` in the
// renderer.
void PrepareAndSetAccessibilityPageInfo(int32_t page_index);
// Prepares the accessibility information about the current viewport. This is
// done once when accessibility is first loaded and again when the geometry
// changes.
void PrepareAndSetAccessibilityViewportInfo();
// Starts loading accessibility information.
void LoadAccessibility();
bool initialized_ = false;
blink::WebString selected_text_;
std::unique_ptr<Client> const client_;
// Used to access the services provided by the browser.
mojo::AssociatedRemote<pdf::mojom::PdfService> const pdf_service_;
mojo::Receiver<pdf::mojom::PdfListener> listener_receiver_{this};
std::unique_ptr<PDFiumEngine> engine_;
// The URL of the PDF document.
std::string url_;
// The callback for receiving the password from the page.
base::OnceCallback<void(const std::string&)> password_callback_;
// The current cursor type.
ui::mojom::CursorType cursor_type_ = ui::mojom::CursorType::kPointer;
blink::WebTextInputType text_input_type_ =
gfx::Rect caret_rect_;
blink::WebString composition_text_;
// Whether the plugin element currently has focus.
bool has_focus_ = false;
blink::WebPluginParams initial_params_;
v8::Persistent<v8::Object> scriptable_receiver_;
PaintManager paint_manager_{this};
// Image data buffer for painting.
SkBitmap image_data_;
// The current image snapshot.
cc::PaintImage snapshot_;
// Translate from snapshot to device pixels.
gfx::Vector2dF snapshot_translate_;
// Scale from snapshot to device pixels.
float snapshot_scale_ = 1.0f;
// The viewport coordinates to DIP (device-independent pixel) ratio.
float viewport_to_dip_scale_ = 1.0f;
// Combined translate from snapshot to device to CSS pixels.
gfx::Vector2dF total_translate_;
// The plugin rect in CSS pixels.
gfx::Rect css_plugin_rect_;
// True if the plugin occupies the entire frame (not embedded).
bool full_frame_ = false;
// The background color of the PDF viewer.
SkColor background_color_ = SK_ColorTRANSPARENT;
// Size, in DIPs, of plugin rectangle.
gfx::Size plugin_dip_size_;
// The plugin rectangle in device pixels.
gfx::Rect plugin_rect_;
// Remaining area, in pixels, to render the PDF in after accounting for
// horizontal centering.
gfx::Rect available_area_;
// Current zoom factor.
double zoom_ = 1.0;
// Current device scale factor. Multiply by `device_scale_` to convert from
// viewport to screen coordinates. Divide by `device_scale_` to convert from
// screen to viewport coordinates.
float device_scale_ = 1.0f;
// True if we haven't painted the plugin viewport yet.
bool first_paint_ = true;
// Whether OnPaint() is in progress or not.
bool in_paint_ = false;
// True if last bitmap was smaller than the screen.
bool last_bitmap_smaller_ = false;
// True if we request a new bitmap rendering.
bool needs_reraster_ = true;
// The size of the entire document in pixels (i.e. if each page is 800 pixels
// high and there are 10 pages, the height will be 8000).
gfx::Size document_size_;
std::vector<BackgroundPart> background_parts_;
// Deferred invalidates while `in_paint_` is true.
std::vector<gfx::Rect> deferred_invalidates_;
// The UI direction.
base::i18n::TextDirection ui_direction_ = base::i18n::UNKNOWN_DIRECTION;
// The scroll offset for the last raster in CSS pixels, before any
// transformations are applied.
gfx::Vector2dF scroll_offset_at_last_raster_;
// If this is true, then don't scroll the plugin in response to calls to
// `UpdateScroll()`. This will be true when the extension page is in the
// process of zooming the plugin so that flickering doesn't occur while
// zooming.
bool stop_scrolling_ = false;
// Whether the plugin has received a viewport changed message. Nothing should
// be painted until this is received.
bool received_viewport_message_ = false;
// If true, the render frame has been notified that we're starting a network
// request so that it can start the throbber. It will be notified again once
// the document finishes loading.
bool did_call_start_loading_ = false;
// The last document load progress value sent to the web page.
double last_progress_sent_ = 0.0;
// The current state of document load.
DocumentLoadState document_load_state_ = DocumentLoadState::kLoading;
// The current state of accessibility.
AccessibilityState accessibility_state_ = AccessibilityState::kOff;
// The next accessibility page index, used to track interprocess calls when
// reconstructing the tree for new document layouts.
int32_t next_accessibility_page_index_ = 0;
// Used for submitting forms.
std::unique_ptr<UrlLoader> form_loader_;
// Handler for accessibility data updates.
std::unique_ptr<PdfAccessibilityDataHandler> const
// The URL currently under the cursor.
std::string link_under_cursor_;
// The ID of the current find operation, or -1 if no current operation is
// present.
int find_identifier_ = -1;
// Whether an update to the number of find results found was sent less than
// `kFindResultCooldown` TimeDelta ago.
bool recently_sent_find_update_ = false;
// Stores the tickmarks to be shown for the current find results.
std::vector<gfx::Rect> tickmarks_;
// Whether the document is in edit mode.
bool edit_mode_ = false;
// Only instantiated when not print previewing.
std::unique_ptr<MetricsHandler> metrics_handler_;
// Keeps track of which unsupported features have been reported to avoid
// spamming the metrics if a feature shows up many times per document.
base::flat_set<std::string> unsupported_features_reported_;
// Indicates whether the browser has been notified about an unsupported
// feature once, which helps prevent the infobar from going up more than once.
bool notified_browser_about_unsupported_feature_ = false;
// The metafile in which to save the printed output. Assigned a value only
// between `PrintBegin()` and `PrintEnd()` calls.
raw_ptr<printing::MetafileSkia> printing_metafile_ = nullptr;
// The indices of pages to print.
std::vector<int> pages_to_print_;
// Assigned a value only between `PrintBegin()` and `PrintEnd()` calls.
std::optional<blink::WebPrintParams> print_params_;
// For identifying actual print operations to avoid double logging of UMA.
bool print_pages_called_;
// Whether the plugin is loaded in Print Preview.
bool is_print_preview_ = false;
// Number of pages in Print Preview (non-PDF). 0 if previewing a PDF, and -1
// if not in Print Preview.
int print_preview_page_count_ = -1;
// Number of pages loaded in Print Preview (non-PDF). Always less than or
// equal to `print_preview_page_count_`.
int print_preview_loaded_page_count_ = -1;
// The PreviewModeClient used for print preview. Will be passed to
// `preview_engine_`.
std::unique_ptr<PreviewModeClient> preview_client_;
// Engine used to render individual preview pages. This will use the
// `PreviewModeClient` interface.
std::unique_ptr<PDFiumEngine> preview_engine_;
// Document load state for the Print Preview engine.
DocumentLoadState preview_document_load_state_ = DocumentLoadState::kComplete;
// Queue of available preview pages to load next.
base::queue<PreviewPageInfo> preview_pages_info_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<PdfViewWebPlugin> weak_factory_{this};
} // namespace chrome_pdf