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# Copyright 2022 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Functions for creating APK symbols."""
import logging
import os
import posixpath
import re
import zipfile
import archive_util
import file_format
import models
import zip_util
class _ResourcePathDeobfuscator:
def __init__(self, pathmap_path):
self._pathmap = self._LoadResourcesPathmap(pathmap_path)
def _LoadResourcesPathmap(self, pathmap_path):
"""Loads the pathmap of obfuscated resource paths.
Returns: A dict mapping from obfuscated paths to original paths or an
empty dict if passed a None |pathmap_path|.
if pathmap_path is None:
return {}
pathmap = {}
with open(pathmap_path, 'r') as f:
for line in f:
line = line.strip()
if line.startswith('--') or line == '':
original, renamed = line.split(' -> ')
pathmap[renamed] = original
return pathmap
def MaybeRemapPath(self, path):
long_path = self._pathmap.get(path)
if long_path:
return long_path
# if processing a .minimal.apks, we are actually just processing the base
# split.
long_path = self._pathmap.get('base/{}'.format(path))
if long_path:
# The first 5 chars are 'base/', which we don't need because we are
# looking directly inside the base apk.
return long_path[5:]
return path
class _ResourceSourceMapper:
def __init__(self, size_info_prefix, path_defaults):
self._path_defaults = path_defaults or {}
self._res_info = self._LoadResInfo(size_info_prefix)
self._pattern_dollar_underscore = re.compile(r'\$+(.*?)(?:__\d)+')
self._pattern_version_suffix = re.compile(r'-v\d+/')
def _ParseResInfoFile(res_info_path):
with open(res_info_path, 'r') as info_file:
return dict(l.rstrip().split('\t') for l in info_file)
def _LoadResInfo(self, size_info_prefix):
apk_res_info_path = size_info_prefix + ''
res_info_without_root = self._ParseResInfoFile(apk_res_info_path)
# We package resources in the res/ folder only in the apk.
res_info = {
os.path.join('res', dest): source
for dest, source in res_info_without_root.items()
return res_info
def FindSourceForPath(self, path):
# Sometimes android adds $ in front and __# before extension.
path = self._pattern_dollar_underscore.sub(r'\1', path)
ret = self._res_info.get(path)
if ret:
return ret
# Android build tools may append extra -v flags for the root dir.
path = self._pattern_version_suffix.sub('/', path)
ret = self._res_info.get(path)
if ret:
return ret
return ''
def CreateApkOtherSymbols(apk_spec):
"""Creates symbols for resources / assets within the apk.
A tuple of (section_ranges, raw_symbols, apk_metadata).
"""'Creating symbols for other APK entries')
res_source_mapper = _ResourceSourceMapper(apk_spec.size_info_prefix,
resource_deobfuscator = _ResourcePathDeobfuscator(
raw_symbols = []
zip_info_total = 0
zipalign_total = 0
with zipfile.ZipFile(apk_spec.apk_path) as z:
signing_block_size = zip_util.MeasureApkSignatureBlock(z)
for zip_info in z.infolist():
zip_info_total += zip_info.compress_size
# Account for zipalign overhead that exists in local file header.
zipalign_total += zip_util.ReadZipInfoExtraFieldLength(z, zip_info)
# Account for zipalign overhead that exists in central directory header.
# Happens when python aligns entries in, but does not
# exist when using Android's zipalign. E.g. for bundle .apks files.
zipalign_total += len(zip_info.extra)
# Skip files that we explicitly analyze: .so, .dex, and .pak.
if zip_info.filename in apk_spec.ignore_apk_paths:
resource_filename = resource_deobfuscator.MaybeRemapPath(
source_path = res_source_mapper.FindSourceForPath(resource_filename)
if not source_path:
source_path = posixpath.join(models.APK_PREFIX_PATH, resource_filename)
full_name=resource_filename)) # Full name must disambiguate
# Store zipalign overhead and signing block size as metadata rather than an
# "Overhead:" symbol because they fluctuate in size, and would be a source of
# noise in symbol diffs if included as symbols (
# Might be even better if we had an option in Tiger Viewer to ignore certain
# symbols, but taking this as a short-cut for now.
apk_metadata = {
models.METADATA_ZIPALIGN_OVERHEAD: zipalign_total,
models.METADATA_SIGNING_BLOCK_SIZE: signing_block_size,
# Overhead includes:
# * Size of all local zip headers (minus zipalign padding).
# * Size of central directory & end of central directory.
overhead_size = (os.path.getsize(apk_spec.apk_path) - zip_info_total -
zipalign_total - signing_block_size)
assert overhead_size >= 0, 'Apk overhead must be non-negative'
zip_overhead_symbol = models.Symbol(models.SECTION_OTHER,
full_name='Overhead: APK file')
section_ranges = {}
archive_util.ExtendSectionRange(section_ranges, models.SECTION_OTHER,
sum(s.size for s in raw_symbols))
return section_ranges, raw_symbols, apk_metadata