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# Copyright 2022 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Logic needed by multiple archive-related modules."""
import logging
import os
import re
import models
def ExtendSectionRange(section_range_by_name, section_name, delta_size):
"""Adds |delta_size| to |section_name|'s size in |section_range_by_name|."""
prev_address, prev_size = section_range_by_name.get(section_name, (0, 0))
section_range_by_name[section_name] = (prev_address, prev_size + delta_size)
def _NormalizeObjectPath(path):
"""Normalizes object paths.
Prefixes are removed: obj/, ../../
Archive names made more pathy: foo/bar.a(baz.o) -> foo/bar.a/baz.o
if path.startswith('obj/'):
# Convert obj/third_party/... -> third_party/...
path = path[4:]
elif path.startswith('../../'):
# Convert ../../third_party/... -> third_party/...
path = path[6:]
elif path.startswith('/'):
# Convert absolute paths to $SYSTEM/basename.o.
path = os.path.join(models.SYSTEM_PREFIX_PATH, os.path.basename(path))
if path.endswith(')'):
# Convert foo/bar.a(baz.o) -> foo/bar.a/baz.o so that hierarchical
# breakdowns consider the .o part to be a separate node.
start_idx = path.rindex('(')
path = os.path.join(path[:start_idx], path[start_idx + 1:-1])
return path
def _NormalizeSourcePath(path, gen_dir_pattern):
"""Returns (is_generated, normalized_path)"""
# Don't change $APK/, or $NATIVE/ paths.
if path.startswith('$'):
return False, path
if gen_dir_pattern:
# Non-chromium gen_dir logic.
m = gen_dir_pattern.match(path)
if m:
return True, path[m.end():]
return False, path
if path.startswith('gen/'):
# Convert gen/third_party/... -> third_party/...
return True, path[4:]
if path.startswith('../../'):
# Convert ../../third_party/... -> third_party/...
return False, path[6:]
if path.startswith('/'):
# Convert absolute paths to $SYSTEM/basename.cpp.
# E.g.: /buildbot/src/android/ndk-release-r23/toolchain/llvm-project/
# libcxx/src/vector.cpp
path = os.path.join(models.SYSTEM_PREFIX_PATH, os.path.basename(path))
return True, path
def NormalizePaths(raw_symbols, gen_dir_regex=None):
"""Fills in the |source_path| attribute and normalizes |object_path|."""'Normalizing source and object paths')
gen_dir_pattern = re.compile(gen_dir_regex) if gen_dir_regex else None
for symbol in raw_symbols:
if symbol.object_path:
symbol.object_path = _NormalizeObjectPath(symbol.object_path)
if symbol.source_path:
symbol.generated_source, symbol.source_path = _NormalizeSourcePath(
symbol.source_path, gen_dir_pattern)