Merging Size Diffs

When looking at a diff across milestones, it can be useful to filter out the size impacts due to toolchain changes (e.g. compiler or R8 rolls).

You will need:

  1. The .size files of the milestones you'd like to diff.
  2. The .sizediff files of the commits to filter out.

Then run:

tools/binary_size/supersize console M97.size M98.size clang_roll.sizediff
  size_info1: Loaded from 97.size
  size_info2: Loaded from 98.size
  size_info3: Loaded from clang_roll.sizediff
  size_info4: Loaded from clang_roll.sizediff

>>> d = Diff(size_info1, size_info2)
>>> d2 = Diff(size_info4, size_info3)  # Note reversed order.
>>> d.raw_symbols += d2.raw_symbols
>>> SaveDeltaSizeInfo(d, 'm97_m98_normalized.sizediff')
Saved locally to m97_m98_normalized.sizediff. To share, run:
> cp m97_m98_normalized.sizediff gs://chrome-supersize/private-oneoffs
  Then view it at