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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <set>
#include <vector>
#include "tools/traffic_annotation/auditor/instance.h"
// Performs all tests that are required to ensure that annotations have correct
// ids.
class TrafficAnnotationIDChecker {
TrafficAnnotationIDChecker(const std::set<int>& reserved_ids,
const std::set<int>& deprecated_ids);
// Loads |extracted_annotations| into |annotations_|;
void Load(const std::vector<AnnotationInstance>& extracted_annotations);
// Checks loaded |annotations_| for all sort of ID related errors and writes
// errors to |errors|.
void CheckIDs(std::vector<AuditorResult>* errors);
// TODO( Merge struct with AnnotationInstance.
struct AnnotationItem {
struct {
std::string text;
int hash_code;
} ids[2];
int ids_count; // Number of existing ids (1 or 2).
AnnotationInstance::Type type;
std::string file_path;
int line_number;
bool loaded_from_archive;
// Checks if the ids in |invalid_set| are not used in annotations. If found,
// creates an error with |error_type| and writes it to |errors|.
void CheckForInvalidValues(const std::set<int>& invalid_set,
AuditorResult::Type error_type,
std::vector<AuditorResult>* errors);
// Check if annotations that need two ids, have two and the second one is
// different from their unique id.
void CheckForSecondIDs(std::vector<AuditorResult>* errors);
// Checks if there are ids with colliding hash values.
void CheckForHashCollisions(std::vector<AuditorResult>* errors);
// Checks if there are invalid repeated ids.
void CheckForInvalidRepeatedIDs(std::vector<AuditorResult>* errors);
// Checks if ids only include alphanumeric characters and underline.
void CheckIDsFormat(std::vector<AuditorResult>* errors);
AuditorResult CreateRepeatedIDError(const std::string& common_id,
const AnnotationItem& item1,
const AnnotationItem& item2);
std::vector<AnnotationItem> annotations_;
std::set<int> deprecated_ids_;
std::set<int> reserved_ids_;