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web_tests/FlagExpectations stores flag-specific test expectations.
To run layout tests with a flag passed to content_shell, use: --additional-driver-flag=--name-of-flag
Create a new file:
The entries in the file is the same as the main TestExpectations file, e.g. path/to/your/test.html [ Expectation ]
This file will override the main TestExpectations file when the above command
is run.
If the name-of-flag is too long, or when multiple additional flags are needed,
you can add an entry in web_tests/FlagSpecificConfig, like
"name": "short-name",
"args": ["--name-of-flag1", "--name-of-flag2"]
And create a new file in the same format of the above
FlagExpectations/name-of-flag file: