arc: Ignore app list events completely in throttling logic

Currently, the instance is unthrottled as soon as an Android app icon is
clicked on in the app list. When the app list goes away the event is
ignored, so as required the instance remains unthrottled till the time
the Android app window comes up.

However, if the user brings up the app list again on top of an Android
app the instance gets throttled and when the app list goes away it
remains throttled even though the Android app is the main window. This
is incorrect.

This change ignores all app list events for throttling decisions. As the
app list is expected to be short lived operation for the user while
browsing or selecting an app. It shouldn't make throttling logic more
complicated or incorrect.

TEST=Manual testing by opening Android app, verifying instance is
unthtrottled. Then bring app list up and close it and verify that
instance remains unthrottled throughout.

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