OMT worker fetch: Use WorkerResourceTimingNotifier for worker module scripts

This is a follow-up CL of This theoretically
plumbs resource timing info for worker module scripts to appropriate
performance timelines, but there are some limitations as we don't fully
implement module scripts in workers. Specifically,
- Resource timing info is plumbed for module dedicated workers but there
  is no test yet.
- Module shared workers haven't been implemented yet.
- Module service workers are partially implemented but don't support
  resource timing yet (See bug 954005).
- Worklets don't support resource timing yet.

This CL also changes to pass WorkerResourceTimingNotifier as a
reference (not a pointer) to make sure that callsites pass a
valid WorkerResourceTimingNotifier, except for crossing threads
cases (i.e., in WorkerThread and ThreadedWorkletObjectProxy).

Bug: 928146, 954005
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