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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "base/observer_list.h"
#include "google_apis/gaia/gaia_oauth_client.h"
#include "google_apis/gaia/identity_provider.h"
#include "google_apis/gaia/oauth2_token_service.h"
class GoogleServiceAuthError;
namespace net {
class URLRequestContextGetter;
namespace gaia {
struct AccountIds {
std::string account_key; // The account ID used by OAuth2TokenService.
std::string gaia;
std::string email;
class AccountIdFetcher;
// The AccountTracker keeps track of what accounts exist on the
// profile and the state of their credentials. The tracker fetches the
// gaia ID of each account it knows about.
// The AccountTracker maintains these invariants:
// 1. Events are only fired after the gaia ID has been fetched.
// 2. Add/Remove and SignIn/SignOut pairs are always generated in order.
// 3. SignIn follows Add, and there will be a SignOut between SignIn & Remove.
// 4. If there is no primary account, there are no other accounts.
class AccountTracker : public OAuth2TokenService::Observer,
public IdentityProvider::Observer {
AccountTracker(IdentityProvider* identity_provider,
net::URLRequestContextGetter* request_context_getter);
~AccountTracker() override;
class Observer {
virtual void OnAccountAdded(const AccountIds& ids) = 0;
virtual void OnAccountRemoved(const AccountIds& ids) = 0;
virtual void OnAccountSignInChanged(const AccountIds& ids,
bool is_signed_in) = 0;
void Shutdown();
void AddObserver(Observer* observer);
void RemoveObserver(Observer* observer);
// Returns the list of accounts that are signed in, and for which gaia IDs
// have been fetched. The primary account for the profile will be first
// in the vector. Additional accounts will be in order of their gaia IDs.
std::vector<AccountIds> GetAccounts() const;
AccountIds FindAccountIdsByGaiaId(const std::string& gaia_id);
// OAuth2TokenService::Observer implementation.
void OnRefreshTokenAvailable(const std::string& account_key) override;
void OnRefreshTokenRevoked(const std::string& account_key) override;
void OnUserInfoFetchSuccess(AccountIdFetcher* fetcher,
const std::string& gaia_id);
void OnUserInfoFetchFailure(AccountIdFetcher* fetcher);
// IdentityProvider::Observer implementation.
void OnActiveAccountLogin() override;
void OnActiveAccountLogout() override;
// Sets the state of an account. Does not fire notifications.
void SetAccountStateForTest(AccountIds ids, bool is_signed_in);
IdentityProvider* identity_provider() { return identity_provider_; }
// Indicates if all user information has been fetched. If the result is false,
// there are still unfininshed fetchers.
virtual bool IsAllUserInfoFetched() const;
struct AccountState {
AccountIds ids;
bool is_signed_in;
void NotifyAccountAdded(const AccountState& account);
void NotifyAccountRemoved(const AccountState& account);
void NotifySignInChanged(const AccountState& account);
void UpdateSignInState(const std::string account_key, bool is_signed_in);
void StartTrackingAccount(const std::string account_key);
void StopTrackingAccount(const std::string account_key);
void StopTrackingAllAccounts();
void StartFetchingUserInfo(const std::string account_key);
void DeleteFetcher(AccountIdFetcher* fetcher);
IdentityProvider* identity_provider_; // Not owned.
scoped_refptr<net::URLRequestContextGetter> request_context_getter_;
std::map<std::string, AccountIdFetcher*> user_info_requests_;
std::map<std::string, AccountState> accounts_;
ObserverList<Observer> observer_list_;
bool shutdown_called_;
class AccountIdFetcher : public OAuth2TokenService::Consumer,
public gaia::GaiaOAuthClient::Delegate {
AccountIdFetcher(OAuth2TokenService* token_service,
net::URLRequestContextGetter* request_context_getter,
AccountTracker* tracker,
const std::string& account_key);
~AccountIdFetcher() override;
const std::string& account_key() { return account_key_; }
void Start();
// OAuth2TokenService::Consumer implementation.
void OnGetTokenSuccess(const OAuth2TokenService::Request* request,
const std::string& access_token,
const base::Time& expiration_time) override;
void OnGetTokenFailure(const OAuth2TokenService::Request* request,
const GoogleServiceAuthError& error) override;
// gaia::GaiaOAuthClient::Delegate implementation.
void OnGetUserIdResponse(const std::string& gaia_id) override;
void OnOAuthError() override;
void OnNetworkError(int response_code) override;
OAuth2TokenService* token_service_;
net::URLRequestContextGetter* request_context_getter_;
AccountTracker* tracker_;
const std::string account_key_;
scoped_ptr<OAuth2TokenService::Request> login_token_request_;
scoped_ptr<gaia::GaiaOAuthClient> gaia_oauth_client_;
} // namespace extensions