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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <list>
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <tuple>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/component_export.h"
#include "base/containers/contains.h"
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted_delete_on_sequence.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/sequence_checker.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "components/services/storage/public/cpp/buckets/bucket_info.h"
#include "components/services/storage/public/cpp/quota_error_or.h"
#include "components/services/storage/public/mojom/quota_client.mojom.h"
#include "mojo/public/cpp/bindings/pending_remote.h"
#include "mojo/public/cpp/bindings/remote.h"
#include "storage/browser/quota/quota_callbacks.h"
#include "storage/browser/quota/quota_client_type.h"
#include "storage/browser/quota/quota_database.h"
#include "storage/browser/quota/quota_settings.h"
#include "storage/browser/quota/quota_task.h"
#include "storage/browser/quota/special_storage_policy.h"
#include "third_party/abseil-cpp/absl/types/optional.h"
#include "third_party/blink/public/common/storage_key/storage_key.h"
#include "third_party/blink/public/mojom/quota/quota_types.mojom-forward.h"
#include "third_party/blink/public/mojom/quota/quota_types.mojom-shared.h"
namespace base {
class SequencedTaskRunner;
class SingleThreadTaskRunner;
class TaskRunner;
} // namespace base
namespace quota_internals {
class QuotaInternalsProxy;
} // namespace quota_internals
namespace storage {
class QuotaManagerProxy;
class QuotaOverrideHandle;
class QuotaTemporaryStorageEvictor;
class UsageTracker;
// An interface called by QuotaTemporaryStorageEvictor. This is a grab bag of
// methods called by QuotaTemporaryStorageEvictor that need to be stubbed for
// testing.
using EvictionRoundInfoCallback =
base::OnceCallback<void(blink::mojom::QuotaStatusCode status,
const QuotaSettings& settings,
int64_t available_space,
int64_t total_space,
int64_t global_usage,
bool global_usage_is_complete)>;
// Called at the beginning of an eviction round to gather the info about
// the current settings, capacity, and usage.
virtual void GetEvictionRoundInfo(EvictionRoundInfoCallback callback) = 0;
// Returns the next bucket to evict, or nullopt if there are no evictable
// buckets.
virtual void GetEvictionBucket(blink::mojom::StorageType type,
int64_t global_quota,
GetBucketCallback callback) = 0;
// Called to evict a bucket.
virtual void EvictBucketData(const BucketInfo& bucket,
StatusCallback callback) = 0;
virtual ~QuotaEvictionHandler() = default;
struct UsageInfo {
UsageInfo(std::string host, blink::mojom::StorageType type, int64_t usage)
: host(std::move(host)), type(type), usage(usage) {}
const std::string host;
const blink::mojom::StorageType type;
const int64_t usage;
bool operator==(const UsageInfo& that) const {
return std::tie(host, usage, type) ==
std::tie(, that.usage, that.type);
friend std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& os,
const UsageInfo& usage_info) {
return os << "{\"" << << "\", " << usage_info.type << ", "
<< usage_info.usage << "}";
// Entry point into the Quota System
// Each StoragePartition has exactly one QuotaManagerImpl instance, which
// coordinates quota across the Web platform features subject to quota.
// Each storage system interacts with quota via their own implementations of
// the QuotaClient interface.
// The class sets limits and defines the parameters of the systems heuristics.
// QuotaManagerImpl coordinates clients to orchestrate the collection of usage
// information, enforce quota limits, and evict stale data.
// The constructor and proxy() methods can be called on any thread. All other
// methods must be called on the IO thread.
: public QuotaTaskObserver,
public QuotaEvictionHandler,
public base::RefCountedDeleteOnSequence<QuotaManagerImpl> {
using UsageAndQuotaCallback = base::OnceCallback<
void(blink::mojom::QuotaStatusCode, int64_t usage, int64_t quota)>;
using UsageAndQuotaWithBreakdownCallback =
int64_t usage,
int64_t quota,
blink::mojom::UsageBreakdownPtr usage_breakdown)>;
using UsageAndQuotaForDevtoolsCallback =
int64_t usage,
int64_t quota,
bool is_override_enabled,
blink::mojom::UsageBreakdownPtr usage_breakdown)>;
// Function pointer type used to store the function which returns
// information about the volume containing the given FilePath.
// The value returned is std::tuple<total_space, available_space>.
using GetVolumeInfoFn =
std::tuple<int64_t, int64_t> (*)(const base::FilePath&);
static constexpr int64_t kGBytes = 1024 * 1024 * 1024;
static constexpr int64_t kNoLimit = INT64_MAX;
static constexpr int64_t kMBytes = 1024 * 1024;
static constexpr int kMinutesInMilliSeconds = 60 * 1000;
QuotaManagerImpl(bool is_incognito,
const base::FilePath& profile_path,
scoped_refptr<base::SingleThreadTaskRunner> io_thread,
base::RepeatingClosure quota_change_callback,
scoped_refptr<SpecialStoragePolicy> special_storage_policy,
const GetQuotaSettingsFunc& get_settings_function);
QuotaManagerImpl(const QuotaManagerImpl&) = delete;
QuotaManagerImpl& operator=(const QuotaManagerImpl&) = delete;
const QuotaSettings& settings() const { return settings_; }
void SetQuotaSettings(const QuotaSettings& settings);
// Returns a proxy object that can be used on any thread.
QuotaManagerProxy* proxy() { return proxy_.get(); }
// Gets the bucket with `bucket_name` for the `storage_key` for StorageType
// kTemporary and returns the BucketInfo. If one doesn't exist, it creates
// a new bucket with the specified policies. Returns a QuotaError if the
// operation has failed.
void GetOrCreateBucket(const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
const std::string& bucket_name,
// Creates a bucket for `origin` with `bucket_name` and returns BucketInfo
// to the callback. Will return a QuotaError to the callback on operation
// failure.
// TODO( Remove `storage_type` when the only supported
// StorageType is kTemporary.
void CreateBucketForTesting(
const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
const std::string& bucket_name,
blink::mojom::StorageType storage_type,
// Retrieves the BucketInfo of the bucket with `bucket_name` for `storage_key`
// and returns it to the callback. Will return a QuotaError if the bucket does
// not exist or on operation failure.
void GetBucket(const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
const std::string& bucket_name,
blink::mojom::StorageType type,
// Retrieves all storage keys for `type` that are in the bucket database.
// Used for listing storage keys when showing storage key quota usage.
void GetStorageKeysForType(blink::mojom::StorageType type,
GetStorageKeysCallback callback);
// Called by clients or webapps. Returns usage per host.
void GetUsageInfo(GetUsageInfoCallback callback);
// Called by Web Apps (deprecated quota API).
// This method is declared as virtual to allow test code to override it.
virtual void GetUsageAndQuotaForWebApps(const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
blink::mojom::StorageType type,
UsageAndQuotaCallback callback);
// Called by Web Apps (
// This method is declared as virtual to allow test code to override it.
virtual void GetUsageAndQuotaWithBreakdown(
const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
blink::mojom::StorageType type,
UsageAndQuotaWithBreakdownCallback callback);
// Called by DevTools.
virtual void GetUsageAndQuotaForDevtools(
const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
blink::mojom::StorageType type,
UsageAndQuotaForDevtoolsCallback callback);
// Called by storage backends.
// For UnlimitedStorage storage keys, this version skips usage and quota
// handling to avoid extra query cost. Do not call this method for
// apps/user-facing code.
// This method is declared as virtual to allow test code to override it.
virtual void GetUsageAndQuota(const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
blink::mojom::StorageType type,
UsageAndQuotaCallback callback);
// Called by storage backends via proxy.
// Quota-managed storage backends should call this method when storage is
// accessed. Used to maintain LRU ordering.
// TODO( Remove when all usages have updated to use
// NotifyBucketAccessed.
void NotifyStorageAccessed(const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
blink::mojom::StorageType type,
base::Time access_time);
// Called by storage backends via proxy.
// Quota-managed storage backends should call this method when a bucket is
// accessed. Used to maintain LRU ordering.
void NotifyBucketAccessed(BucketId bucket_id, base::Time access_time);
// Called by storage backends via proxy.
// Quota-managed storage backends must call this method when they have made
// any modifications that change the amount of data stored in their storage.
// TODO( Remove when all usages have updated to use
// NotifyBucketModified.
void NotifyStorageModified(QuotaClientType client_id,
const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
blink::mojom::StorageType type,
int64_t delta,
base::Time modification_time,
base::OnceClosure callback);
// Called by storage backends via proxy.
// Quota-managed storage backends must call this method when they have made
// any modifications that change the amount of data stored in a bucket.
void NotifyBucketModified(QuotaClientType client_id,
BucketId bucket_id,
int64_t delta,
base::Time modification_time,
base::OnceClosure callback);
// Client storage must call this method whenever they run into disk
// write errors. Used as a hint to determine if the storage partition is out
// of space, and trigger actions if deemed appropriate.
// This method is declared as virtual to allow test code to override it.
virtual void NotifyWriteFailed(const blink::StorageKey& storage_key);
void SetUsageCacheEnabled(QuotaClientType client_id,
const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
blink::mojom::StorageType type,
bool enabled);
// DeleteStorageKeyData and DeleteHostData (surprisingly enough) delete data
// of a particular blink::mojom::StorageType associated with either a specific
// storage key or set of storage keys. DeleteBucketData will delete only the
// specified bucket. Each method additionally requires a |quota_client_types|
// which specifies the types of QuotaClients to delete from the storage key.
// Pass in QuotaClientType::AllClients() to remove all clients from the
// storage key, regardless of type.
virtual void DeleteStorageKeyData(const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
blink::mojom::StorageType type,
QuotaClientTypes quota_client_types,
StatusCallback callback);
virtual void DeleteBucketData(const BucketInfo& bucket,
QuotaClientTypes quota_client_types,
StatusCallback callback);
void DeleteHostData(const std::string& host,
blink::mojom::StorageType type,
QuotaClientTypes quota_client_types,
StatusCallback callback);
// Instructs each QuotaClient to remove possible traces of deleted
// data on the disk.
void PerformStorageCleanup(blink::mojom::StorageType type,
QuotaClientTypes quota_client_types,
base::OnceClosure callback);
// Called by UI and internal modules.
void GetPersistentHostQuota(const std::string& host, QuotaCallback callback);
void SetPersistentHostQuota(const std::string& host,
int64_t new_quota,
QuotaCallback callback);
void GetGlobalUsage(blink::mojom::StorageType type,
GlobalUsageCallback callback);
void GetHostUsageWithBreakdown(const std::string& host,
blink::mojom::StorageType type,
UsageWithBreakdownCallback callback);
std::map<std::string, std::string> GetStatistics();
bool IsStorageUnlimited(const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
blink::mojom::StorageType type) const;
virtual void GetBucketsModifiedBetween(blink::mojom::StorageType type,
base::Time begin,
base::Time end,
GetBucketsCallback callback);
bool ResetUsageTracker(blink::mojom::StorageType type);
// Called when StoragePartition is initialized if embedder has an
// implementation of StorageNotificationService.
void SetStoragePressureCallback(
// DevTools Quota Override methods:
int GetOverrideHandleId();
void OverrideQuotaForStorageKey(int handle_id,
const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
absl::optional<int64_t> quota_size);
// Called when a DevTools client releases all overrides, however, overrides
// will not be disabled for any storage keys for which there are other
// DevTools clients/QuotaOverrideHandle with an active override.
void WithdrawOverridesForHandle(int handle_id);
// Cap size for per-host persistent quota determined by the histogram.
// Cap size for per-host persistent quota determined by the histogram.
// This is a bit lax value because the histogram says nothing about per-host
// persistent storage usage and we determined by global persistent storage
// usage that is less than 10GB for almost all users.
static constexpr int64_t kPerHostPersistentQuotaLimit = 10 * 1024 * kMBytes;
static constexpr int kEvictionIntervalInMilliSeconds =
30 * kMinutesInMilliSeconds;
static constexpr int kThresholdOfErrorsToBeDenylisted = 3;
static constexpr int kThresholdRandomizationPercent = 5;
static constexpr char kDatabaseName[] = "QuotaManager";
static constexpr char kEvictedBucketAccessedCountHistogram[] =
static constexpr char kEvictedBucketDaysSinceAccessHistogram[] =
// Kept non-const so that test code can change the value.
// TODO(kinuko): Make this a real const value and add a proper way to set
// the quota for syncable storage. (
static int64_t kSyncableStorageDefaultHostQuota;
void DisableDatabaseForTesting() { db_disabled_ = true; }
void SetGetVolumeInfoFnForTesting(GetVolumeInfoFn fn) {
get_volume_info_fn_ = fn;
~QuotaManagerImpl() override;
void SetQuotaChangeCallbackForTesting(
base::RepeatingClosure storage_pressure_event_callback);
friend class base::DeleteHelper<QuotaManagerImpl>;
friend class base::RefCountedDeleteOnSequence<QuotaManagerImpl>;
friend class quota_internals::QuotaInternalsProxy;
friend class MockQuotaManager;
friend class MockQuotaClient;
friend class QuotaManagerProxy;
friend class QuotaManagerImplTest;
friend class QuotaTemporaryStorageEvictor;
class EvictionRoundInfoHelper;
class UsageAndQuotaInfoGatherer;
class GetUsageInfoTask;
class BucketDataDeleter;
class StorageKeyDataDeleter;
class HostDataDeleter;
class DumpQuotaTableHelper;
class DumpBucketTableHelper;
class StorageCleanupHelper;
struct QuotaOverride {
QuotaOverride(const QuotaOverride& quota_override) = delete;
QuotaOverride& operator=(const QuotaOverride&) = delete;
int64_t quota_size;
// Keeps track of the DevTools clients that have an active override.
std::set<int> active_override_session_ids;
using QuotaTableEntry = QuotaDatabase::QuotaTableEntry;
using BucketTableEntry = QuotaDatabase::BucketTableEntry;
using QuotaTableEntries = std::vector<QuotaTableEntry>;
using BucketTableEntries = std::vector<BucketTableEntry>;
using QuotaSettingsCallback = base::OnceCallback<void(const QuotaSettings&)>;
using DumpQuotaTableCallback =
base::OnceCallback<void(const QuotaTableEntries&)>;
using DumpBucketTableCallback =
base::OnceCallback<void(const BucketTableEntries&)>;
// The values returned total_space, available_space.
using StorageCapacityCallback = base::OnceCallback<void(int64_t, int64_t)>;
struct EvictionContext {
BucketInfo evicted_bucket;
StatusCallback evict_bucket_data_callback;
// Lazily called on the IO thread when the first quota manager API is called.
// Initialize() must be called after all quota clients are added to the
// manager by RegisterClient().
void EnsureDatabaseOpened();
void DidOpenDatabase(bool is_database_bootstraped);
void BootstrapDatabaseForEviction(GetBucketCallback did_get_bucket_callback,
int64_t unused_usage,
int64_t unused_unlimited_usage);
void DidBootstrapDatabaseForEviction(
GetBucketCallback did_get_bucket_callback,
bool success);
// Called by clients via proxy.
// Registers a quota client to the manager.
void RegisterClient(
mojo::PendingRemote<mojom::QuotaClient> client,
QuotaClientType client_type,
const std::vector<blink::mojom::StorageType>& storage_types);
UsageTracker* GetUsageTracker(blink::mojom::StorageType type) const;
// Extract cached storage keys list from the usage tracker.
// (Might return empty list if no storage key is tracked by the tracker.)
std::set<blink::StorageKey> GetCachedStorageKeys(
blink::mojom::StorageType type);
void DumpQuotaTable(DumpQuotaTableCallback callback);
void DumpBucketTable(DumpBucketTableCallback callback);
// Runs BucketDataDeleter which calls QuotaClients to clear data for the
// bucket. Once the task is complete, calls the QuotaDatabase to delete the
// bucket from the bucket table.
void DeleteBucketDataInternal(const BucketInfo& bucket,
QuotaClientTypes quota_client_types,
bool is_eviction,
StatusCallback callback);
// Runs StorageKeyDataDeleter which calls QuotaClients to clear all data for
// the storage key. Once the task is complete, calls the QuotaDatabase to
// delete buckets for the storage key & storage type from the bucket table.
void DeleteStorageKeyDataInternal(const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
blink::mojom::StorageType type,
QuotaClientTypes quota_client_types,
StatusCallback callback);
// Methods for eviction logic.
void StartEviction();
void DeleteStorageKeyFromDatabase(const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
blink::mojom::StorageType type);
void DeleteBucketFromDatabase(BucketId bucket_id, bool is_eviction);
void DidBucketDataEvicted(blink::mojom::QuotaStatusCode status);
void ReportHistogram();
void DidGetTemporaryGlobalUsageForHistogram(int64_t usage,
int64_t unlimited_usage);
void DidGetStorageCapacityForHistogram(int64_t usage,
int64_t total_space,
int64_t available_space);
void DidGetPersistentGlobalUsageForHistogram(int64_t usage,
int64_t unlimited_usage);
void DidDumpBucketTableForHistogram(const BucketTableEntries& entries);
// Returns the list of bucket ids that should be excluded from eviction due to
// consistent errors after multiple attempts.
std::set<BucketId> GetEvictionBucketExceptions();
void DidGetEvictionBucket(GetBucketCallback callback,
const absl::optional<BucketInfo>& bucket);
// QuotaEvictionHandler.
void GetEvictionBucket(blink::mojom::StorageType type,
int64_t global_quota,
GetBucketCallback callback) override;
void EvictBucketData(const BucketInfo& bucket,
StatusCallback callback) override;
void GetEvictionRoundInfo(EvictionRoundInfoCallback callback) override;
void GetLRUBucket(blink::mojom::StorageType type, GetBucketCallback callback);
void DidGetPersistentHostQuota(const std::string& host,
const int64_t* quota,
bool success);
void DidSetPersistentHostQuota(const std::string& host,
QuotaCallback callback,
const int64_t* new_quota,
bool success);
void DidGetLRUBucket(QuotaErrorOr<BucketInfo> result);
void GetQuotaSettings(QuotaSettingsCallback callback);
void DidGetSettings(absl::optional<QuotaSettings> settings);
void GetStorageCapacity(StorageCapacityCallback callback);
void ContinueIncognitoGetStorageCapacity(const QuotaSettings& settings);
void DidGetStorageCapacity(
const std::tuple<int64_t, int64_t>& total_and_available);
void DidDatabaseWork(bool success);
void DidGetBucket(base::OnceCallback<void(QuotaErrorOr<BucketInfo>)> callback,
QuotaErrorOr<BucketInfo> result);
void DidGetStorageKeys(GetStorageKeysCallback callback,
QuotaErrorOr<std::set<blink::StorageKey>> result);
void DidGetModifiedBetween(GetBucketsCallback callback,
blink::mojom::StorageType type,
QuotaErrorOr<std::set<BucketInfo>> result);
void DeleteOnCorrectThread() const;
void MaybeRunStoragePressureCallback(const blink::StorageKey& storage_key,
int64_t total_space,
int64_t available_space);
// Used from quota-internals page to test behavior of the storage pressure
// callback.
void SimulateStoragePressure(const blink::StorageKey& storage_key);
// Evaluates disk statistics to identify storage pressure
// (low disk space availability) and starts the storage
// pressure event dispatch if appropriate.
// TODO( Implement UsageAndQuotaInfoGatherer::Completed()
// to use DetermineStoragePressure().
// TODO( Define and explain StoragePressure in the README.
void DetermineStoragePressure(int64_t free_space, int64_t total_space);
absl::optional<int64_t> GetQuotaOverrideForStorageKey(
const blink::StorageKey&);
// TODO(ayui): Replace instances to use result with QuotaErrorOr.
void PostTaskAndReplyWithResultForDBThread(
const base::Location& from_here,
base::OnceCallback<bool(QuotaDatabase*)> task,
base::OnceCallback<void(bool)> reply);
template <typename ValueType>
void PostTaskAndReplyWithResultForDBThread(
base::OnceCallback<QuotaErrorOr<ValueType>(QuotaDatabase*)> task,
base::OnceCallback<void(QuotaErrorOr<ValueType>)> reply,
const base::Location& from_here = base::Location::Current());
static std::tuple<int64_t, int64_t> CallGetVolumeInfo(
GetVolumeInfoFn get_volume_info_fn,
const base::FilePath& path);
static std::tuple<int64_t, int64_t> GetVolumeInfo(const base::FilePath& path);
const bool is_incognito_;
const base::FilePath profile_path_;
// This member is thread-safe. The scoped_refptr is immutable (the object it
// points to never changes), and the underlying object is thread-safe.
const scoped_refptr<QuotaManagerProxy> proxy_;
bool db_disabled_;
bool eviction_disabled_;
scoped_refptr<base::SingleThreadTaskRunner> io_thread_;
scoped_refptr<base::SequencedTaskRunner> db_runner_;
mutable std::unique_ptr<QuotaDatabase> database_;
bool is_database_bootstrapped_for_eviction_ = false;
GetQuotaSettingsFunc get_settings_function_;
scoped_refptr<base::TaskRunner> get_settings_task_runner_;
base::RepeatingCallback<void(blink::StorageKey)> storage_pressure_callback_;
base::RepeatingClosure quota_change_callback_;
QuotaSettings settings_;
base::TimeTicks settings_timestamp_;
std::tuple<base::TimeTicks, int64_t, int64_t>
CallbackQueue<QuotaSettingsCallback, const QuotaSettings&>
CallbackQueue<StorageCapacityCallback, int64_t, int64_t>
GetBucketCallback lru_bucket_callback_;
// Keeps track of storage keys that have been accessed during an eviction task
// so they can be filtered out from eviction.
std::set<blink::StorageKey> access_notified_storage_keys_;
// Buckets that have been notified of access during LRU task to exclude from
// eviction.
std::set<BucketId> access_notified_buckets_;
std::map<blink::StorageKey, QuotaOverride> devtools_overrides_;
int next_override_handle_id_ = 0;
// Owns the QuotaClient remotes registered via RegisterClient().
// Iterating over this list is almost always incorrect. Most algorithms should
// iterate over an entry in |client_types_|.
// TODO( Handle Storage Service crashes. Will likely entail
// using a mojo::RemoteSet here.
std::vector<mojo::Remote<mojom::QuotaClient>> clients_for_ownership_;
// Maps QuotaClient instances to client types.
// The QuotaClient instances pointed to by the map keys are guaranteed to be
// alive, because they are owned by `legacy_clients_for_ownership_`.
base::flat_map<mojom::QuotaClient*, QuotaClientType>>
std::unique_ptr<UsageTracker> temporary_usage_tracker_;
std::unique_ptr<UsageTracker> persistent_usage_tracker_;
std::unique_ptr<UsageTracker> syncable_usage_tracker_;
// TODO(michaeln): Need a way to clear the cache, drop and
// reinstantiate the trackers when they're not handling requests.
std::unique_ptr<QuotaTemporaryStorageEvictor> temporary_storage_evictor_;
EvictionContext eviction_context_;
// Set when there is an eviction task in-flight.
bool is_getting_eviction_bucket_ = false;
// Map from bucket id to eviction error count.
std::map<BucketId, int> buckets_in_error_;
scoped_refptr<SpecialStoragePolicy> special_storage_policy_;
base::RepeatingTimer histogram_timer_;
// Pointer to the function used to get volume information. This is
// overwritten by QuotaManagerImplTest in order to attain deterministic
// reported values. The default value points to
// QuotaManagerImpl::GetVolumeInfo.
GetVolumeInfoFn get_volume_info_fn_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<QuotaManagerImpl> weak_factory_{this};
} // namespace storage