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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "content/browser/download/mhtml_extra_parts_impl.h"
namespace {
// Only the address of this variable is used. It is used as a key to UserData.
const int kMHTMLExtraPartsKey = 0;
namespace content {
MHTMLExtraDataPart::MHTMLExtraDataPart() = default;
MHTMLExtraDataPart::MHTMLExtraDataPart(const MHTMLExtraDataPart& other) =
MHTMLExtraDataPart::MHTMLExtraDataPart(MHTMLExtraDataPart&& other) = default;
MHTMLExtraDataPart& MHTMLExtraDataPart::operator=(
const MHTMLExtraDataPart& other) = default;
MHTMLExtraDataPart& MHTMLExtraDataPart::operator=(MHTMLExtraDataPart&& other) =
MHTMLExtraDataPart::~MHTMLExtraDataPart() = default;
MHTMLExtraPartsImpl::MHTMLExtraPartsImpl() = default;
MHTMLExtraPartsImpl::~MHTMLExtraPartsImpl() = default;
MHTMLExtraParts* MHTMLExtraParts::FromWebContents(WebContents* contents) {
// Get the MHTMLExtraPartsImpl from the web contents.
MHTMLExtraPartsImpl* extra_data_impl = static_cast<MHTMLExtraPartsImpl*>(
// If we did not have one on the web contents already, make one and put it on
// the web contents.
if (extra_data_impl == nullptr) {
extra_data_impl = new MHTMLExtraPartsImpl();
return static_cast<MHTMLExtraParts*>(extra_data_impl);
int64_t MHTMLExtraPartsImpl::size() {
return parts_.size();
void MHTMLExtraPartsImpl::AddExtraMHTMLPart(const std::string& content_type,
const std::string& content_location,
const std::string& extra_headers,
const std::string& body) {
MHTMLExtraDataPart part;
part.content_type = content_type;
part.content_location = content_location;
part.extra_headers = extra_headers;
part.body = body;
// Add this part to the list of parts to be saved out when the file is
// written.
} // namespace content