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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <functional>
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/gtest_prod_util.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/observer_list.h"
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "base/process/process.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "base/values.h"
#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "components/download/public/common/download_url_parameters.h"
#include "content/browser/frame_host/frame_tree.h"
#include "content/browser/frame_host/frame_tree_node.h"
#include "content/browser/frame_host/interstitial_page_impl.h"
#include "content/browser/frame_host/navigation_controller_delegate.h"
#include "content/browser/frame_host/navigation_controller_impl.h"
#include "content/browser/frame_host/navigator_delegate.h"
#include "content/browser/frame_host/render_frame_host_delegate.h"
#include "content/browser/frame_host/render_frame_host_manager.h"
#include "content/browser/media/audio_stream_monitor.h"
#include "content/browser/media/forwarding_audio_stream_factory.h"
#include "content/browser/renderer_host/render_view_host_delegate.h"
#include "content/browser/renderer_host/render_view_host_impl.h"
#include "content/browser/renderer_host/render_widget_host_delegate.h"
#include "content/browser/wake_lock/wake_lock_context_host.h"
#include "content/common/content_export.h"
#include "content/public/browser/color_chooser.h"
#include "content/public/browser/global_routing_id.h"
#include "content/public/browser/notification_observer.h"
#include "content/public/browser/notification_registrar.h"
#include "content/public/browser/web_contents.h"
#include "content/public/browser/web_contents_binding_set.h"
#include "content/public/browser/web_contents_observer.h"
#include "content/public/common/page_importance_signals.h"
#include "content/public/common/renderer_preferences.h"
#include "content/public/common/resource_type.h"
#include "content/public/common/three_d_api_types.h"
#include "net/base/load_states.h"
#include "net/http/http_response_headers.h"
#include "ppapi/buildflags/buildflags.h"
#include "services/device/public/mojom/geolocation_context.mojom.h"
#include "services/device/public/mojom/wake_lock.mojom.h"
#include "services/metrics/public/cpp/ukm_recorder.h"
#include "third_party/blink/public/mojom/color_chooser/color_chooser.mojom.h"
#include "third_party/blink/public/mojom/page/display_cutout.mojom.h"
#include "third_party/blink/public/platform/web_drag_operation.h"
#include "ui/accessibility/ax_mode.h"
#include "ui/base/page_transition_types.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/rect_f.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/size.h"
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
#include "content/browser/android/nfc_host.h"
#include "content/public/browser/android/child_process_importance.h"
struct ViewHostMsg_DateTimeDialogValue_Params;
namespace service_manager {
class InterfaceProvider;
namespace content {
class BrowserPluginEmbedder;
class BrowserPluginGuest;
class DateTimeChooserAndroid;
class DisplayCutoutHostImpl;
class FindRequestManager;
class InterstitialPageImpl;
class JavaScriptDialogManager;
class LoaderIOThreadNotifier;
class ManifestManagerHost;
class MediaWebContentsObserver;
class PluginContentOriginWhitelist;
class RenderFrameHost;
class RenderViewHost;
class RenderViewHostDelegateView;
class RenderWidgetHostImpl;
class RenderWidgetHostInputEventRouter;
class SavePackage;
class ScreenOrientationProvider;
class SiteInstance;
class TestWCBeforeUnloadDelegate; //
TestWCDelegateForDialogsAndFullscreen; //
class TestWebContents;
class TextInputManager;
class WebContentsAudioMuter;
class WebContentsDelegate;
class WebContentsImpl;
class WebContentsView;
class WebContentsViewDelegate;
struct AXEventNotificationDetails;
struct FaviconURL;
struct LoadNotificationDetails;
struct MHTMLGenerationParams;
namespace mojom {
class CreateNewWindowParams;
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
class WebContentsAndroid;
#else // !defined(OS_ANDROID)
class HostZoomMapObserver;
#endif // defined(OS_ANDROID)
class PepperPlaybackObserver;
// Factory function for the implementations that content knows about. Takes
// ownership of |delegate|.
WebContentsView* CreateWebContentsView(
WebContentsImpl* web_contents,
WebContentsViewDelegate* delegate,
RenderViewHostDelegateView** render_view_host_delegate_view);
class CONTENT_EXPORT WebContentsImpl : public WebContents,
public RenderFrameHostDelegate,
public RenderViewHostDelegate,
public RenderWidgetHostDelegate,
public RenderFrameHostManager::Delegate,
public blink::mojom::ColorChooserFactory,
public NotificationObserver,
public NavigationControllerDelegate,
public NavigatorDelegate {
class FriendWrapper;
~WebContentsImpl() override;
static std::unique_ptr<WebContentsImpl> CreateWithOpener(
const WebContents::CreateParams& params,
RenderFrameHostImpl* opener_rfh);
static std::vector<WebContentsImpl*> GetAllWebContents();
static WebContentsImpl* FromFrameTreeNode(
const FrameTreeNode* frame_tree_node);
static WebContents* FromRenderFrameHostID(int render_process_host_id,
int render_frame_host_id);
static WebContents* FromFrameTreeNodeId(int frame_tree_node_id);
static WebContentsImpl* FromOuterFrameTreeNode(
const FrameTreeNode* frame_tree_node);
// Complex initialization here. Specifically needed to avoid having
// members call back into our virtual functions in the constructor.
virtual void Init(const WebContents::CreateParams& params);
// Returns the SavePackage which manages the page saving job. May be NULL.
SavePackage* save_package() const { return save_package_.get(); }
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
// In Android WebView, the RenderView needs created even there is no
// navigation entry, this allows Android WebViews to use
// javascript: URLs that load into the DOMWindow before the first page
// load. This is not safe to do in any context that a web page could get a
// reference to the DOMWindow before the first page load.
bool CreateRenderViewForInitialEmptyDocument();
// Expose the render manager for testing.
// TODO(creis): Remove this now that we can get to it via FrameTreeNode.
RenderFrameHostManager* GetRenderManagerForTesting();
// Sets a BrowserPluginGuest object for this WebContents. If this WebContents
// has a BrowserPluginGuest then that implies that it is being hosted by
// a BrowserPlugin object in an embedder renderer process.
void SetBrowserPluginGuest(std::unique_ptr<BrowserPluginGuest> guest);
// Returns embedder browser plugin object, or NULL if this WebContents is not
// an embedder.
BrowserPluginEmbedder* GetBrowserPluginEmbedder() const;
// Returns guest browser plugin object, or nullptr if this WebContents is not
// for guest.
BrowserPluginGuest* GetBrowserPluginGuest() const;
// Creates a BrowserPluginEmbedder object for this WebContents if one doesn't
// already exist.
void CreateBrowserPluginEmbedderIfNecessary();
// Cancels modal dialogs in this WebContents, as well as in any browser
// plugins it is hosting.
void CancelActiveAndPendingDialogs();
// Informs the render view host and the BrowserPluginEmbedder, if present, of
// a Drag Source End.
void DragSourceEndedAt(float client_x,
float client_y,
float screen_x,
float screen_y,
blink::WebDragOperation operation,
RenderWidgetHost* source_rwh);
// Notification that the RenderViewHost's load state changed.
void LoadStateChanged(const std::string& host,
const net::LoadStateWithParam& load_state,
uint64_t upload_position,
uint64_t upload_size);
// Set the visibility to |visibility| and notifies observers.
void SetVisibility(Visibility visibility);
// Notify observers that the web contents has been focused.
void NotifyWebContentsFocused(RenderWidgetHost* render_widget_host);
// Notify observers that the web contents has lost focus.
void NotifyWebContentsLostFocus(RenderWidgetHost* render_widget_host);
WebContentsView* GetView() const;
void OnScreenOrientationChange();
ScreenOrientationProvider* GetScreenOrientationProviderForTesting() const {
return screen_orientation_provider_.get();
// Adds the given accessibility mode to the current accessibility mode
// bitmap.
void AddAccessibilityMode(ui::AXMode mode);
#if !defined(OS_ANDROID)
// Sets the zoom level for frames associated with this WebContents.
void UpdateZoom();
// Sets the zoom level for frames associated with this WebContents if it
// matches |host| and (if non-empty) |scheme|. Matching is done on the
// last committed entry.
void UpdateZoomIfNecessary(const std::string& scheme,
const std::string& host);
#endif // !defined(OS_ANDROID)
// Adds a new binding set to the WebContents. Returns a closure which may be
// used to remove the binding set at any time. The closure is safe to call
// even after WebContents destruction.
// |binding_set| is not owned and must either outlive this WebContents or be
// explicitly removed before being destroyed.
base::Closure AddBindingSet(const std::string& interface_name,
WebContentsBindingSet* binding_set);
// Accesses a WebContentsBindingSet for a specific interface on this
// WebContents. Returns null of there is no registered binder for the
// interface.
WebContentsBindingSet* GetBindingSet(const std::string& interface_name);
// Returns the focused WebContents.
// If there are multiple inner/outer WebContents (when embedding <webview>,
// <guestview>, ...) returns the single one containing the currently focused
// frame. Otherwise, returns this WebContents.
WebContentsImpl* GetFocusedWebContents();
// TODO(paulmeyer): Once GuestViews are no longer implemented as
// BrowserPluginGuests, frame traversal across WebContents should be moved to
// be handled by FrameTreeNode, and |GetInnerWebContents| and
// |GetWebContentsAndAllInner| can be removed.
// Returns a vector to the inner WebContents within this WebContents.
std::vector<WebContentsImpl*> GetInnerWebContents();
// Returns a vector containing this WebContents and all inner WebContents
// within it (recursively).
std::vector<WebContentsImpl*> GetWebContentsAndAllInner();
void NotifyManifestUrlChanged(const base::Optional<GURL>& manifest_url);
ManifestManagerHost* GetManifestManagerHost() const {
return manifest_manager_host_.get();
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
void SetMainFrameImportance(ChildProcessImportance importance);
// WebContents ------------------------------------------------------
WebContentsDelegate* GetDelegate() override;
void SetDelegate(WebContentsDelegate* delegate) override;
NavigationControllerImpl& GetController() override;
const NavigationControllerImpl& GetController() const override;
BrowserContext* GetBrowserContext() const override;
const GURL& GetURL() const override;
const GURL& GetVisibleURL() const override;
const GURL& GetLastCommittedURL() const override;
RenderFrameHostImpl* GetMainFrame() const override;
RenderFrameHostImpl* GetFocusedFrame() override;
RenderFrameHostImpl* FindFrameByFrameTreeNodeId(int frame_tree_node_id,
int process_id) override;
RenderFrameHostImpl* UnsafeFindFrameByFrameTreeNodeId(
int frame_tree_node_id) override;
void ForEachFrame(
const base::RepeatingCallback<void(RenderFrameHost*)>& on_frame) override;
std::vector<RenderFrameHost*> GetAllFrames() override;
int SendToAllFrames(IPC::Message* message) override;
RenderViewHostImpl* GetRenderViewHost() const override;
RenderWidgetHostView* GetRenderWidgetHostView() const override;
RenderWidgetHostView* GetTopLevelRenderWidgetHostView() override;
void ClosePage() override;
RenderWidgetHostView* GetFullscreenRenderWidgetHostView() const override;
SkColor GetThemeColor() const override;
WebUI* GetWebUI() const override;
WebUI* GetCommittedWebUI() const override;
void SetUserAgentOverride(const std::string& override,
bool override_in_new_tabs) override;
const std::string& GetUserAgentOverride() const override;
bool ShouldOverrideUserAgentInNewTabs() override;
void EnableWebContentsOnlyAccessibilityMode() override;
bool IsWebContentsOnlyAccessibilityModeForTesting() const override;
bool IsFullAccessibilityModeForTesting() const override;
const PageImportanceSignals& GetPageImportanceSignals() const override;
const base::string16& GetTitle() const override;
void UpdateTitleForEntry(NavigationEntry* entry,
const base::string16& title) override;
SiteInstanceImpl* GetSiteInstance() const override;
bool IsLoading() const override;
double GetLoadProgress() const override;
bool IsLoadingToDifferentDocument() const override;
bool IsWaitingForResponse() const override;
const net::LoadStateWithParam& GetLoadState() const override;
const base::string16& GetLoadStateHost() const override;
void RequestAXTreeSnapshot(AXTreeSnapshotCallback callback,
ui::AXMode ax_mode) override;
uint64_t GetUploadSize() const override;
uint64_t GetUploadPosition() const override;
const std::string& GetEncoding() const override;
bool WasDiscarded() override;
void SetWasDiscarded(bool was_discarded) override;
void IncrementCapturerCount(const gfx::Size& capture_size) override;
void DecrementCapturerCount() override;
bool IsBeingCaptured() const override;
bool IsAudioMuted() const override;
void SetAudioMuted(bool mute) override;
bool IsCurrentlyAudible() override;
bool IsConnectedToBluetoothDevice() const override;
bool HasPictureInPictureVideo() const override;
bool IsCrashed() const override;
void SetIsCrashed(base::TerminationStatus status, int error_code) override;
base::TerminationStatus GetCrashedStatus() const override;
int GetCrashedErrorCode() const override;
bool IsBeingDestroyed() const override;
void NotifyNavigationStateChanged(InvalidateTypes changed_flags) override;
void OnAudioStateChanged() override;
base::TimeTicks GetLastActiveTime() const override;
void WasShown() override;
void WasHidden() override;
void WasOccluded() override;
Visibility GetVisibility() const override;
bool NeedToFireBeforeUnload() override;
void DispatchBeforeUnload(bool auto_cancel) override;
void AttachToOuterWebContentsFrame(
std::unique_ptr<WebContents> current_web_contents,
RenderFrameHost* outer_contents_frame) override;
WebContentsImpl* GetOuterWebContents() const override;
WebContentsImpl* GetOutermostWebContents() override;
void DidChangeVisibleSecurityState() override;
void NotifyPreferencesChanged() override;
void Stop() override;
void SetPageFrozen(bool frozen) override;
std::unique_ptr<WebContents> Clone() override;
void ReloadFocusedFrame(bool bypass_cache) override;
void Undo() override;
void Redo() override;
void Cut() override;
void Copy() override;
void CopyToFindPboard() override;
void Paste() override;
void PasteAndMatchStyle() override;
void Delete() override;
void SelectAll() override;
void CollapseSelection() override;
void Replace(const base::string16& word) override;
void ReplaceMisspelling(const base::string16& word) override;
void NotifyContextMenuClosed(
const CustomContextMenuContext& context) override;
void ReloadLoFiImages() override;
PauseSubresourceLoading() override;
void ExecuteCustomContextMenuCommand(
int action,
const CustomContextMenuContext& context) override;
gfx::NativeView GetNativeView() override;
gfx::NativeView GetContentNativeView() override;
gfx::NativeWindow GetTopLevelNativeWindow() override;
gfx::Rect GetContainerBounds() override;
gfx::Rect GetViewBounds() override;
DropData* GetDropData() override;
void Focus() override;
void SetInitialFocus() override;
void StoreFocus() override;
void RestoreFocus() override;
void FocusThroughTabTraversal(bool reverse) override;
bool ShowingInterstitialPage() const override;
InterstitialPageImpl* GetInterstitialPage() const override;
bool IsSavable() override;
void OnSavePage() override;
bool SavePage(const base::FilePath& main_file,
const base::FilePath& dir_path,
SavePageType save_type) override;
void SaveFrame(const GURL& url, const Referrer& referrer) override;
void SaveFrameWithHeaders(const GURL& url,
const Referrer& referrer,
const std::string& headers,
const base::string16& suggested_filename) override;
void GenerateMHTML(const MHTMLGenerationParams& params,
base::OnceCallback<void(int64_t)> callback) override;
const std::string& GetContentsMimeType() const override;
bool WillNotifyDisconnection() const override;
RendererPreferences* GetMutableRendererPrefs() override;
void Close() override;
void SystemDragEnded(RenderWidgetHost* source_rwh) override;
void NavigatedByUser() override;
void SetClosedByUserGesture(bool value) override;
bool GetClosedByUserGesture() const override;
int GetMinimumZoomPercent() const override;
int GetMaximumZoomPercent() const override;
void SetPageScale(float page_scale_factor) override;
gfx::Size GetPreferredSize() const override;
bool GotResponseToLockMouseRequest(bool allowed) override;
bool GotResponseToKeyboardLockRequest(bool allowed) override;
bool HasOpener() const override;
RenderFrameHostImpl* GetOpener() const override;
bool HasOriginalOpener() const override;
RenderFrameHostImpl* GetOriginalOpener() const override;
void DidChooseColorInColorChooser(SkColor color) override;
void DidEndColorChooser() override;
int DownloadImage(const GURL& url,
bool is_favicon,
uint32_t max_bitmap_size,
bool bypass_cache,
ImageDownloadCallback callback) override;
void Find(int request_id,
const base::string16& search_text,
blink::mojom::FindOptionsPtr options) override;
void StopFinding(StopFindAction action) override;
bool WasEverAudible() override;
void GetManifest(GetManifestCallback callback) override;
bool IsFullscreenForCurrentTab() const override;
void ExitFullscreen(bool will_cause_resize) override;
void ResumeLoadingCreatedWebContents() override;
void SetIsOverlayContent(bool is_overlay_content) override;
bool IsFocusedElementEditable() override;
void ClearFocusedElement() override;
bool IsShowingContextMenu() const override;
void SetShowingContextMenu(bool showing) override;
void PausePageScheduledTasks(bool paused) override;
base::UnguessableToken GetAudioGroupId() override;
bool CompletedFirstVisuallyNonEmptyPaint() const override;
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
base::android::ScopedJavaLocalRef<jobject> GetJavaWebContents() override;
virtual WebContentsAndroid* GetWebContentsAndroid();
void ActivateNearestFindResult(float x, float y) override;
void RequestFindMatchRects(int current_version) override;
service_manager::InterfaceProvider* GetJavaInterfaces() override;
bool HasRecentInteractiveInputEvent() const override;
void SetIgnoreInputEvents(bool ignore_input_events) override;
// Implementation of PageNavigator.
WebContents* OpenURL(const OpenURLParams& params) override;
// RenderFrameHostDelegate ---------------------------------------------------
bool OnMessageReceived(RenderFrameHostImpl* render_frame_host,
const IPC::Message& message) override;
void OnAssociatedInterfaceRequest(
RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
const std::string& interface_name,
mojo::ScopedInterfaceEndpointHandle handle) override;
void OnInterfaceRequest(
RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
const std::string& interface_name,
mojo::ScopedMessagePipeHandle* interface_pipe) override;
void OnDidBlockFramebust(const GURL& url) override;
const GURL& GetMainFrameLastCommittedURL() const override;
void RenderFrameCreated(RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host) override;
void RenderFrameDeleted(RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host) override;
void ShowContextMenu(RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
const ContextMenuParams& params) override;
void RunJavaScriptDialog(RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
const base::string16& message,
const base::string16& default_prompt,
JavaScriptDialogType dialog_type,
IPC::Message* reply_msg) override;
void RunBeforeUnloadConfirm(RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
bool is_reload,
IPC::Message* reply_msg) override;
void RunFileChooser(RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
std::unique_ptr<content::FileSelectListener> listener,
const blink::mojom::FileChooserParams& params) override;
void EnumerateDirectory(RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
std::unique_ptr<FileSelectListener> listener,
const base::FilePath& directory_path) override;
void DidCancelLoading() override;
void DidAccessInitialDocument() override;
void DidChangeName(RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
const std::string& name) override;
void DocumentOnLoadCompleted(RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host) override;
void UpdateStateForFrame(RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
const PageState& page_state) override;
void UpdateTitle(RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
const base::string16& title,
base::i18n::TextDirection title_direction) override;
void UpdateEncoding(RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
const std::string& encoding) override;
WebContents* GetAsWebContents() override;
bool IsNeverVisible() override;
ui::AXMode GetAccessibilityMode() const override;
// Broadcasts the mode change to all frames.
void SetAccessibilityMode(ui::AXMode mode) override;
void AccessibilityEventReceived(
const AXEventNotificationDetails& details) override;
void AccessibilityLocationChangesReceived(
const std::vector<AXLocationChangeNotificationDetails>& details) override;
base::string16 DumpAccessibilityTree(bool internal) override;
RenderFrameHost* GetGuestByInstanceID(
RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
int browser_plugin_instance_id) override;
device::mojom::GeolocationContext* GetGeolocationContext() override;
device::mojom::WakeLockContext* GetWakeLockContext() override;
device::mojom::WakeLock* GetRendererWakeLock() override;
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
void GetNFC(device::mojom::NFCRequest request) override;
void EnterFullscreenMode(const GURL& origin,
const blink::WebFullscreenOptions& options) override;
void ExitFullscreenMode(bool will_cause_resize) override;
void FullscreenStateChanged(RenderFrameHost* rfh,
bool is_fullscreen) override;
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
void UpdateUserGestureCarryoverInfo() override;
bool ShouldRouteMessageEvent(
RenderFrameHost* target_rfh,
SiteInstance* source_site_instance) const override;
void EnsureOpenerProxiesExist(RenderFrameHost* source_rfh) override;
std::unique_ptr<WebUIImpl> CreateWebUIForRenderFrameHost(
const GURL& url) override;
void SetFocusedFrame(FrameTreeNode* node, SiteInstance* source) override;
void DidCallFocus() override;
RenderFrameHost* GetFocusedFrameIncludingInnerWebContents() override;
void OnFocusedElementChangedInFrame(
RenderFrameHostImpl* frame,
const gfx::Rect& bounds_in_root_view) override;
void OnAdvanceFocus(RenderFrameHostImpl* source_rfh) override;
void CreateNewWindow(
RenderFrameHost* opener,
int32_t render_view_route_id,
int32_t main_frame_route_id,
int32_t main_frame_widget_route_id,
const mojom::CreateNewWindowParams& params,
SessionStorageNamespace* session_storage_namespace) override;
void ShowCreatedWindow(int process_id,
int main_frame_widget_route_id,
WindowOpenDisposition disposition,
const gfx::Rect& initial_rect,
bool user_gesture) override;
void DidDisplayInsecureContent() override;
void DidRunInsecureContent(const GURL& security_origin,
const GURL& target_url) override;
void PassiveInsecureContentFound(const GURL& resource_url) override;
bool ShouldAllowRunningInsecureContent(content::WebContents* web_contents,
bool allowed_per_prefs,
const url::Origin& origin,
const GURL& resource_url) override;
void ViewSource(RenderFrameHostImpl* frame) override;
void PrintCrossProcessSubframe(const gfx::Rect& rect,
int document_cookie,
RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host) override;
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
base::android::ScopedJavaLocalRef<jobject> GetJavaRenderFrameHostDelegate()
void SubresourceResponseStarted(const GURL& url,
net::CertStatus cert_status) override;
void ResourceLoadComplete(
RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
const GlobalRequestID& request_id,
mojom::ResourceLoadInfoPtr resource_load_information) override;
// Called when WebAudio starts or stops playing audible audio in an
// AudioContext.
void AudioContextPlaybackStarted(RenderFrameHost* host,
int context_id) override;
void AudioContextPlaybackStopped(RenderFrameHost* host,
int context_id) override;
// RenderViewHostDelegate ----------------------------------------------------
RenderViewHostDelegateView* GetDelegateView() override;
bool OnMessageReceived(RenderViewHostImpl* render_view_host,
const IPC::Message& message) override;
// RenderFrameHostDelegate has the same method, so list it there because this
// interface is going away.
// WebContents* GetAsWebContents() override;
void RenderViewCreated(RenderViewHost* render_view_host) override;
void RenderViewReady(RenderViewHost* render_view_host) override;
void RenderViewTerminated(RenderViewHost* render_view_host,
base::TerminationStatus status,
int error_code) override;
void RenderViewDeleted(RenderViewHost* render_view_host) override;
void UpdateTargetURL(RenderViewHost* render_view_host,
const GURL& url) override;
void Close(RenderViewHost* render_view_host) override;
void RequestSetBounds(const gfx::Rect& new_bounds) override;
void DocumentAvailableInMainFrame(RenderViewHost* render_view_host) override;
void RouteCloseEvent(RenderViewHost* rvh) override;
bool DidAddMessageToConsole(int32_t level,
const base::string16& message,
int32_t line_no,
const base::string16& source_id) override;
RendererPreferences GetRendererPrefs(
BrowserContext* browser_context) const override;
void DidReceiveInputEvent(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host,
const blink::WebInputEvent::Type type) override;
bool ShouldIgnoreInputEvents() override;
void OnIgnoredUIEvent() override;
void Activate() override;
void UpdatePreferredSize(const gfx::Size& pref_size) override;
void CreateNewWidget(int32_t render_process_id,
int32_t route_id,
mojom::WidgetPtr widget) override;
void CreateNewFullscreenWidget(int32_t render_process_id,
int32_t widget_route_id,
mojom::WidgetPtr widget) override;
void ShowCreatedWidget(int process_id,
int widget_route_id,
const gfx::Rect& initial_rect) override;
void ShowCreatedFullscreenWidget(int process_id,
int widget_route_id) override;
void RequestMediaAccessPermission(const MediaStreamRequest& request,
MediaResponseCallback callback) override;
bool CheckMediaAccessPermission(RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
const url::Origin& security_origin,
MediaStreamType type) override;
std::string GetDefaultMediaDeviceID(MediaStreamType type) override;
SessionStorageNamespace* GetSessionStorageNamespace(
SiteInstance* instance) override;
SessionStorageNamespaceMap GetSessionStorageNamespaceMap() override;
FrameTree* GetFrameTree() override;
bool IsOverridingUserAgent() override;
bool IsJavaScriptDialogShowing() const override;
bool ShouldIgnoreUnresponsiveRenderer() override;
bool HideDownloadUI() const override;
bool HasPersistentVideo() const override;
RenderFrameHost* GetPendingMainFrame() override;
void DidFirstVisuallyNonEmptyPaint(RenderViewHostImpl* source) override;
void DidCommitAndDrawCompositorFrame(RenderViewHostImpl* source) override;
// NavigatorDelegate ---------------------------------------------------------
void DidStartNavigation(NavigationHandle* navigation_handle) override;
void DidRedirectNavigation(NavigationHandle* navigation_handle) override;
void ReadyToCommitNavigation(NavigationHandle* navigation_handle) override;
void DidFinishNavigation(NavigationHandle* navigation_handle) override;
void DidFailLoadWithError(RenderFrameHostImpl* render_frame_host,
const GURL& url,
int error_code,
const base::string16& error_description) override;
void DidNavigateMainFramePreCommit(bool navigation_is_within_page) override;
void DidNavigateMainFramePostCommit(
RenderFrameHostImpl* render_frame_host,
const LoadCommittedDetails& details,
const FrameHostMsg_DidCommitProvisionalLoad_Params& params) override;
void DidNavigateAnyFramePostCommit(
RenderFrameHostImpl* render_frame_host,
const LoadCommittedDetails& details,
const FrameHostMsg_DidCommitProvisionalLoad_Params& params) override;
void SetMainFrameMimeType(const std::string& mime_type) override;
bool CanOverscrollContent() const override;
void NotifyChangedNavigationState(InvalidateTypes changed_flags) override;
void DidStartNavigationToPendingEntry(const GURL& url,
ReloadType reload_type) override;
bool ShouldTransferNavigation(bool is_main_frame_navigation) override;
bool ShouldPreserveAbortedURLs() override;
void DidStartLoading(FrameTreeNode* frame_tree_node,
bool to_different_document) override;
void DidStopLoading() override;
void DidChangeLoadProgress() override;
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<NavigationThrottle>> CreateThrottlesForNavigation(
NavigationHandle* navigation_handle) override;
std::unique_ptr<NavigationUIData> GetNavigationUIData(
NavigationHandle* navigation_handle) override;
// RenderWidgetHostDelegate --------------------------------------------------
ukm::SourceId GetUkmSourceIdForLastCommittedSource() const override;
void SetTopControlsShownRatio(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host,
float ratio) override;
bool DoBrowserControlsShrinkRendererSize() const override;
int GetTopControlsHeight() const override;
void SetTopControlsGestureScrollInProgress(bool in_progress) override;
void RenderWidgetCreated(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host) override;
void RenderWidgetDeleted(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host) override;
void RenderWidgetGotFocus(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host) override;
void RenderWidgetLostFocus(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host) override;
void RenderWidgetWasResized(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host,
const ScreenInfo& screen_info,
bool width_changed) override;
void ResizeDueToAutoResize(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host,
const gfx::Size& new_size) override;
gfx::Size GetAutoResizeSize() override;
void ResetAutoResizeSize() override;
InputEventShim* GetInputEventShim() const override;
#if !defined(OS_ANDROID)
double GetPendingPageZoomLevel() const override;
#endif // !defined(OS_ANDROID)
KeyboardEventProcessingResult PreHandleKeyboardEvent(
const NativeWebKeyboardEvent& event) override;
bool HandleKeyboardEvent(const NativeWebKeyboardEvent& event) override;
bool HandleWheelEvent(const blink::WebMouseWheelEvent& event) override;
bool PreHandleGestureEvent(const blink::WebGestureEvent& event) override;
BrowserAccessibilityManager* GetRootBrowserAccessibilityManager() override;
BrowserAccessibilityManager* GetOrCreateRootBrowserAccessibilityManager()
// The following 4 functions are already listed under WebContents overrides:
// void Cut() override;
// void Copy() override;
// void Paste() override;
// void SelectAll() override;
void ExecuteEditCommand(const std::string& command,
const base::Optional<base::string16>& value) override;
void MoveRangeSelectionExtent(const gfx::Point& extent) override;
void SelectRange(const gfx::Point& base, const gfx::Point& extent) override;
void MoveCaret(const gfx::Point& extent) override;
void AdjustSelectionByCharacterOffset(int start_adjust,
int end_adjust,
bool show_selection_menu) override;
RenderWidgetHostInputEventRouter* GetInputEventRouter() override;
void ReplicatePageFocus(bool is_focused) override;
RenderWidgetHostImpl* GetFocusedRenderWidgetHost(
RenderWidgetHostImpl* receiving_widget) override;
RenderWidgetHostImpl* GetRenderWidgetHostWithPageFocus() override;
void FocusOwningWebContents(
RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host) override;
void RendererUnresponsive(
RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host,
base::RepeatingClosure hang_monitor_restarter) override;
void RendererResponsive(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host) override;
void RequestToLockMouse(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host,
bool user_gesture,
bool last_unlocked_by_target,
bool privileged) override;
bool RequestKeyboardLock(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host,
bool esc_key_locked) override;
void CancelKeyboardLock(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host) override;
RenderWidgetHostImpl* GetKeyboardLockWidget() override;
// The following function is already listed under WebContents overrides:
// bool IsFullscreenForCurrentTab() const override;
blink::WebDisplayMode GetDisplayMode(
RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host) const override;
void LostCapture(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host) override;
void LostMouseLock(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host) override;
bool HasMouseLock(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host) override;
RenderWidgetHostImpl* GetMouseLockWidget() override;
void OnRenderFrameProxyVisibilityChanged(bool visible) override;
void SendScreenRects() override;
TextInputManager* GetTextInputManager() override;
bool OnUpdateDragCursor() override;
bool IsWidgetForMainFrame(RenderWidgetHostImpl* render_widget_host) override;
bool AddDomainInfoToRapporSample(rappor::Sample* sample) override;
void FocusedNodeTouched(bool editable) override;
bool IsShowingContextMenuOnPage() const override;
// RenderFrameHostManager::Delegate ------------------------------------------
bool CreateRenderViewForRenderManager(
RenderViewHost* render_view_host,
int opener_frame_routing_id,
int proxy_routing_id,
const base::UnguessableToken& devtools_frame_token,
const FrameReplicationState& replicated_frame_state) override;
void CreateRenderWidgetHostViewForRenderManager(
RenderViewHost* render_view_host) override;
bool CreateRenderFrameForRenderManager(
RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
int proxy_routing_id,
int opener_routing_id,
int parent_routing_id,
int previous_sibling_routing_id) override;
void BeforeUnloadFiredFromRenderManager(
bool proceed,
const base::TimeTicks& proceed_time,
bool* proceed_to_fire_unload) override;
void RenderProcessGoneFromRenderManager(
RenderViewHost* render_view_host) override;
void UpdateRenderViewSizeForRenderManager(bool is_main_frame) override;
void CancelModalDialogsForRenderManager() override;
void NotifySwappedFromRenderManager(RenderFrameHost* old_host,
RenderFrameHost* new_host,
bool is_main_frame) override;
void NotifyMainFrameSwappedFromRenderManager(
RenderFrameHost* old_host,
RenderFrameHost* new_host) override;
NavigationControllerImpl& GetControllerForRenderManager() override;
NavigationEntry* GetLastCommittedNavigationEntryForRenderManager() override;
InterstitialPageImpl* GetInterstitialForRenderManager() override;
bool FocusLocationBarByDefault() override;
void SetFocusToLocationBar(bool select_all) override;
bool IsHidden() override;
int GetOuterDelegateFrameTreeNodeId() override;
RenderWidgetHostImpl* GetFullscreenRenderWidgetHost() const override;
// blink::mojom::ColorChooserFactory ---------------------------------------
void OnColorChooserFactoryRequest(
blink::mojom::ColorChooserFactoryRequest request);
void OpenColorChooser(
blink::mojom::ColorChooserRequest chooser,
blink::mojom::ColorChooserClientPtr client,
SkColor color,
std::vector<blink::mojom::ColorSuggestionPtr> suggestions) override;
// NotificationObserver ------------------------------------------------------
void Observe(int type,
const NotificationSource& source,
const NotificationDetails& details) override;
// NavigationControllerDelegate ----------------------------------------------
WebContents* GetWebContents() override;
void NotifyNavigationEntryCommitted(
const LoadCommittedDetails& load_details) override;
void NotifyNavigationEntryChanged(
const EntryChangedDetails& change_details) override;
void NotifyNavigationListPruned(const PrunedDetails& pruned_details) override;
void NotifyNavigationEntriesDeleted() override;
// Invoked before a form repost warning is shown.
void NotifyBeforeFormRepostWarningShow() override;
// Activate this WebContents and show a form repost warning.
void ActivateAndShowRepostFormWarningDialog() override;
// Whether the initial empty page of this view has been accessed by another
// page, making it unsafe to show the pending URL. Always false after the
// first commit.
bool HasAccessedInitialDocument() override;
// Sets the history for this WebContentsImpl to |history_length| entries, with
// an offset of |history_offset|. This notifies all renderers involved in
// rendering the current page about the new offset and length.
void SetHistoryOffsetAndLength(int history_offset,
int history_length) override;
// Called by InterstitialPageImpl when it creates a RenderFrameHost.
void RenderFrameForInterstitialPageCreated(
RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host) override;
// Sets the passed interstitial as the currently showing interstitial.
// No interstitial page should already be attached.
void AttachInterstitialPage(InterstitialPageImpl* interstitial_page) override;
void MediaMutedStatusChanged(const WebContentsObserver::MediaPlayerId& id,
bool muted);
// Unsets the currently showing interstitial.
void DetachInterstitialPage(bool has_focus) override;
void UpdateOverridingUserAgent() override;
// Unpause the throbber if it was paused.
void DidProceedOnInterstitial() override;
// Forces overscroll to be disabled (used by touch emulation).
void SetForceDisableOverscrollContent(bool force_disable);
// Override the render view/widget size of the main frame, return whether the
// size changed.
bool SetDeviceEmulationSize(const gfx::Size& new_size);
void ClearDeviceEmulationSize();
AudioStreamMonitor* audio_stream_monitor() {
return &audio_stream_monitor_;
ForwardingAudioStreamFactory* GetAudioStreamFactory();
// Called by MediaWebContentsObserver when playback starts or stops. See the
// WebContentsObserver function stubs for more details.
void MediaStartedPlaying(
const WebContentsObserver::MediaPlayerInfo& media_info,
const WebContentsObserver::MediaPlayerId& id);
void MediaStoppedPlaying(
const WebContentsObserver::MediaPlayerInfo& media_info,
const WebContentsObserver::MediaPlayerId& id,
WebContentsObserver::MediaStoppedReason reason);
// This will be called before playback is started, check
// GetCurrentlyPlayingVideoCount if you need this when playback starts.
void MediaResized(const gfx::Size& size,
const WebContentsObserver::MediaPlayerId& id);
void MediaEffectivelyFullscreenChanged(bool is_fullscreen);
int GetCurrentlyPlayingVideoCount() override;
base::Optional<gfx::Size> GetFullscreenVideoSize() override;
bool IsFullscreen() override;
MediaWebContentsObserver* media_web_contents_observer() {
return media_web_contents_observer_.get();
// Update the web contents visibility.
void UpdateWebContentsVisibility(Visibility visibility);
// Called by FindRequestManager when find replies come in from a renderer
// process.
void NotifyFindReply(int request_id,
int number_of_matches,
const gfx::Rect& selection_rect,
int active_match_ordinal,
bool final_update);
// Modify the counter of connected devices for this WebContents.
void IncrementBluetoothConnectedDeviceCount();
void DecrementBluetoothConnectedDeviceCount();
// Called when the WebContents gains or loses a persistent video.
void SetHasPersistentVideo(bool has_persistent_video);
// Whether the WebContents has an active player is effectively fullscreen.
// That means that the video is either fullscreen or it is the content of
// a fullscreen page (in other words, a fullscreen video with custom
// controls).
// |IsFullscreen| must return |true| when this method is called.
bool HasActiveEffectivelyFullscreenVideo() const;
// Whether the WebContents effectively fullscreen active player allows
// Picture-in-Picture.
// |IsFullscreen| must return |true| when this method is called.
bool IsPictureInPictureAllowedForFullscreenVideo() const;
// The WebContents is trying to take some action that would cause user
// confusion if taken while in fullscreen. If this WebContents or any outer
// WebContents is in fullscreen, drop it.
void ForSecurityDropFullscreen();
// When inner or outer WebContents are present, become the focused
// WebContentsImpl. This will activate this content's main frame RenderWidget
// and indirectly all its subframe widgets. GetFocusedRenderWidgetHost will
// search this WebContentsImpl for a focused RenderWidgetHost. The previously
// focused WebContentsImpl, if any, will have its RenderWidgetHosts
// deactivated.
void SetAsFocusedWebContentsIfNecessary();
// Called by this WebContents's BrowserPluginGuest (if one exists) to indicate
// that the guest will be detached.
void BrowserPluginGuestWillDetach();
// Notifies the Picture-in-Picture controller that there is a new player
// entering Picture-in-Picture.
// Returns the size of the Picture-in-Picture window.
gfx::Size EnterPictureInPicture(const viz::SurfaceId&,
const gfx::Size& natural_size);
// Updates the Picture-in-Picture controller with a signal that
// Picture-in-Picture mode has ended.
void ExitPictureInPicture();
// Updates the tracking information for |this| to know if there is
// a video currently in Picture-in-Picture mode.
void SetHasPictureInPictureVideo(bool has_picture_in_picture_video);
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
// Called by FindRequestManager when all of the find match rects are in.
void NotifyFindMatchRectsReply(int version,
const std::vector<gfx::RectF>& rects,
const gfx::RectF& active_rect);
// Returns a base salt used to generate group IDs for media-device
// enumerations.
const std::string& GetMediaDeviceGroupIDSaltBase() const;
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
// Called by WebContentsAndroid to send the Display Cutout safe area to
// DisplayCutoutHostImpl.
void SetDisplayCutoutSafeArea(gfx::Insets insets);
// Notify observers that the viewport fit value changed. This is called by
// |DisplayCutoutHostImpl|.
void NotifyViewportFitChanged(blink::mojom::ViewportFit value);
friend class WebContentsObserver;
friend class WebContents; // To implement factory methods.
friend class RenderFrameHostImplBeforeUnloadBrowserTest;
friend class WebContentsImplBrowserTest;
friend class TestWCBeforeUnloadDelegate;
friend class TestWCDelegateForDialogsAndFullscreen;
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(WebContentsImplTest, NoJSMessageOnInterstitials);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(WebContentsImplTest, UpdateTitle);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(WebContentsImplTest, FindOpenerRVHWhenPending);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(WebContentsImplTest, PendingContentsDestroyed);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(WebContentsImplTest, PendingContentsShown);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(WebContentsImplTest, FrameTreeShape);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(WebContentsImplTest, GetLastActiveTime);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(WebContentsImplTest, ParseDownloadHeaders);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(FormStructureBrowserTest, HTMLFiles);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(NavigationControllerTest, HistoryNavigate);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(RenderFrameHostManagerTest, PageDoesBackAndReload);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(SitePerProcessBrowserTest, CrossSiteIframe);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(DevToolsProtocolTest, JavaScriptDialogNotifications);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(DevToolsProtocolTest, JavaScriptDialogInterop);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(DevToolsProtocolTest, BeforeUnloadDialog);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(DevToolsProtocolTest, PageDisableWithOpenedDialog);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(PointerLockBrowserTest, PointerLockOopifCrashes);
// So |find_request_manager_| can be accessed for testing.
friend class FindRequestManagerTest;
// TODO(brettw) TestWebContents shouldn't exist!
friend class TestWebContents;
class DestructionObserver;
// Represents a WebContents node in a tree of WebContents structure.
// Two WebContents with separate FrameTrees can be connected by
// outer/inner relationship using this class. Note that their FrameTrees
// still remain disjoint.
// The parent is referred to as "outer WebContents" and the descendents are
// referred to as "inner WebContents".
// For each inner WebContents, the outer WebContents will have a
// corresponding FrameTreeNode.
class WebContentsTreeNode final : public FrameTreeNode::Observer {
explicit WebContentsTreeNode(WebContentsImpl* current_web_contents);
~WebContentsTreeNode() final;
// Connects |current_web_contents| to the outer WebContents that owns
// |outer_contents_frame|.
void ConnectToOuterWebContents(
std::unique_ptr<WebContents> current_web_contents,
RenderFrameHostImpl* outer_contents_frame);
WebContentsImpl* outer_web_contents() const { return outer_web_contents_; }
int outer_contents_frame_tree_node_id() const {
return outer_contents_frame_tree_node_id_;
FrameTreeNode* OuterContentsFrameTreeNode() const;
WebContentsImpl* focused_web_contents() { return focused_web_contents_; }
void SetFocusedWebContents(WebContentsImpl* web_contents);
// Returns the inner WebContents within |frame|, if one exists, or nullptr
// otherwise.
WebContentsImpl* GetInnerWebContentsInFrame(const FrameTreeNode* frame);
std::vector<WebContentsImpl*> GetInnerWebContents() const;
void AttachInnerWebContents(
std::unique_ptr<WebContents> inner_web_contents);
std::unique_ptr<WebContents> DetachInnerWebContents(
WebContentsImpl* inner_web_contents);
// FrameTreeNode::Observer implementation.
void OnFrameTreeNodeDestroyed(FrameTreeNode* node) final;
// The WebContents that owns this WebContentsTreeNode.
WebContentsImpl* const current_web_contents_;
// The outer WebContents of |current_web_contents_|, or nullptr if
// |current_web_contents_| is the outermost WebContents.
WebContentsImpl* outer_web_contents_;
// The ID of the FrameTreeNode in the |outer_web_contents_| that hosts
// |current_web_contents_| as an inner WebContents.
int outer_contents_frame_tree_node_id_;
// List of inner WebContents that we host. The outer WebContents owns the
// inner WebContents.
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<WebContents>> inner_web_contents_;
// Only the root node should have this set. This indicates the WebContents
// whose frame tree has the focused frame. The WebContents tree could be
// arbitrarily deep.
WebContentsImpl* focused_web_contents_;
// See WebContents::Create for a description of these parameters.
explicit WebContentsImpl(BrowserContext* browser_context);
// Add and remove observers for page navigation notifications. The order in
// which notifications are sent to observers is undefined. Clients must be
// sure to remove the observer before they go away.
void AddObserver(WebContentsObserver* observer);
void RemoveObserver(WebContentsObserver* observer);
// Clears a pending contents that has been closed before being shown.
void OnWebContentsDestroyed(WebContentsImpl* web_contents);
// Creates and adds to the map a destruction observer watching |web_contents|.
// No-op if such an observer already exists.
void AddDestructionObserver(WebContentsImpl* web_contents);
// Deletes and removes from the map a destruction observer
// watching |web_contents|. No-op if there is no such observer.
void RemoveDestructionObserver(WebContentsImpl* web_contents);
// Traverses all the RenderFrameHosts in the FrameTree and creates a set
// all the unique RenderWidgetHostViews.
std::set<RenderWidgetHostView*> GetRenderWidgetHostViewsInTree();
// Called with the result of a DownloadImage() request.
void OnDidDownloadImage(ImageDownloadCallback callback,
int id,
const GURL& image_url,
int32_t http_status_code,
const std::vector<SkBitmap>& images,
const std::vector<gfx::Size>& original_image_sizes);
// Callback function when showing JavaScript dialogs. Takes in a routing ID
// pair to identify the RenderFrameHost that opened the dialog, because it's
// possible for the RenderFrameHost to be deleted by the time this is called.
void OnDialogClosed(int render_process_id,
int render_frame_id,
IPC::Message* reply_msg,
bool dialog_was_suppressed,
bool success,
const base::string16& user_input);
// IPC message handlers.
void OnThemeColorChanged(RenderFrameHostImpl* source, SkColor theme_color);
void OnDidLoadResourceFromMemoryCache(RenderFrameHostImpl* source,
const GURL& url,
const std::string& http_request,
const std::string& mime_type,
ResourceType resource_type);
void OnDidDisplayInsecureContent(RenderFrameHostImpl* source);
void OnDidContainInsecureFormAction(RenderFrameHostImpl* source);
void OnDidRunInsecureContent(RenderFrameHostImpl* source,
const GURL& security_origin,
const GURL& target_url);
void OnDidDisplayContentWithCertificateErrors(RenderFrameHostImpl* source);
void OnDidRunContentWithCertificateErrors(RenderFrameHostImpl* source);
void OnDocumentLoadedInFrame(RenderFrameHostImpl* source);
void OnDidFinishLoad(RenderFrameHostImpl* source, const GURL& url);
void OnGoToEntryAtOffset(RenderViewHostImpl* source,
int offset,
bool has_user_gesture);
void OnUpdateZoomLimits(RenderViewHostImpl* source,
int minimum_percent,
int maximum_percent);
void OnPageScaleFactorChanged(RenderViewHostImpl* source,
float page_scale_factor);
void OnRegisterProtocolHandler(RenderFrameHostImpl* source,
const std::string& protocol,
const GURL& url,
const base::string16& title,
bool user_gesture);
void OnUnregisterProtocolHandler(RenderFrameHostImpl* source,
const std::string& protocol,
const GURL& url,
bool user_gesture);
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
void OnOpenDateTimeDialog(
RenderViewHostImpl* source,
const ViewHostMsg_DateTimeDialogValue_Params& value);
void OnDomOperationResponse(RenderFrameHostImpl* source,
const std::string& json_string);
void OnAppCacheAccessed(RenderViewHostImpl* source,
const GURL& manifest_url,
bool blocked_by_policy);
void OnUpdatePageImportanceSignals(RenderFrameHostImpl* source,
const PageImportanceSignals& signals);
void OnPepperInstanceCreated(RenderFrameHostImpl* source,
int32_t pp_instance);
void OnPepperInstanceDeleted(RenderFrameHostImpl* source,
int32_t pp_instance);
void OnPepperPluginHung(RenderFrameHostImpl* source,
int plugin_child_id,
const base::FilePath& path,
bool is_hung);
void OnPepperStartsPlayback(RenderFrameHostImpl* source, int32_t pp_instance);
void OnPepperStopsPlayback(RenderFrameHostImpl* source, int32_t pp_instance);
void OnPluginCrashed(RenderFrameHostImpl* source,
const base::FilePath& plugin_path,
base::ProcessId plugin_pid);
void OnRequestPpapiBrokerPermission(RenderViewHostImpl* source,
int ppb_broker_route_id,
const GURL& url,
const base::FilePath& plugin_path);
// Callback function when requesting permission to access the PPAPI broker.
// |result| is true if permission was granted.
void SendPpapiBrokerPermissionResult(int process_id,
int ppb_broker_route_id,
bool result);
void OnBrowserPluginMessage(RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host,
const IPC::Message& message);
void OnUpdateFaviconURL(RenderFrameHostImpl* source,
const std::vector<FaviconURL>& candidates);
void OnShowValidationMessage(RenderViewHostImpl* source,
const gfx::Rect& anchor_in_root_view,
const base::string16& main_text,
const base::string16& sub_text);
void OnHideValidationMessage(RenderViewHostImpl* source);
void OnMoveValidationMessage(RenderViewHostImpl* source,
const gfx::Rect& anchor_in_root_view);
// Called by derived classes to indicate that we're no longer waiting for a
// response. Will inform |delegate_| of the change in status so that it may,
// for example, update the throbber.
void SetNotWaitingForResponse();
// Inner WebContents Helpers -------------------------------------------------
// These functions are helpers in managing a hierarchy of WebContents
// involved in rendering inner WebContents.
// When multiple WebContents are present within a tab or window, a single one
// is focused and will route keyboard events in most cases to a RenderWidget
// contained within it. |GetFocusedWebContents()|'s main frame widget will
// receive page focus and blur events when the containing window changes focus
// state.
// Returns true if |this| is the focused WebContents or an ancestor of the
// focused WebContents.
bool ContainsOrIsFocusedWebContents();
// Walks up the outer WebContents chain and focuses the FrameTreeNode where
// each inner WebContents is attached.
void FocusOuterAttachmentFrameChain();
// Navigation helpers --------------------------------------------------------
// These functions are helpers for Navigate() and DidNavigate().
// Handles post-navigation tasks in DidNavigate AFTER the entry has been
// committed to the navigation controller. Note that the navigation entry is
// not provided since it may be invalid/changed after being committed. The
// current navigation entry is in the NavigationController at this point.
// Helper for CreateNewWidget/CreateNewFullscreenWidget.
void CreateNewWidget(int32_t render_process_id,
int32_t route_id,
bool is_fullscreen,
mojom::WidgetPtr widget);
// Helper for ShowCreatedWidget/ShowCreatedFullscreenWidget.
void ShowCreatedWidget(int process_id,
int route_id,
bool is_fullscreen,
const gfx::Rect& initial_rect);
// Finds the new RenderWidgetHost and returns it. Note that this can only be
// called once as this call also removes it from the internal map.
RenderWidgetHostView* GetCreatedWidget(int process_id, int route_id);
// Finds the new WebContentsImpl by |main_frame_widget_route_id|, initializes
// it for renderer-initiated creation, and returns it. Note that this can only
// be called once as this call also removes it from the internal map.
std::unique_ptr<WebContentsImpl> GetCreatedWindow(
int process_id,
int main_frame_widget_route_id);
// Sends a Page message IPC.
void SendPageMessage(IPC::Message* msg);
void SetOpenerForNewContents(FrameTreeNode* opener, bool opener_suppressed);
// Tracking loading progress -------------------------------------------------
// Resets the tracking state of the current load progress.
void ResetLoadProgressState();
// Notifies the delegate that the load progress was updated.
void SendChangeLoadProgress();
// Notifies the delegate of a change in loading state.
// |details| is used to provide details on the load that just finished
// (but can be null if not applicable).
// |due_to_interstitial| is true if the change in load state occurred because
// an interstitial page started showing/proceeded.
void LoadingStateChanged(bool to_different_document,
bool due_to_interstitial,
LoadNotificationDetails* details);
// Misc non-view stuff -------------------------------------------------------
// Sets the history for a specified RenderViewHost to |history_length|
// entries, with an offset of |history_offset|.
void SetHistoryOffsetAndLengthForView(RenderViewHost* render_view_host,
int history_offset,
int history_length);
// Helper functions for sending notifications.
void NotifyViewSwapped(RenderViewHost* old_host, RenderViewHost* new_host);
void NotifyFrameSwapped(RenderFrameHost* old_host,
RenderFrameHost* new_host,
bool is_main_frame);
void NotifyDisconnected();
void SetEncoding(const std::string& encoding);
// TODO(creis): This should take in a FrameTreeNode to know which node's
// render manager to return. For now, we just return the root's.
RenderFrameHostManager* GetRenderManager() const;
// Removes browser plugin embedder if there is one.
void RemoveBrowserPluginEmbedder();
// Helper function to invoke WebContentsDelegate::GetSizeForNewRenderView().
gfx::Size GetSizeForNewRenderView(bool is_main_frame);
void OnFrameRemoved(RenderFrameHost* render_frame_host);
// Helper method that's called whenever |preferred_size_| or
// |preferred_size_for_capture_| changes, to propagate the new value to the
// |delegate_|.
void OnPreferredSizeChanged(const gfx::Size& old_size);
void SendUserGestureForResourceDispatchHost();
// Internal helper to create WebUI objects associated with |this|. |url| is
// used to determine which WebUI should be created (if any).
std::unique_ptr<WebUIImpl> CreateWebUI(const GURL& url);
void SetJavaScriptDialogManagerForTesting(
JavaScriptDialogManager* dialog_manager);
// Returns the FindRequestManager, which may be found in an outer WebContents.
FindRequestManager* GetFindRequestManager();
// Returns the FindRequestManager, or creates one if it doesn't already
// exist. The FindRequestManager may be found in an outer WebContents.
FindRequestManager* GetOrCreateFindRequestManager();
// Removes a registered WebContentsBindingSet by interface name.
void RemoveBindingSet(const std::string& interface_name);
// Prints a console warning when visiting a localhost site with a bad
// certificate via --allow-insecure-localhost.
void ShowInsecureLocalhostWarningIfNeeded();
// Format of |headers| is a new line separated list of key value pairs:
// "<key1>: <value1>\r\n<key2>: <value2>".
static download::DownloadUrlParameters::RequestHeadersType
ParseDownloadHeaders(const std::string& headers);
// Sets the visibility of immediate child views, i.e. views whose parent view
// is that of the main frame.
void SetVisibilityForChildViews(bool visible);
// Reattaches this inner WebContents to its outer WebContents.
void ReattachToOuterWebContentsFrame();
// A helper for clearing the link status bubble after navigating away.
// See also UpdateTargetURL.
void ClearTargetURL();
class AXTreeSnapshotCombiner;
void RecursiveRequestAXTreeSnapshotOnFrame(FrameTreeNode* root_node,
AXTreeSnapshotCombiner* combiner,
ui::AXMode ax_mode);
// Called each time |fullscreen_frames_| is updated. Find the new
// |current_fullscreen_frame_| and notify observers whenever it changes.
void FullscreenFrameSetUpdated();
// Data for core operation ---------------------------------------------------
// Delegate for notifying our owner about stuff. Not owned by us.
WebContentsDelegate* delegate_;
// Handles the back/forward list and loading.
NavigationControllerImpl controller_;
// The corresponding view.
std::unique_ptr<WebContentsView> view_;
// The view of the RVHD. Usually this is our WebContentsView implementation,
// but if an embedder uses a different WebContentsView, they'll need to
// provide this.
RenderViewHostDelegateView* render_view_host_delegate_view_;
// Tracks created WebContentsImpl objects that have not been shown yet. They
// are identified by the process ID and routing ID passed to CreateNewWindow.
std::map<GlobalRoutingID, std::unique_ptr<WebContentsImpl>> pending_contents_;
// This map holds widgets that were created on behalf of the renderer but
// haven't been shown yet.
std::map<GlobalRoutingID, RenderWidgetHostView*> pending_widget_views_;
std::map<WebContentsImpl*, std::unique_ptr<DestructionObserver>>
// A list of observers notified when page state changes. Weak references.
// This MUST be listed above frame_tree_ since at destruction time the
// latter might cause RenderViewHost's destructor to call us and we might use
// the observer list then.
base::ObserverList<WebContentsObserver>::Unchecked observers_;
// Associated interface binding sets attached to this WebContents.
std::map<std::string, WebContentsBindingSet*> binding_sets_;
// True if this tab was opened by another tab. This is not unset if the opener
// is closed.
bool created_with_opener_;
// Helper classes ------------------------------------------------------------
// Manages the frame tree of the page and process swaps in each node.
FrameTree frame_tree_;
// Contains information about the WebContents tree structure.
WebContentsTreeNode node_;
// SavePackage, lazily created.
scoped_refptr<SavePackage> save_package_;
// Manages/coordinates multi-process find-in-page requests. Created lazily.
std::unique_ptr<FindRequestManager> find_request_manager_;
// Data for loading state ----------------------------------------------------
// Indicates whether the current load is to a different document. Only valid
// if |is_loading_| is true and only tracks loads in the main frame.
bool is_load_to_different_document_;
// Indicates if the tab is considered crashed.
base::TerminationStatus crashed_status_;
int crashed_error_code_;
// Whether this WebContents is waiting for a first-response for the
// main resource of the page. This controls whether the throbber state is
// "waiting" or "loading."
bool waiting_for_response_;
// The current load state and the URL associated with it.
net::LoadStateWithParam load_state_;
base::string16 load_state_host_;
base::TimeTicks loading_last_progress_update_;
// Upload progress, for displaying in the status bar.
// Set to zero when there is no significant upload happening.
uint64_t upload_size_;
uint64_t upload_position_;
// Tracks that this WebContents needs to unblock requests to the renderer.
// See ResumeLoadingCreatedWebContents.
bool is_resume_pending_;
// The interstitial page currently shown, if any. Not owned by this class: the
// InterstitialPage is self-owned and deletes itself asynchronously when
// hidden. Because it may outlive this WebContents, it enters a disabled state
// when hidden or preparing for destruction.
InterstitialPageImpl* interstitial_page_;
// Data for current page -----------------------------------------------------
// When a title cannot be taken from any entry, this title will be used.
base::string16 page_title_when_no_navigation_entry_;
// When a navigation occurs, we record its contents MIME type. It can be
// used to check whether we can do something for some special contents.
std::string contents_mime_type_;
// The last reported character encoding, not canonicalized.
std::string last_reported_encoding_;
// The canonicalized character encoding.
std::string canonical_encoding_;
// Whether the initial empty page has been accessed by another page, making it
// unsafe to show the pending URL. Usually false unless another window tries
// to modify the blank page. Always false after the first commit.
bool has_accessed_initial_document_;
// The theme color for the underlying document as specified
// by theme-color meta tag.
SkColor theme_color_;
// The last published theme color.
SkColor last_sent_theme_color_;
// Whether the first visually non-empty paint has occurred.
bool did_first_visually_non_empty_paint_;
// SourceId for current page.
ukm::SourceId last_committed_source_id_ = ukm::kInvalidSourceId;
// Data for misc internal state ----------------------------------------------
// When > 0, the WebContents is currently being captured (e.g., for
// screenshots or mirroring); and the underlying RenderWidgetHost should not
// be told it is hidden.
int capturer_count_;
// The visibility of the WebContents. Initialized from
// |CreateParams::initially_hidden|. Updated from
// UpdateWebContentsVisibility(), WasShown(), WasHidden(), WasOccluded().
Visibility visibility_ = Visibility::VISIBLE;
// Whether there has been a call to UpdateWebContentsVisibility(VISIBLE).
bool did_first_set_visible_ = false;
// See getter above.
bool is_being_destroyed_;
// Keep track of whether this WebContents is currently iterating over its list
// of observers, during which time it should not be deleted.
bool is_notifying_observers_;
// Indicates whether we should notify about disconnection of this
// WebContentsImpl. This is used to ensure disconnection notifications only
// happen if a connection notification has happened and that they happen only
// once.
bool notify_disconnection_;
// Set to true if we shouldn't send input events.
bool ignore_input_events_ = false;
// Pointer to the JavaScript dialog manager, lazily assigned. Used because the
// delegate of this WebContentsImpl is nulled before its destructor is called.
JavaScriptDialogManager* dialog_manager_;
// Set to true when there is an active JavaScript dialog showing.
bool is_showing_javascript_dialog_ = false;
// Set to true when there is an active "before unload" dialog. When true,
// we've forced the throbber to start in Navigate, and we need to remember to
// turn it off in OnJavaScriptMessageBoxClosed if the navigation is canceled.
bool is_showing_before_unload_dialog_;
// Settings that get passed to the renderer process.
RendererPreferences renderer_preferences_;
// The time that this WebContents was last made active. The initial value is
// the WebContents creation time.
base::TimeTicks last_active_time_;
// The time that this WebContents last received an 'interactive' input event
// from the user. Interactive input events are things like mouse clicks and
// keyboard input, but not mouse wheel scrolling or mouse moves.
base::TimeTicks last_interactive_input_event_time_;
// See description above setter.
bool closed_by_user_gesture_;
// Minimum/maximum zoom percent.
int minimum_zoom_percent_;
int maximum_zoom_percent_;
// Used to correctly handle integer zooming through a smooth scroll device.
float zoom_scroll_remainder_;
// The intrinsic size of the page.
gfx::Size preferred_size_;
// The preferred size for content screen capture. When |capturer_count_| > 0,
// this overrides |preferred_size_|.
gfx::Size preferred_size_for_capture_;
// Size set by a top-level frame with auto-resize enabled. This is needed by
// out-of-process iframes for their visible viewport size.
gfx::Size auto_resize_size_;
// When device emulation is enabled, override the size of current and newly
// created render views/widgets.
gfx::Size device_emulation_size_;
gfx::Size view_size_before_emulation_;
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
// Date time chooser opened by this tab.
// Only used in Android since all other platforms use a multi field UI.
std::unique_ptr<DateTimeChooserAndroid> date_time_chooser_;
// Holds information about a current color chooser dialog, if one is visible.
class ColorChooser;
std::unique_ptr<ColorChooser> color_chooser_;
// Manages the embedder state for browser plugins, if this WebContents is an
// embedder; NULL otherwise.
std::unique_ptr<BrowserPluginEmbedder> browser_plugin_embedder_;
// Manages the guest state for browser plugin, if this WebContents is a guest;
// NULL otherwise.
std::unique_ptr<BrowserPluginGuest> browser_plugin_guest_;
// Manages the whitelist of plugin content origins exempt from power saving.
// This must be at the end, or else we might get notifications and use other
// member variables that are gone.
NotificationRegistrar registrar_;
// All live RenderWidgetHostImpls that are created by this object and may
// outlive it.
std::set<RenderWidgetHostImpl*> created_widgets_;
// Process id of the shown fullscreen widget, or kInvalidUniqueID if there is
// no fullscreen widget.
int fullscreen_widget_process_id_;
// Routing id of the shown fullscreen widget or MSG_ROUTING_NONE otherwise.
int fullscreen_widget_routing_id_;
// At the time the fullscreen widget was being shut down, did it have focus?
// This is used to restore focus to the WebContentsView after both: 1) the
// fullscreen widget is destroyed, and 2) the WebContentsDelegate has
// completed making layout changes to effect an exit from fullscreen mode.
bool fullscreen_widget_had_focus_at_shutdown_;
// When a new tab is created asynchronously, stores the OpenURLParams needed
// to continue loading the page once the tab is ready.
std::unique_ptr<OpenURLParams> delayed_open_url_params_;
// When a new tab is created with, navigation can be deferred
// to execute asynchronously. In such case, the parameters need to be saved
// for the navigation to be started at a later point.
std::unique_ptr<NavigationController::LoadURLParams> delayed_load_url_params_;
// Whether overscroll should be unconditionally disabled.
bool force_disable_overscroll_content_;
// Whether the last JavaScript dialog shown was suppressed. Used for testing.
bool last_dialog_suppressed_;
device::mojom::GeolocationContextPtr geolocation_context_;
std::unique_ptr<WakeLockContextHost> wake_lock_context_host_;
device::mojom::WakeLockPtr renderer_wake_lock_;
service_manager::BinderRegistry registry_;
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
std::unique_ptr<NFCHost> nfc_host_;
std::unique_ptr<ScreenOrientationProvider> screen_orientation_provider_;
std::unique_ptr<ManifestManagerHost> manifest_manager_host_;
// The accessibility mode for all frames. This is queried when each frame
// is created, and broadcast to all frames when it changes.
ui::AXMode accessibility_mode_;
// Monitors power levels for audio streams associated with this WebContents.
AudioStreamMonitor audio_stream_monitor_;
// Coordinates all the audio streams for this WebContents. Lazily initialized.
base::Optional<ForwardingAudioStreamFactory> audio_stream_factory_;
// Created on-demand to mute all audio output from this WebContents.
std::unique_ptr<WebContentsAudioMuter> audio_muter_;
size_t bluetooth_connected_device_count_;
bool has_picture_in_picture_video_ = false;
// Notifies ResourceDispatcherHostImpl of various events related to loading.
std::unique_ptr<LoaderIOThreadNotifier> loader_io_thread_notifier_;
// Manages media players, CDMs, and power save blockers for media.
std::unique_ptr<MediaWebContentsObserver> media_web_contents_observer_;
// Observes pepper playback changes, and notifies MediaSession.
std::unique_ptr<PepperPlaybackObserver> pepper_playback_observer_;
#if !defined(OS_ANDROID)
std::unique_ptr<HostZoomMapObserver> host_zoom_map_observer_;
#endif // !defined(OS_ANDROID)
std::unique_ptr<RenderWidgetHostInputEventRouter> rwh_input_event_router_;
PageImportanceSignals page_importance_signals_;
std::string media_device_group_id_salt_base_;
#if !defined(OS_ANDROID)
bool page_scale_factor_is_one_;
#endif // !defined(OS_ANDROID)
// TextInputManager tracks the IME-related state for all the
// RenderWidgetHostViews on this WebContents. Only exists on the outermost
// WebContents and is automatically destroyed when a WebContents becomes an
// inner WebContents by attaching to an outer WebContents. Then the
// IME-related state for RenderWidgetHosts on the inner WebContents is tracked
// by the TextInputManager in the outer WebContents.
std::unique_ptr<TextInputManager> text_input_manager_;
// Stores the RenderWidgetHost that currently holds a mouse lock or nullptr if
// there's no RenderWidgetHost holding a lock.
RenderWidgetHostImpl* mouse_lock_widget_ = nullptr;
// Stores the RenderWidgetHost that currently holds a keyboard lock or nullptr
// if no RenderWidgetHost has the keyboard locked.
RenderWidgetHostImpl* keyboard_lock_widget_ = nullptr;
// Indicates whether the escape key is one of the requested keys to be locked.
// This information is used to drive the browser UI so the correct exit
// instructions are displayed to the user in fullscreen mode.
bool esc_key_locked_ = false;
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
std::unique_ptr<service_manager::InterfaceProvider> java_interfaces_;
// Whether this WebContents is for content overlay.
bool is_overlay_content_;
bool showing_context_menu_;
int currently_playing_video_count_ = 0;
VideoSizeMap cached_video_sizes_;
bool has_persistent_video_ = false;
bool is_currently_audible_ = false;
bool was_ever_audible_ = false;
// Helper variable for resolving races in UpdateTargetURL / ClearTargetURL.
RenderViewHost* view_that_set_last_target_url_ = nullptr;
// Whether we should override user agent in new tabs.
bool should_override_user_agent_in_new_tabs_ = false;
// Gets notified about changes in viewport fit events.
std::unique_ptr<DisplayCutoutHostImpl> display_cutout_host_impl_;
// Stores a set of frames that are fullscreen.
// See
std::set<RenderFrameHostImpl*> fullscreen_frames_;
// Store the frame that is currently fullscreen, nullptr if there is none.
RenderFrameHostImpl* current_fullscreen_frame_ = nullptr;
base::WeakPtrFactory<WebContentsImpl> loading_weak_factory_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<WebContentsImpl> weak_factory_;
// Dangerous methods which should never be made part of the public API, so we
// grant their use only to an explicit friend list (c++ attorney/client idiom).
class CONTENT_EXPORT WebContentsImpl::FriendWrapper {
using CreatedCallback = base::RepeatingCallback<void(WebContents*)>;
friend class TestNavigationObserver;
friend class WebContentsAddedObserver;
friend class ContentBrowserSanityChecker;
FriendWrapper(); // Not instantiable.
// Adds/removes a callback called on creation of each new WebContents.
static void AddCreatedCallbackForTesting(const CreatedCallback& callback);
static void RemoveCreatedCallbackForTesting(const CreatedCallback& callback);
} // namespace content