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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "extensions/browser/file_highlighter.h"
#include <string>
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "base/strings/string_util.h"
#include "testing/gtest/include/gtest/gtest.h"
namespace extensions {
namespace {
const char kManifest[] =
" \"name\": \"Content Scripts\",\n"
" \"version\": \"2.0\",\n"
" // this is a comment with the word permissions.\n"
" /* This is a multine\n"
" comment with the word permissions\n"
" that shouldn't be highlighted */\n"
" \"permissions\": [\n"
" /* This is a tricky comment because it has brackets }]*/\n"
" \"tabs\"\n"
" ],\n"
" \"content_scripts\": [\n"
" {\n"
" \"matches\": [\"*://*\", \"*://*\"],\n"
" \"js\": [\"myscript.js\"]\n"
" }\n"
" ],\n"
" \"test_key\": {\n"
" \"escaped_quoted\\\"\",\n"
" \"/*foo*/\"\n"
" },\n"
" \"manifest_version\": 2,\n"
" \"international_key\": \"還是不要\"\n"
} // namespace
TEST(ManifestHighlighterUnitTest, ManifestHighlighterUnitTest) {
// Get a full key.
const char kPermissionsFeature[] =
"\"permissions\": [\n"
" /* This is a tricky comment because it has brackets }]*/\n"
" \"tabs\"\n"
" ]";
ManifestHighlighter permissions(kManifest, "permissions", std::string());
EXPECT_EQ(kPermissionsFeature, permissions.GetFeature());
// Get a specific portion of a key.
const char kTabsFeature[] = "\"tabs\"";
ManifestHighlighter tabs(kManifest, "permissions", "tabs");
EXPECT_EQ(kTabsFeature, tabs.GetFeature());
// Get a single-character, non-quoted entity of a key.
const char kManifestVersionFeature[] = "2";
ManifestHighlighter version(kManifest, "manifest_version", "2");
EXPECT_EQ(kManifestVersionFeature, version.GetFeature());
// Get a compound portion of a key, including quoted '//' (which shouldn't be
// mistaken for comments).
const char kMatchesFeature[] =
"\"matches\": [\"*://*\", \"*://*\"]";
ManifestHighlighter matches(kManifest, "content_scripts", "matches");
EXPECT_EQ(kMatchesFeature, matches.GetFeature());
// If a feature isn't present, we should get an empty string.
ManifestHighlighter not_present(kManifest, "a_fake_feature", std::string());
EXPECT_EQ(std::string(), not_present.GetFeature());
// If we request a specific portion of a key which is not found, we should
// get an empty string.
ManifestHighlighter specific_portion_not_present(
kManifest, "permissions", "a_fake_feature");
EXPECT_EQ(std::string(), specific_portion_not_present.GetFeature());
const char kEscapedQuotedFeature[] = "\"escaped_quoted\\\"\"";
ManifestHighlighter escaped_quoted(
kManifest, "test_key", "escaped_quoted\\\"");
EXPECT_EQ(kEscapedQuotedFeature, escaped_quoted.GetFeature());
const char kFeatureWithComment[] = "\"/*foo*/\"";
ManifestHighlighter feature_with_comment(kManifest, "test_key", "/*foo*/");
EXPECT_EQ(kFeatureWithComment, feature_with_comment.GetFeature());
// Check with non-ascii characters.
const char kInternationalFeature[] = "\"international_key\": \"還是不要\"";
ManifestHighlighter international_feature(
kManifest, "international_key", std::string());
EXPECT_EQ(kInternationalFeature, international_feature.GetFeature());
TEST(SouceHighlighterUnitTest, SourceHighlighterUnitTest) {
const char kBasicSourceFile[] = "line one\nline two\nline three";
SourceHighlighter basic1(kBasicSourceFile, 1u);
EXPECT_EQ("line one", basic1.GetFeature());
SourceHighlighter basic2(kBasicSourceFile, 2u);
EXPECT_EQ("line two", basic2.GetFeature());
SourceHighlighter basic3(kBasicSourceFile, 3u);
EXPECT_EQ("line three", basic3.GetFeature());
const char kNoNewlineSourceFile[] = "thisisonelonglinewithnobreaksinit";
SourceHighlighter full_line(kNoNewlineSourceFile, 1u);
EXPECT_EQ(kNoNewlineSourceFile, full_line.GetFeature());
SourceHighlighter line_zero(kNoNewlineSourceFile, 0u);
EXPECT_EQ(std::string(), line_zero.GetFeature());
SourceHighlighter out_of_bounds(kNoNewlineSourceFile, 2u);
EXPECT_EQ(std::string(), out_of_bounds.GetFeature());
} // namespace extensions