Chrome Speed Operations

Chrome Speed Operations exists to prevent Chrome from regressing on responsiveness, smoothness, memory, power or other key performance metrics. We seek to integrate a world-class benchmarking framework and performance monitoring tools into Chrome's release process.


Speed Operations consists of 3 teams, working in tandem:


The benchmarks team provides:

  • A set of releasing-oriented benchmarks that measure key user-visible performance metrics in important scenarios. We work closely with Chrome Speed Metrics team on the metrics and with Releasing team on the scenarios.
  • A set of opinionated benchmarking frameworks that make it easy for Chromium developers to add lower-level benchmarks for the areas of Chrome performance important to them.
  • Automation to run these benchmarks on our continuous build on several dozen real device types, on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, with hardware power monitoring.



The services team provides:

  • The Chrome performance dashboard, which stores performance timeseries and related debugging data. The dashboard automatically detects regressions in these timeseries and has integration with Chromium's bug tracker for easy tracking.
  • Tools for bisecting regressions on our continuous build down to an exact culprit CL.
  • A performance try job service which allows chromium developers to run benchmarks on unsubmitted CLs using the same hardware we use in the continuous build.



The releasing team provides:

  • Tracking of all performance regressions seen in user-visible performance both in the wild and in the lab.
  • A per-milestone report on Chrome's performance.
  • Recommendations about lab hardware and new test scenarios.
  • Management of performance sheriff rotations.